Top 10 English Classes Near Me in 2020

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Best English Classes Near You

  • Beatrice Updegraff

    Great with Kids/Conversational

    An enthusiastic, kind and patient teacher 👩‍🏫 Fun, creative lessons tailored around YOU🌟 Specialises in working with children of all ages 👧👦👶 7+ years experience working all around the world 🇫🇷🇯🇲🇭🇺🇬🇧 1st Class BA in Drama from University of Birmingham 🎭 120 Hour TEFL Certificate 📚

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    Stories, movies, music, art, food and romance. These are just a few of the things we all love. Let me guide you towards talking about the things you love in natural English. I can help you with all areas of English learning from basic conversation skills, grammar, intonation and stress to poetry, creative writing and more.

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  • Have FUN learning English!

    * Native English, neutral accent! 7+ years of experience teaching 3 languages. TEFL certificate. * Improve your English through a tailored, FUN and engaging class! ** Previous motorsport engineer, avid snowboarder, music lover** * Expertise in Conversational English, Business English and exam preparation! ***TAILORED TO YOU & YOUR INTERESTS***

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    I can help you on the road to successful language learning. I have have taught over 2,000 hours online. 📖 You will learn lots. 👄 You will speak lots. 📣 Your pronunciation will improve. 🥅 You will reach your GOALS. ♥️ You will feel confident.

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  • 📣U.S.A Accent Masterclass

    Over 25,000 Class Hours! 👩‍🏫ACCENT training to sound like your favorite ✭AMERICAN Movie Stars✭ 🏫10 Years of English teaching experience 📚4 Years Head of English 👔Business Owner, International School.⮑ ✭發音課程將幫助您聽起來像您最喜歡的美國電影明星✔10年在國外教英語✔4年國際語言學校教學✔每天1對1商務會話專業

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  • TEFL and IELTS certified.

    * Over 1 year teaching experience. * Helped over 2000 students globally. * Good with all levels and ages. * Native speaker with neutral accent. * Focus on conversation skills, pronunciation, intonation, new vocabulary and fluency. * Kind and supportive. * Energetic and motivational.

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  • Chloe

    Speak English with confidence!

    Hi I am a qualified English language teacher. ⭐️Come check out my top tips video on becoming more fluent!⭐️ I will tailor make a lesson for your exact needs and we work at your pace

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  • ♦Business/Speaking♦

    🔥Practice English everyday - FLUENT in 3 months 🔥 📣 Conversational English 📣 Business English 📣 Pronunciation 📣 Job interview ✨From the Philippines ✨8 years exp. ✨helped 1000+ students become fluent ✨Succeed in English ✨Customized lessons 💛Book a trial lesson for your LEVEL EVALUATION and LEARNING PLAN

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    NATIVE ENGLISH SPEAKER FROM THE U.K. ✔️Certified. ✔️Beginner to advanced ✔️ IELTS, TOEIC, TOFEL test preparation (real tests and scenarios) ✔️Job interview practice. ✔️Conversation practice. ✔️Vocabulary Building. ✔️Fun English for kids. Phonics, reading, speaking.

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