Best English Tutor Rates and Private English Lesson Prices in 2020

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Top English Classes
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David Vagner
Conversational English、English Listening
Conversational English

I****e purchased 10 lessons from David Vagner

2020/01/27$11.70 / Lesson
Kayla H
Conversational English、TOEIC
Conversational English

l****n purchased 40 lessons from Kayla H

2020/01/27$27.00 / Lesson
🎁Teacher Cat 🎁
Business English、English for Children
English for Children

會****5 purchased 10 lessons from 🎁Teacher Cat 🎁

2020/01/27$14.40 / Lesson

3 types of teachers

English teachers

Local English tutors are usually aware of the problems encountered by the students from the same country, and hence will be able to customize lessons to your learning needs. If you do not currently have a solid base of English vocabulary, we strongly recommend you to pick a English tutors from .

Our English tutors from are 20%-30% cheaper than private home tutoring.

Native English-speaking teachers

One of the best ways to learn English is to immerse yourself in an environment where you can only use English. If you want to learn proper English pronunciation and talk like a native speaker, we would advise you to find a native English-speaking tutor. However, please keep in mind that native-speaking tutors usually don’t speak your mother tongue.

Our native English-speaking tutors are 25%-40% cheaper than private home tutors.

Bilingual teachers from a non-English speaking country

Online English tutors from Philippines and Eastern Europe have become extremely popular around the world. They are highly proficient in English and usually very affordable. Certifications such as TESOL (Teacher of English Speakers of Other Languages) or TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) will be a plus for these tutors. So depending on your learning needs, a bilingual tutor may be more suitable for you.

Our bilingual English tutors are 30%-50% cheaper than private home tutors.

How do I choose my tutor?
Tutors with teaching experience
Experienced tutors are more likely to identify problems their students are having. They also know how to get along with students from different backgrounds and personalities. However, it may be worthwhile to try out tutors with special life experiences even if they currently don’t have past experience in teaching.
Tutors with certifications
Other than teaching experience, you can also choose tutors who are certified instructors. Usually a certified instructor will be proficient in the language he/she teaches, and knows exactly how to help students to maximize their learning.
Can lessons be customized for students?
We encourage students to discuss their learning needs and goals with their tutors before the first lesson. This is also a great opportunity for you to see if a tutor is suitable for you.
AmazingTalker Online English Teachers
  • Kayla H

    Lif is hard, but learning English can be easy

    *Customized speaking/ writing training classes*Delicate hand-drawing learning materials*Learn how to travel around the worlds from English teacher who has been to lots of places!Study abroad in London,Teaching in English department of Tokyo international school and high schools in Taiwan. Has held summer camps in Nepal, India and Albania. Has stayed at artists villages in Iceland and Irish for one month respectively. Teacher certification of high school English in Taiwan/ Teacher certification of CELTA adult English

  • Adv. Eng.|🧧Free trial 🧧

    Hi, I am Harris, a professional consultant for Amazingtalker teachers' development and English instructor with multiple backgrounds from sociology, social work, medical care, applied foreign language and business management. Come join me! You’ll become much braver in English!

  • Graham🌟專業IELTS訓練師

    IELTS Expert 9years experience

    📣Newly Joined teacher 70% off until 31st December! 📣 CELTA teaching certificate from Cambridge University💪9 years experience💪 Achieve IELTS Band 7.5+🥇Certified IELTS trainer💯

  • Amy Estrada

    UCLA- Psychology & Business

    • Increased confidence in speaking and listening skills. • Pronunciation techniques to reduce your accent and sound more native. • Cultural competencies like small talk, interpersonal communication, and business communication skills.


    Very Kind & Fully licensed Teacher for Children & Adults. * Business English * Practice Speaking * Interview * IELTS * Improve your Grammar & Vocabulary * Educational Kids Classes * Exams, tests, homework * Creative Lessons * English Conversation*

  • Chinese native speaker

    I was born and grew up in Taiwan. English major. I believe the world is not just where you stand. I love to make friends from different cultures so book my lesson now, let's get to know each other

  • UC Berkeley

    Hello everyone:D

  • Speaking fluency, grammar 🥇

    Do you want to improve your conversation skills? Practice your speaking, listening skills with me! You are the one who will be speaking! Improve your pronunciation, grammar, speak fluently and sound like a native.