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Hahaha~~Thanks for giving me a interesting lesson teacher!!! I feel better when I speak English and relax~

wrote toAmy Estrada

2020/03/29 14:55
Stay your health.
Rob is always patient and understanding what I say, and let me know how to describe one thing more

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Graham arrange the assignment according to my needs for English study! Great😼
In this class, I had an opportunity to do a role play on the topic "Renting a House" Angie introduced many useful vocabulary & sentences which some of them can be used in other situations in daily life as well. Very practical!

wrote toKaren Molina

2020/03/29 14:20
Very good
Teacher prepared teaching material about budget by himself and create the game to choose questions. We talked about many things from financial to daily life and told me how to improve English .I really enjoy the class and suggest you can try it.

wrote toUnathi N. Ngada

2020/03/29 13:56
Teacher Unathi is patient and nice. She helps me improve my English skills.

wrote toLinh Dao, 雅思專家

2020/03/29 13:47
Linh is a great teacher~~
I am always confused about "present perfect" and "past simple". Now I understand.
Cella prepared the interesting topic and gave a fruitful class. Tks
Teacher Scott has been helping me with my reading and speaking the last few lessons. He is very friendly and helpful and always makes sure I understand my mistakes! We have spoken about interesting topics which makes the lessons more interesting.