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wrote toJoanna Wong

2019/08/26 15:10

wrote toCaptain Jack

2019/08/26 15:01

wrote toBrent, Lets Meet & Learn

2019/08/26 14:43
Brent is a highly experience, really interesting teacher! I've learned a lot today!

wrote toCandice

2019/08/26 14:06
今天練習口說聽力 討論課程規劃!

wrote toOlivia

2019/08/26 14:03
Olivia is very nice ,i hope I can see you again

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wrote toNikki🇦🇺喬治太太

2019/08/26 13:20
Teacher Mel teach me how to construct the structure of speaking, she also corrects the words which I used in wrong way.

wrote toJasmin

2019/08/26 12:51
Jasmin is very professional in teaching and provides very helpful information for my interview preparation.

wrote toDavid Stojanovic

2019/08/26 12:37
Great lesson. Thanks, Dave.

wrote toNikki🇦🇺喬治太太

2019/08/26 12:21
老師的課很有趣,能學習到很多英文單字及會話, 謝謝妳🙏

wrote toCandice

2019/08/26 12:12

wrote toIngrid Lin

2019/08/26 12:09
The mocking speaking test is simple but the teacher can point out my weakness and offer me the solution to my disadvantages.

wrote toKuan

2019/08/26 12:05

wrote toFitzcarl (Tony) Reid

2019/08/26 12:03
I can't log in brainpop , i have a class on Tuesday

wrote toKayla H.

2019/08/26 11:04
thumb up!!!!!

wrote toCaptain Jack

2019/08/26 10:57

wrote toErika

2019/08/26 10:48
上課一段時間了!!兩個孩子口說能力真的進步很多,學校有社團需要外出參加比賽或觀摩也能應對 很謝謝Erika老師!!
Teacher helped me to express more sentences, and revised my awful grammars. It helps a lot!

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