Top 10 Spanish class online free 2022

Spanish has often been called one of the sexiest languages in the world. More than 58% of the population speaks Spanish in the United States, and more than 559 million people speak the language globally. Hundreds and thousands of Spanish class free resources are available on the internet, countless platforms out there. We have collected and selected the 10 best platforms for you. We also made a fair comparison between free and paid classes online. Free-picked youtube channels, apps, and podcasts can help you with your study. We only share some real stuff here. 

Best Spanish class online for free

SpanishPod 101

This channel provides some very high-quality videos on Spanish learning, including mistakes to avoid, common vocabulary, even on how to prepare for a Spanish interview. You could register with a free account and upgrade to paid premium account later.  It would also put out some fun content like Mexican music and a guide to Mexico City. Overall speaking a great channel even though it sometimes contains some advertisements from

Duolingo Spanish

Duolingo is one of the largest free online language learning websites. Just sign up for an account, and you can enjoy free lessons, learning materials, podcasts, discussion forums, and fun challenges that can keep your Spanish skills sharp at all times! Duolingo focuses on a more interactive learning style and often combines everyday scenarios into the learning process. It is a fun experience to learn on Duolingo, and it would also encourage you by giving awards and achievements to keep you going. However, it could be pretty difficult to jump in if you are entirely new to a language since it doesn’t have a systematic, step-by-step course, so to say. is not a strictly free website. However, it still offers some rather detailed and comprehensive basic Spanish tutorials. The tutorials come in multiple units, complete with explanations, examples, and quizzes. has a comprehensive fundamental course in pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary.  Also, You can find the tutorials in the free Spanish tutorials section in the middle of the webpage. If you are happy with the content and materials, you can always sign up for premium membership for $9.99 / Month to access all the courses and tests, as well as podcasts and audio resources.

Practical Spanish online

I have to say that Practical Spanish online is an unexpected winner. Practical Spanish online is pretty similar to This site also includes all materials in speaking, reading, writing, and listening. Additionally, it also splits up into beginner, intermediate and advanced. One of the best parts of the site is that it particularly supports you with your speaking, there are many audio recordings in the online materials which can help you with your pronunciation. 

Easy Spanish

Learning Spanish from the streets- As the slogan has said, what a fun way to learn Spanish online. This website provides daily life-related videos series help users online learn Spanish in a fun entertaining way. Easy Spanish uploads video weekly includes culture from the Latin world. They usually record and shoot the video in Spain and Latin America. They have learning material for every level, from early beginners to advanced, and offer a wide range of material such as videos, quizzes, and weekly vocabulary and exercise sheets for their members. 

Top paid Spanish class online


AmazingTalker is an online teacher marketplace from Taiwan offering a variety of language specialisms to students globally of all ages. In addition, you can choose from selected certificated native Spanish teachers or with choices of who can speak your mother tongue as well. We offer personalized one-on-one online tutoring that can help you master Spanish more quickly and know your needs more clearly. Trial classes start from 10 dollars, flexible schedules with no joining fee.

It’s a great way to start your Spanish learning more systematically with a low budget. The unique part is all teachers are responsible and personalized, this will help you learn faster than self-study with free materials. AmazingTalker has thoroughly analyzed how they could become the most successful language platform while simultaneously providing a fantastic user experience and a great learning environment with and guidance to your perfect online Spanish tutor. The information provided, easy pairing process, and competitive pricing AmazingTalker is one step above. 


Much like the better-known website of Coursera, edX offers a lot of MOOCs from multiple universities on their website. It currently has 3 online Spanish learning courses you can take for free. However, you can pay an extra $49 to get a certificate with your course. Although the courses vary in length and content, they all offer a great chance to enroll in university-level courses taught by real professors! It is true that the courses offered are somewhat limited, but wouldn’t it be cool to take “Basic Spanish 2” taught by La Universidad Politécnica de Valencia?


The platform hosts over 15,000 teachers in 130+ different languages and focuses on human connection through mainly private video lessons. Italki is very similar to AmazingTalker. You can choose a list of Spanish teachers from native to non-native with different years of experience. Starting from 10 USD per hour, prices also changed depending on the tutors. Italki’s design is rarely surpassed and its site ensures a comfortable user experience. Very simple to use and navigate as well as being informational. Interesting community feature. Large amounts of tutors allow for more options when looking for a teacher, Prices are competitive and tutors are well-shown. 


Preply is a reliable company similar to AmazingTalker and Italki. Private one-on-one tutor online with selected certificated and non-certificated teachers. The system is pretty similar to other tutor sites online. The only difference is Preply is slightly more expensive than others. However, Preply is one of the most famous language learning platforms nowadays. I believe there must be a reason for the popularity. Preply shines in information but the amount of information can sometimes overwhelm you when looking for instructors. Their user interface is easily usable and their pricing is straight to the point. Preply is transparent with their tutors. which makes it easier for potential students to choose.


Baseland is one of the best platforms for people who genuinely want to study Spanish. Beginner-friendly platform. Most of the teachers are native Spanish speakers. It’s an affordable and flexible way to immerse yourself in the language. Baselang also has unique curriculums that support students achieving their goals from beginners to advanced. The price for Baselang is 149 dollars per month, and you can choose your preferred tutor. 

Free materials you can check out

Apart from studying Spanish through a platform, there are many resources you can use online. Youtube channels, apps, and podcasts are the three main sources students can utilize. 

Spanish class online free- Youtube


Butterfly Spanish

Spanish class online free- Podcasts


  • News in Slow Spanish
  • Palabra Baravas
  • Nómadas
  • Un día en español


  • Discover Spanish
  • Let’s Speak Spanish – Hablemos Español!
  • Unlimited Spanish
  • Story learning Spanish


  • Radio Ambulante
  • Audiria
  • Spanish obsessed
  • Notes in Spanish

Spanish class online free- Apps

All the apps below are FREE. You can download them from both Android and IOS. 

Frequently asked questions

Q: Is Spanish hard to learn? 

A: The answer is yes. Spanish has considered one of the most difficult languages to learn. Therefore, it will become a lot easier if you use an online platform to support your learning. To have a one-on-one tutor online who can correct you in every detail. This will definitely help your study faster. 

Q: How long does it take to learn Spanish? 

A: It really depends on how often do you study in a week. If you make your study as a routine in your daily life. You can pick up the language fastest in three months. 

Q: What is the quickest way to learn Spanish?

A: Of course you can study Spanish on your own with free materials online. However, the process will be a lot slower than hiring a tutor online. The reason for that is that a personalized tutor can always correct your mistakes and teach you more directly. It is important to have someone by your side and lead you when learning a new language. 

Q: How much is an online Spanish tutor?

A: All the platforms I have mentioned above provide reasonable prices for private tutors. Most of them are around $5-$20. You can always attend a trial class first before making a final decision. 

If you think this blog is helpful, please share it with your friends and support each other in your studies. To enjoy the study process is very important as learning a new language. The more enjoyable your experience through the study, the faster you will pick up the language!

About AmazingTalker

About AmazingTalker

AmazingTalker offers professional online language tutors and teachers from around the world. We offer personalized one-on-one online tutoring that can help you master Korean more quickly and know your needs more clearly. flexible schedules with no joining fee. It’s a great way to start your Korean learning more systematically with a low budget.

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