Spanish Slang Words & Phrases: Mexican Slang, Cuban & More

Speak like a native by learning some Spanish slang words!

Like all other languages, conversational Spanish taught in classes or textbooks is very different from real-life conversations that you might partake in. This is because native speakers integrate Spanish slang words into their vocabulary. Similar to Spanish nicknames, slang is expressions or abbreviations of words and is avoided in formal writing or situations. There are about 20 countries that speak Spanish, which means a large variety of unique Spanish slang words.

In this article, we will showcase Spanish slang words used universally and in Spanish-speaking countries, so you can improve your conversational Spanish!

Spanish Slang Words

Here is a list of universal and country-specific Spanish slang words to add some spice to your conversational skills.

Whereas learning Spanish slang words can help you sound like a native, it is also important to cover important conversation Spanish topics like how to say thank you or good morning in Spanish!

Universal Slang Words

These are slang words that are used in all Spanish-speaking countries and hold the same meaning in each.

Slang Word Spanish Pronunciation English Meaning
Vaina vy-nah A/The thing
Mande mahn-deh Come again?/Excuse me?
Plata plah-tah Money
Buenazo bweh-nah-zoh Very good
Ojo oh-ho Watch out
Chamba chahm-bah Work/Profession


Country Specific Slang

These are Spanish slang words that are unique to each Spanish-speaking country.

Mexican Slang

Slang Word Spanish Pronunciation English Meaning
Güey Goo-ay Dude
Chilango Chee-lan-go Someone from Mexico
No manches No man-chess No way
Sale Sah-leh Ok, sure
Neta Neh-tah Really?/Are you serious?
Ahorita Ah-oh-ree-tah Right this moment

Colombian Slang

Slang Word Spanish Pronunciation English Meaning
Paila Pie-la Too bad
Rumbiar Room-bee-are To party
Entucar In-too-car To kiss
Chino Chee-noh A child
Tinto Teen-toh Black coffee
El parche Elle par-che A group of friends

Cuban Slang

Slang Word Spanish Pronunciation English Meaning
Nos pillamos No-s pee-ya-mos See you soon
Me resbala Meh res-bah-la I don’t care
Jamar Ta-mar To eat
Tu maletín Too mah-leh-teen That’s your problem
Camello Kah-meh-yo Bus
Me piro Meh pee-ro I’m leaving

Peruvian Slang

Slang Word Spanish Pronunciation English Meaning
Roche Roh-che Embarrassing
Jama Ha-ma Food
Bamba Bahm-bah Fake
Al toque Al toh-keh Very quickly
Huevear Weh-veh-are To do nothing
Florear Flo-re-are To lie

Argentinian Slang

Slang Word Spanish Pronunciation English Meaning
Volá Vo-lah Leave
Che Ch – eh Hey
Forro Fo-row Idiot
Groso Grow-so The best
Laburo Lah-boo-row Job
Tener paja Ten-air pah-ha To feel lazy

Chilean Slang

Slang Word Spanish Pronunciation English Meaning
Buenmoso Boo-en-mo-so Beautiful
Pololo or Polola Poh-low-low or Pow-low-la Boyfriend or Girlfriend
Taco Tah-kow Traffic jam
Filo Fee-lo Alright
Mina Mee-nah Young woman
Carretear Car-ray-teh-are To party

Venezuelan Slang

Slang Word Spanish Pronunciation English Meaning
Taima Tie-ma Stop
Dale Da-lay Of course!
Burda Boor-da A lot
Chamo Cha-mo Dude
Mamarracho Ma-ma-ra-cho Something ridiculous
Chimbo Cheem-bo Cheap

Spanish Slang in Spain

Slang Word Spanish Pronunciation English Meaning
Venga Ven-gah Let’s go (somewhere)
Majo Mah-ho Cute
Cutre Coo-treh Unappealing
Joder Ho-der Dang it!
Hostia Us-tee-ah Dang
Flipar Flee-par Go crazy

Extra Spanish Slang Words From Other Countries

Slang Word Spanish Pronunciation Country of Origin English Meaning
Offi Oh-fee Panama Okay
Chendo Chen-doh Ecuador Just kidding
Mae May Costa Rica Dude
Chero or Chera Che-ro or Che-ra El Salvador Guy or girl
Chercha Cher-cha Dominican Republic A party

FAQs for Spanish Slang Words

Spanish slang
Source: Turgut Kirkgoz, Pexels.
What are some texting slangs?

Slangs are everywhere, especially in text! Here are some Spanish slang words used when texting someone:

Grax – Gracias (Thanks_
K – Que (That)
X – Por (By or why)
TB – Ta bien or todo bien (That’s okay or all good)

Slang for money?

Money makes the world go round, so what is the Spanish slang word for money? There is a large variety, including Cobre, Bolas, Feria, Morralla, and Oaoa.

Slang for girlfriend?

Words like mi vida (my life), mi princesa (my princess), or mi chica (my girl) can be used as Spanish slang for girlfriend, or just overall a nickname of endearment!

Speak Spanish Like a True Native!

Spanish slang a photo from a celebration
Source: George Desipris, Pexels

With these Spanish slang words, you will be well on your way to becoming a bonafide Spanish speaker! Learning doesn’t stop there though! Become a true Spanish Casanova by learning some Spanish pick-up lines or sweep them off their feet with ”I love you” in Spanish!

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