10 Ways to Say “I Love You” in French | Je t’aime & and More!

French is commonly known as the “language of love” by people all over the world. How to say “I love you” in French is the most important question for all the French learners out there. We all know those guys in school that wanted to learn French to impress the ladies, or those ladies that became excited when hearing guy’s French accents or who dream of dates in Paris overlooking the Eiffel Tower. There is no doubt that French just oozes a romantic energy, so what better way to express your love than learning to say “I Love You” in French?

“I Love You” can be commonly and simply said as “Je t’aime” in French, you’ll hear this love you in French movies and other media. However, this is not the only the way to say it. There a few other ways to say “I love you” in French, and there are also different contexts to use them. You could express love to your romantic partner, or to your friend as well! There are also levels of seriousness that you would express love in a relationship, such as if you are in an early stage or later stage of love in your relationship.

I Love You (as my Lover) 💞

How do you say I love you in French to your other half? There are many passionate ways to express your love to your partner in French. Lets check out these romantic phrases next:

1. Je suis amoureux/amourese de toi – I’m in love/in love with you

Here is the way to tell your partner that you are in love with them. This could used for the first time you drop the Love word on them! You could also say “amoureuse de toi” instead of “amoureux” which means “to be in love”.

An example of telling your lover this: “Je suis amoureuse de toi, Alice."
In English, this would translate to: “I'm in love with you, Alice.”

2. Je t’aime passionnément – I love you passionately

This translates directly to “I love you with passion” and is a very endearing and sentimental way to express your deep love for someone, it used to convey strong emotions of love for your partner.

An example of telling your partner this:  "Je t'aime passionnément, Mary." 
In English, this would translate to: "I love you passionately, Mary."

3. Je t’aime à la folie – I love you madly

This is a more excited expression that lovers would tell each other, to show how madly in love they are with each other. Its more of an exaggeration of the deep love you share for you partner It could also mean “I’m crazy about you”.

This is an example of telling your partner this: "Je t'aime à la folie, John." 
In English, this would translate to: "I love you madly, John."

4. Tu es l’amour de ma vie – You are the love of my life

This is a romantic declaration to your partner that you are their special person. It is a very sentimental expression of your deep love for your person.

Here is an example of referring to someone else's lover this: “Tu es l'amour de sa vie.
In English, this would translate to: “You are the love of his life.”

5. Tu es mon grand amour – You’re my biggest love/You’re my true love

This is an expression to tell your lover that they are your special person in life and that the love you both share is the most true and largest in life, because “Grand” translates to “Big”.

Here is an example of using this: “Tu es mon seul plus grand amour”
In English, this would translate to: “You are my one true love”
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French Love Chart

Here is an easy French love chart to help you see the different levels of love expressions, from friendly to romantic. The left of the chart has more friendly expressions of love, and the right of the chart has more romantic expressions. So the expressions of love increase in intensity and passion from left to right. You can check out these and more cool French expressions for both friendly and romantic types below:

I Love You (As Friends) 🤝

Since French is a romantic language, there sometimes needs to be ways to make sure people know you love them, but as a friend only – so you’re basically learning to friend-zone in French! Let’s take a look at some examples to say love you in French language.

1. Je t’aime bien – I like you

“Je t’aime bien” directly translates to “I Like You” in English. It is something you would tell your friend as a compliment or appreciation. Adding the “bien” at the end makes it friendly and not romantic.

An example of using this with a friend could be: “Je t'aime bien sans cheveux, John”
which would translate in English to: “I like you with no hair, John.”

2. Je t’aime beaucoup – I like you very much

“Je t’aime beaucop” literally means I “I like you alot” or “I really like you” in English. Adding the adjective “beaucoup” changes the verb “aimer” from “love” to “like”, making it appropriate for friends and others that are not romantic partners.

An example of using this as a compliment could be: “Je t'aime beaucoup quand tu parles aussi bien”
which would translate in English to: “I like you alot when you speak so intelligently.”

3. Je t’aime énormémentI like you immensely

“Je t’aime énormément ” will translate to I “I like you immensely” or “I love you immensely” in English. This is a way to express deep love and appreciation to your friend, and something you would say to someone in the friendzone!

An example of using this as a compliment could be: “Je t'aime énormément, crois-moi.”
which would translate in English to: “I love you very much, believe me.”

