How to Learn French in 3 Months: Speak Like a Native

How to learn French

If you’re considering learning French, it is good to know the brief background, origin and history of French. Some people might think that it is a “romance” language. However, the truth is the term “Romance language” came from Latin, which is “Romanica Loqui”, meaning “to speak in Roman fashion.”

Furthermore, many people want to travel or even live in French speaking countries due to the fact of experiencing the beauty of its culture, food, fashion, places, affordable education, great health system, fashion and better career opportunities. However, if you’re planning to migrate or travel to a French-speaking country, you should at least learn to speak elemntary French.

Planning to learn the French language, it seems difficult for most people to find a starting point. Where there is a best option, considering having an online tutor is way more affordable than meeting with a tutor in person, it can be a more desirable choice. There are bunches of online platforms where we can apply for online French tutoring services, it serves as a powerful tool to conduct sessions of lessons via digital. This includes Learn French at Home, French Faster, Verbalplanet and other sites that are credible to sign up for sessions of lessons where most of the service teachers are native French speakers who also speak English as their second language.

For some people who want to study for themselves it is a bit challenging, but there are ways we could do it in order to be effective. The first thing is to gather resources by trying out different websites to discover the given topics and the videos that are already available for free at a beginner level. An example is FluentU, a website for beginners that includes authentic real world videos like music, news, inspiring talks, and movies which turns them into personalized language learning lessons. Moreover, it offers entertainment for the learners at the same time learning from the language itself.

As for creativity, we could make flashcards to put vocabulary and listing down the words and construct simple sentences as a practice material. However, we can simply learn also by watching French movies and familiarizing the basic terms used to recall.

Studying with a French book is a great choice since it’s the traditional way to study what was written in the book. There are a variety of selections that have a certain level of difficulty.

Essential books for learning the French language

Easy French Step-by-step by Myrna Bell Rochester

Easy French Step by step

photo by: amazon

This book is recommended for beginners since it is organized through a different set of modules. It focuses on the vocabulary and grammar which offers basic lessons which comes in a complete practice exercises and solutions for the learners to start with. The book cost only USD10.00 to USD14.40. It is relatively cheap to have when planning to learn the French language.

Le Bon Usage by M. Grevisse


photo by: amazon

This book is recommended for beginners since it is organized through a different set of modules. It focuses on the This book is recommended for intermediate learners for those who already read comprehension, understand basic terms and vocabulary. Moreover,  the book focuses on enhancement when the learner wants to improve its grammar and has an advanced vocabulary. The examples offer some tenses and rules with explanation to the given questions. The book cost from USD9.22 to USD39.90. Simply depending on its texture of the book as well as if the book was already used.

Le Bon Usage by M. Grevisse

photo by: amazon

This book is recommended for Advanced learners. For those who want to enhance their French Language skills and be serious about studying French to become fluent when it comes to speaking and writing as well. Moreover, it is able to develop the reader’s comprehension when writing and enable them to construct sentences in their own way. Where this book guides the learners to maximize better options in writing. The book cost USD25.16 and it was limited on the market.

501 French Verbs by Christopher Kendris and Theodore Kendris


photo by: amazon

This book is relatively good no matter what level your French is. Where it has a list of synonyms, antonyms, idioms, and usage of examples for every verb. There is also a concise grammar review for easy reference. It is relatively clear and has a concise instruction to take your language into fluency to the next level. The cost of this book is USD24.99. It is worth having this kind of book when considering learning French.

YouTube Channels for French Learning



This Channel is full of short videos that will teach common French words to understand the spoken French with listening exercises in order to understand its meaning.


This channel always aids fun and attracts learning to the audience. The lessons offer all the basics of the language, and are easy to follow the discussion and have a clear illustration of subjects and images in the videos.

Some people who want to learn by listening to a podcast are relatively great options especially for beginners.

Free Podcasts for French Learning

Parlez Away: Babbel’s French Podcast

This podcast is one of the world’s leading online language learning spaces which has basics learning in French. As it increasingly gets more difficult as you build the vocabulary and French listening skills. Moreover, we can get some updates with each new podcast that was uploaded by downloading the app and stream right after.

Coffee Break French

This podcast has a level of difficulty from beginner, intermediate, upper intermediate and advanced podcast series. It was designed to listen during a short break and the episodes span were ranging from 10 to 25 minutes per episode.

Studying French on our own seems challenging, but surprisingly we can benefit from it.

Benefits of learning French yourself 

Time management

Where you can adjust your schedule whenever you want and have an individual pace without worrying about your time schedule.

Learning based on your interest

You are freely able to learn French based on your interest like watching educational videos, listening to podcasts and more alternative ways to have fun at the same time learning from your interest.

No financial cost

It is free to access tons of resources and search for informative information which could save money in the long-run.

However, there are some disadvantage when we conduct self-studying:

Difficulty choosing effectiveness resources

It is difficult to navigate tons of resources of materials that will be needed. This also measures the quality of the sources and how to organize to work on them. Where to start and choosing the right material in order to be effective in learning.

Lack of training program

It does not undergo some sort of educational process with a certified teacher who will create a curriculum based on your current level. This may give a hard time to identify what is the correct process of learning.

Lack of Control

As no one will correct you if you commit mistakes in reading, writing or on your pronunciation. That you learn based on your resources that were gathered. Sometimes it is difficult to comprehend the lessons without asking somebody.

In addition, some may also consider to enroll for a French class physically or via online since for them learning French would be easier if there is an instructor guiding them.

French Online Courses:



photo by: amazingtalker

One of the top online platforms specializing in teaching in various foreign languages is AmazingTalker, a Taiwan based company since 2016 with over a millions of learners across the world. Surprisingly, a total of 106 languages and subjects are available for any aspiring multilinguals out there with 7,433 great and reliable teachers who are willing to teach.

