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wrote to🦋🌷Teacher Fran - Masters in English🌷🦋 Free Trials!

2022/01/21 02:57
Teacher Fran always remind Hayden to use full sentence to answer questions. It's a good practice like that. Teacher also teaches extra things including science knowledge that attract attention, as my kid really likes science stuff. I'm glad that my son can retain the passionate and curious on something that he didn't know.

wrote to🦄Teacher Taylor🧜🏼‍♀️Speaking Expert💎

2022/01/21 02:47
Thank you Ms. Taylor helping Ginny the pronunciation sound. I always heard Ms. Taylor 's smiling sound that made kids easy to talk to. It's a comfortable talk in every week. Ginny always eager to have lesson with you. Thank you.

wrote toDavid Duncan-IELTS Specialist

2022/01/21 02:26
David is professional in IELTS preparation. He gave lots of useful information about the structures. Moreover he is very punctual. Very nice experience with him. His class is suitable for new beginners.

wrote toDr. Vanissa 👩‍🎓 Former lecturer at universities. Educated in the US and lives in the UK.

2022/01/21 01:55
A very impressive experience with Vanissa. She corrected my writing and returned for me before the class. Well prepared for the lesson. Easy to communicate. She pointed out my weakness and provided solutions for me to improve my work.

wrote toEdwin 🇺🇸 American English📍Business📝IELTS

2022/01/21 01:51
So grateful to have Edwin to assist Alex with his challenging assignments. Edwin is resourceful and knowledgeable in many aspects from his long term experience in teaching. Thanks Edwin for giving Alex so many precious ideas. He feels released and also excited after talking to you.

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wrote toRachel 🌟 Conversational English 💬 English For Kids🌈

2022/01/21 01:50
That's great. Appreciate to see Yemmi would like to study with you and ask for talking into the sports topic as well. Let's follow your syllabus in the coming lesson and we also appreciate if any preparation work provide to Yemmi before the lesson. Thank you.

wrote to🇺🇸🤩𝗛𝗔𝗡𝗡𝗔🤩 English Confidence Coach🎊NewYearSale🎊

2022/01/21 01:06
Thank you so much, teacher Hanna! I found I improve my math in English through learning with you! You explain the concepts very clear that enables me to go deeper. The class was so comprehensive and interactive! Really thank you for your wonderful class!

wrote toTeacher Mel 💛 Proficient in teaching KIDS and Adults 💛 Fun and Enthusiastic 💛

2022/01/21 00:08
I learned a lot about hobbies. Teacher Mel gave me a lot of expressions and vocabulary related to this topic. It was a good lesson because we used practical conversations, readings, and enjoyable material.

wrote toFrancis Free ✔️grammar, ✔️writing, 💡English for adults💡, 👀pronunciation expert

2022/01/20 23:37
Francis was a teacher who I enjoy to talk with. His feedback helps me a lot to get what I need in this moment. I totally recommend him 100% and definitely I'd take another lesson with him.

wrote toTeacher Chara 🌻 TOEFL & IELTS🥇 😀 Conversation🗣 ALL LEVELS 😇, KIDS🌈

2022/01/20 19:18
I love to talk to Chara. She is really patient and easygoing. In this lesson, we went through all the writings that I wrote and I got more explicit information about what I should improve. It is really helpful to me. Thanks Chara~

wrote toRico (Mr Fish) 🐟 Kids Conversation Expert 😎 Speak English in a fun way 🤹

2022/01/20 18:21
Mr. Fish, you are such a kind teacher! I am very sorry that Billy was impolite especially to your parents, and I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to you. They really enjoyed your lesson and always ask me for more lessons from you! Thank so much Teacher Rico!

wrote toDr. Dennis🏆 大學教授 🎓US English & Culture

2022/01/20 18:20
Today Dr. Dennis taught me presentation tips and skills and conducted a mock interview for my MBA application. He recorded my mistakes and gave opinion on it so that I could prepare for the next time. He is patient with my mistakes, and it’s nice of him to type the sentences I need to take for a note.

wrote to👑Sara Cheung🇭🇰🇦🇺🇸🇬🇨🇦 [English Conversational Skills✨]

2022/01/20 17:43
Sara always points out my issues instantly during the lessons, and share what she jot down afterwards. It is always a good way to learn from mistakes and I can study these notes from time to time.


2022/01/20 17:15
Teacher El is enthusiastic about teaching, he has provided notes after class for Ethan's revision and further study. The lesson was relaxed and casual. Ethan has enjoyed the lesson a lot.

wrote to🇬🇧Henny👩‍🏫 IELTS expert teacher/examiner 🇬🇧 Specialist in General English/Kids

2022/01/20 16:08
I'm preparing for the Ielts exam. Henny is an experienced Ielts teacher and teaches the syllabus strategically, correcting my mistakes during the speaking practices with good suggestions, and she is very patient and helpful, summarising the tips of how to do better for the exam, thank you Henny!

wrote to🌍 Yael 🌼 English Expert, People Expert 📚

2022/01/20 16:02
Yeal tailor made the class materials, all the time. From every class, I learn something new in psychological perspectives, from wide terminology narrow down to specific nuances. That’s really cool after week-long working.

wrote to👑Nasim👑 IELTS/Speaking/Writing🧧Chinese New Year Discount🧧

2022/01/20 16:02
Thank you for providing me with videos at different levels. These videos are a collection of conversations spoken by native English speakers. They are not specifically intended for students taking English classes. Therefore, the tones and speed of their speech are the same as the English spoken by native speakers in their daily lives. I listened to the videos repeatedly, although there were still a few words I didn't catch, so I was looking forward to discussing them with the teacher in class. So today, in the lesson, the teacher highlighted the key points. This feeling of lightening up made me seem to have some remarkable breakthroughs in my listening skills. I'm looking forward to the next class.

wrote toLauren💖 Writer + teacher 🌏 ↔️ 🇬🇧

2022/01/20 15:11
A good lesson. Always have great time with Lauren. (I dare say you did not expect me to do the writing things.) (And I did.) > Independent films In my opinion, independent films are more personal than business films. It is not about how fancy the special effect or action scense is, but the way to tell a diffirent story by the director. So, a good independent film often depends on a talented filmmaker. > Present Perfect Simple I should be praised for I’ve done my writing HW first time. It is really hard to remember it! > Present Simple My job gives me a sense of achievement sometimes, but the long working hours make me tired. I consider finding another job or going for a PhD when I lie in my bed after work every time.


2022/01/20 14:55
Mr Steven asked about what my son liked before our trial class. He was well prepared and tailored the class to his interest. He was enthusiastic and funny. His class was well structured. Mr Steven provided us with notes and optional homework which were interesting. My son is already looking forward to the next class.

wrote to 🌈🦄Miss Hayley ⭐Kids' specialist 👩🏼‍🏫🏅

2022/01/20 14:51
Miss Hayley is a very nice and lovely teacher who is really welcomed by young kids. The materials she has prepared is very suitable to my boy. My boy was shy to speak and I want teacher can encourage him to speak and remind him to speak in complete sentences. Thanks Miss Hayley.

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