4. Je t’aime de tout mon coeurI love you with all my heart

Believe it or not, this is also be used in a friendly way! It can be used as a sentimental and deep form of affection for your friends and others in a non-romantic way.

An example of using this as a compliment could be: “Je t'aime de tout mon coeur, Lucas.”
which would translate in English to: “I love you with all my heart, Lucas.”
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I Love you (Useful Phrases)💑🏽

There are other interesting and useful phrases to express your love for someone than just saying “I love you”. Lets check out some more creative and specific expressions of love you in French:

1. Tu es tout pour moi – You’re everything for me

This phrase tells your partner how special they are to you. Its like how you would tell someone that they are your world.

Here is an example of using this: “Chère Pénélope, tu es tout pour moi.” 
In English, this would translate to: “Dear Penelope, you are everything to me.”

2. Je ne peux pas vivre sans toi – I can’t live without you

This is a very expressive and heartfelt phrase to tell someone that they are such a huge part of your life and that they need you. This is deep expression of love.

Here is an example of using this: “Je ne peux pas vivre sans toi, Rachel.” 
In English, this would translate to: “I can't live without you, Rachel.”

3. Je brûle pour toi – I’m burning (with love) for you

Surely you have heard of the French dessert C*rème Brûlée?* The word “Brûle” means” burn in English. So in this phrase, you are essentially telling your lover that you are burning with love for them.

Here is an example of using this: “Je brûle de désir pour toi.” 
In English, this would translate to: “My heart has burned for you.” or “My heart has ached for you.”

4. Mon coeur s’enflamme en pensant à toi – my heart turns to flame when I think of you

This is a very poetic and romantic way to express your feelings for somone. This expression shows the more passionate and emotive side of the French language, which is famous for its poetic devices.

Here is an example of using this: “Jack, mon coeur s'enflamme en pensant à toi.” 
In English, this would translate to: “Jack, My heart turns to flame when I think of you.”

5. Je t’adore – I adore you

This is the most commonly used phrase in place of “I love you”. The word “adore” is literally in the phrase, which makes this an easy phrase to keep in memory.

Here is an example of using this: “Tu me rends heureuse et je t'adore.” 
In English, this would translate to: “You're making me happy and I adore you.”
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Terms of Endearment in French

There is no sweeter way to call your partner in the romantic French language. Here some cute names that couples use to call each other in French. Pick one and call your loved one hy it today! Show your love! The first five are the ones to call your male partner, and the other five are for your female partner. Here are also some cutes names for boys in French.

  • Mon amour – My love

  • Mon chou – My sweetie

  • Mon lapin – My rabbit

  • Mon poussin – My chick

  • Mon chéri – My honey

  • Ma belle – My beautiful 

  • Ma biche – My darling

  • Ma chatte – My kitty

  • Ma chérie – My kitty

  • Ma Puce – My sweetie

Sing Your Love Out Loud in French

Learning French buy listening to French love songs are the best way to learn the language. There are plenty of love songs sung in this romantic language. Here are just some examples.

Your French Journey is Just Beginning…

Now that you have learned the many ways to express your love in French, from friendly to downright passionate, you should also learn how to reply to these expressions as well!

If someone tells you “Je t’aime” (I love you) in French, then you would reciprocate the feeling by saying “Moi Aussi” (me too) – only if you feel the same way! And even though it must be difficult to say farewell to your love one, you have to learn how to say goodbye in French the proper way, still.

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Ready to Aimer in French?

Love and romance are the heart of French culture. This is because it is deeply rooted in sensuality and intimacy. In French culture, it is healthy to express your love often and passionately, and this is how its language evolved with the same amount of passion and intensity. Maybe this is how “French kissing” became a popular term too, as they are more to the erotic side of relationships. This is also why you see French couples spend so much of time on dinner dates, cheese, chocolate and wine-tasting dates – because these are intimate and sensual moments that they share together. In learning these French phrases of love, you will confidently be more expressive and passionate with your feelings and also adopt the French culture of romantic and sensual connections with your loved ones

But don’t stop your language journey for spreading love here! If you want to learn how to express love in other languages, we have you covered. Check out our other articles on how to say “I love you” like: I Love You In Japanese, I Love You In Spanish and I Love You In Korean. Also, to continue your love trip with French, find your best French tutors now, only at AmazingTalker.

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