AmazingTalker made it easier for each and anyone of us by providing quality teachers, detailed information on their website, easy to access, several language options at different budget options based on your capacity. They are also the one who will recommend tutors that vary from your chosen language and budget which is very convenient especially to those who are really used to enrolling in an online class.

Through this platform not only AmazingTalker helps the student to learn but also teachers who are thankful to have a decent job or part time for extra income this is probably a win-win situation.



photo by: wikiwand

For over 140 years in this industry, Berlitz had been expert in delivering opportunities to learn the language skills combined with better understanding the culture for further business opportunities and more connection possibilities. Berlitz focuses first on your proficiency level; afterwards they would take to the next step by making progress towards your goal.

Moreover, Berlitz offers two course options: Level based for a total of 40 lessons over 3 months in 45 minutes duration, Skill based for a total of 20 lessons over 2 months and in 45 minutes duration as well. However, all schedules are already fixed learners should be willing to adjust in order to meet the available course schedule.

Fortunately, one of the latest offered program is that they also provide a self-paced study by logging in to the website to study the given learning materials then complete the activities. Afterwards, when you’re ready and confident enough there is one way to assess your skills and that is to book for a one-on-one live coaching session to be evaluated by Berlitz instructor.



photo by: alliancefrancaise

For over a century, Alliance Française, a non-profit organization, was committed to promote French language and culture in the Philippines. With this program, they will be able to connect and build friendly relationships between the Filipinos and French. Moreover, student learners will be the one to decide whether they will avail either the tutorial or  coaching session. All courses with specific schedules are posted on their website. The duration is normally good for 30 hours for the whole package.

However, one of the disadvantages is the cost since not everything is included in the package price therefore you’ll be surprised by the total amount wherein there’s hidden but mandatory fees before checking out. That’s why, if you’re on a tight budget this is not the best fit for you. This type of course is more suitable for people who are really investing just to learn the French language.

Benefits of learning French language via tutorial class:

  • Formal and precise learning
    • Enrolling in any school and getting a diploma when you graduate is a formal education. Yet, attending a tutorial class seems to be formal too since there are teacher-student connections during the learning process. Knowing the fact of having a tutor is more accurate and detailed since training materials are being provided already.
  • Strong foundation to start
    • If you only have little to none background in regards to the language. It is highly recommended to ask for help with the professional instructors. In this way, they will be able to introduce everything from scratch to have a strong foundation in learning the new language. In some instances, when some people find it difficult right from the start they tend to withdraw and not continue learning anymore. That’s why you need someone who will motivate and inspire you to continue to develop and continue what you have started.
  • Provided essential materials and lessons
    • It is indeed true that training materials which are being provided already are much easier to start. It saves time and effort. Also, less hassle to begin with the learning of language.
  • Reliable to ask questions to
    • Knowing the fact that the internet is truly a lifesaver when any questions came into our minds we just Googled it. However, not everything is in there and not every little detail there is correct as well. That’s why, in learning a new language, it is better to have someone who could share their ideas, experience and new learnings for you to be a better version and not commit the same mistakes they’ve made before.

Disadvantages of learning French language via tutorial class:

  • Should spend amount of money for the course
    • Nothing is free in this world, if got one you must be lucky. Courses especially the whole package with a private tutor are expected to have a fee since they have put a lot of effort into making the training materials, exams, teaching and motivating you to strive harder.
  • No assurance to completely learn from your teacher
    • After spending tons of money, sometimes the full course is not yet enough. Only a few scenarios will only retain to your mind that terms can also be learned by self-studying.
  • You cannot dictate the duration of class
    • You can book whenever you want at your preferred schedule. Yet, it will always be based on the instructor’s availability. There are some instances, when you feel still sleepy but attendance is a must and knowing the duration is 3 hours hence should still participate and listen to the instructor.

Tips for French Learners

Let’s claim it, French language sounds cool and pretty interesting. However, it’s not that easy to learn. Knowing how difficult and different to pronounce plus the spelling. While the common French mistake is False friends Also known as Faux Amis or False Cognates, Where the English term is just the same but the true meaning is very different from each other.

However, mistakes are really part of the learning process but it is safer to know the basics first since everything takes time in order to master certain parts.

Study the French culture and history first before the language

Every culture differs from one another, it may cause harm when we don’t have an idea of their unique culture at the time we visit one place to another. Also, knowing the origin and brief background are interesting and may motivate you more to study their language.

Be patient always

Acquiring new learning is not as fast as one snap, it requires a couple of months to years based on the level of proficiency you have in order to be fluent. Therefore, patience will always be the key in order for you to continue to achieve that goal.

Practice the language regularly

You must practice French language as much as you can regardless of whether you have enrolled in a French class or not. Since this will be the basis of how eager you are to learn, also in this way you can help yourself to learn the language faster.

5 Examples of Basic French Phrases:

  • Comment vous appelez-vous? = What is your name?
  • Je suis désolé(e) = I’m sorry
  • Parlez-vous anglais? = Do you speak English?
  • Je m’appelle = My name is
  • Combien ça coûte? = How much is this?


It doesn’t matter how long it will take for you to be fluent as long as you’re doing the best that you can be and really making efforts just to learn. Learning French as a beginner would be challenging to anyone, but you may look on the bright side after you learn it of course it will pay back in double and you will definitely benefit from it. After working hard, learn to relax as well this way supports mental health. Furthermore, be positive always despite how difficult life is. A friendly reminder, your health is utmost important than anything else. That’s why learn to pause a bit but not to quit.

About AmazingTalker

About AmazingTalker

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