Top 10 Accredited Online Writing Courses in 2022

Anybody can become an expert writer by taking accredited tailor-made online courses, find the course that best suits your writing style and start seeing results from day 1!

Online writing courses: are they useful?

Yes they are, if you want to write a novel or even your master’s thesis, taking an online writing course will be a very good idea for various reasons:

It can help you learn more about the “behind the scenes” of professional writing. For a reasonable budget, you can follow a course taught by a bestselling author, or a world-renowned journalist, giving you the chance to learn from the best possible players in the industry.

You don’t need to leave home. You can register for online writing courses from virtually anywhere in the world. As long as you have a working tablet and a good internet connection, you’re good to go!  

It can help you find new inspiration and/or avoid slipping into a writer’s block.

Which online writing course is best for you?

Do you want to write a novel or a news report? A theatre play or a screenplay? According to the writing style that you want to focus on, there are countless online options to choose from, but should you trust all of them? No, there are certain criteria that you should keep in mind:

Only take courses with accredited online institutions and industry professionals that have proven work experience, such as editors, ghost writers, or writing coaches.

You should be given a certificate or something to prove that you have completed this online writing course.

Fair price: the course fees should be consistent with the amount of hours and learning materials you are being offered.

Now that you know what the right criteria are, here are 10 Accredited Online Writing Courses you shouldn’t miss:

1. Gotham Writers

Difficulty: All levels, Beginner to Advanced

Price: 300/400$ usd

Course duration: 18 hours 

Intro:  NYC-based Gotham Writers offers accredited and specialized online courses for writers of all levels, most classes advance over the course of 6 weeks, students will be given feedback and assignments to accomplish on a week-by-week basis. From beginner to advanced level, Gotham Writers offers flexible courses on virtually any writing style: Fiction writing, writing web blogs, screenplay writing.

What we like:                                                                      

  One-on-one classes available                                         

  Limited class size


2. Skill Share

Difficulty: Beginner

Price: 1-month free trial, 32$ usd per month afterwards

Course duration: 1-2 hours

Intro: If you’re looking to focus on one specific aspect or skill within the writing world, then a quick online course with Skill Share is the right choice for you. Providing a wide variety of writing classes mostly focusing on the beginner level, each class contains 20-60 minutes of video content broken down into a series of 2-5 minute videos.

What we like:      

Not just writing, once you register, you can learn virtually anything 

Hundreds of writing teachers available

No deadlines, you decide your own studying pace 


3. Coursera – Academic English: Writing Specialization

Difficulty: Beginner

Price: FREE

Course duration: 1-2 hours

Intro: Taught by professors of the University of California, Irvine, this course provides current or prospective university students all the information and skills needed to write successful college-level academic essays. The course will teach you how to do rigorous research and how to express your ideas in an academic format. 

What we like:    

Certificate awarded upon completion         

Flexible schedule and deadlines

No prior writing experience required 


4. BOOKFOX: How To Write A Splendid Sentence

Difficulty: Intermediate

Price: 149$ usd

Course duration: 1 week (if taken non-stop)

Intro: Many writers struggle to focus on pacing and ordering their sentences, this online course by BookFox academy wants to teach you how to recognize these problems and fix them. The course includes 28 videos, quizzes, and various writing challenges to test out the writer’s sentence structure ability. 

What we like:                                                                      

  No deadlines, you decide your own studying pace                          

Learn precious formulas to enhance your writing skills


5. MasterClass: Neil Gaiman Teaches the Art of Storytelling

Difficulty: Intermediate

Price: 15.75$ usd per month

Course duration: 5 hours

Intro: What better way to learn writing than with best selling writer Neil Gaiman? This course will give you all the advanced tools to write more engaging stories, guiding you through all the practical steps a high caliber writer usually undertakes from start to finish.

What we like:                                                                      

Besides writing, after registering you can take hundreds of classes with world-famous experts

 High-quality teaching videos with a cinematic aura

30-day period to request a refund after registration


6. Ed2go / Writing

Difficulty: Intermediate

Price: 100 to 500$ usd

Course duration: 52 to 96 course hours

Intro: A network of more than 1,800 top universities, ed2go offers hundreds of accredited online writing courses at a very affordable price. Most courses are at the beginner to intermediate level, but advanced courses such as Advanced Fiction Writing are also available.

What we like: 

Certification with accredited university awarded upon completion             

More feedback available with the instructor-led upgrade    


7. LinkedIn Learning: Writing Articles

Difficulty: Intermediate

Price: 1 month FREE trial, then 27$ usd per month

Course duration: 1 hour

Intro: A compact course on how to research, write and promote well-crafted articles for a wide variety of purposes. Course is divided into 5 chapters, each chapter comes with transcripts and exercises to strengthen your writing skills.

What we like:                                                                      

Unlimited access to all of LinkedIn Learning’s online classes following registration

Learning materials available in multiple languages


8. Oxford University’s Online Course in Creative Writing

Difficulty: Advanced

Price: 250$ to 600$+ usd

Course duration: 3 months

Intro: Oxford University’s online writing courses allow the student to specialize in a certain field at an advanced level. These courses tend to be very fast-paced and hands-on, making it the perfect fit for experienced writers interested in further pushing their writing skills.

What we like:                                                 

Both certificate and degree-seeking options available  

Students gain access to Oxford University’s online learning materials                 

9. UCLA Extension: Introduction to Creative Writing

Difficulty: intermediate

Price: 475$ usd

Course duration: 6 weeks

Intro: A creative writing course offered by University of California Los Angeles, students work in small breakout sessions with highly qualified instructors. Short assignments are given on a weekly basis with students attending lectures by various guest speakers with expertise in fiction, poetry, nonfiction, or screenwriting. 

What we like:                                                                      

Meet like-minded writers and form an online community 

Learn how to critique other writers’ work


10. Stanford: Writing in the Science

Difficulty: Advanced

Price: FREE

Course duration: 8 weeks

Intro: Stanford University’s online course teaches writers how to excel in the sciences. This course should be taken by advanced writers with a scientific background.

What we like:                                                                      

Upon completion, a Stanford certificate can be purchased for 79$ usd

Course analyzes Stanford’s principles of effective writing

Writing, everybody can do it, but only hard work can make you excel at it. The best way to improve your writing skills is by reading from the greats and doing exercises to familiarize with their formulas, structures, and writing techniques. These online courses will dive deep into these strategies, allowing you to earn the necessary skill sets to write about a wide range of topics and genres. 

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