300+ French Girl Names for Baby Girls Born in 2022

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What’s in a name? Beaucoup. Plenty.

Finding the right name for your baby girl can be a big deal. Her name and its meaning can carry the hopes and dreams you have for her. It can make a great impact on her sense of who she is and how she connects with herself. Most importantly, it will be hers forever.

You might want something cute for when she’s young, chic for when she’s growing up, and timeless for when she grows into a woman. But if you do it right, you’ll find a name that’s all three of those things.

French has heavily influenced the development of the entire English language and it might come as a surprise to you that French names have been used in the US for ages. In fact, French names might be much closer to you than you know. For example, the most commonly found French name for girls in the US in 2022 is Emma.

Whether you have French heritage, admire French culture, or are simply looking for a meaningful name that’s lovely on the ears. You can’t go wrong with an elegant French name.

What’s a good French name for a girl in 2022?

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Here are 300+ names and the meanings behind them. They are all numbered, arranged in alphabetical order, and grouped according to different categories: unique, common, cute, classic, pretty, unisex, and rare.

Unique Names ❄️

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1- Aceline: noble

2- Alizée: trade wind

3- Bijou : jewel

4- Callia: beautiful

5- Capucine: cape

6- Cerise: cherry

7- Corine: maiden

8- Eulalie: well-spoken

9- Hiéronyme: Jerome

10- Isabeau: pledged to god, variant of Isabel

11- Laverne: spring, woodland

12- Maëlle: princess

13- Médée: cunning, French version of Medea

14- Miel: honey

15- Mireille: miracle

16- Narcisse: sleep

17- Oriane: gold

18- Risette: pleasant little laugh

19- Roanne: rugged

20- Veronique: true image

Common names 🧸

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1- Abelia/ Abella: breath

2- Adrienne : from the city of darkness (Hadrias)

3- Alice: noble kind

4- Amber: jewel

5- Amelie: persuasive

6- Amy/Aimee: beloved

7- Anabelle: favored

8- Angel/Angele: messenger

9- Anne: grace

10- Antoinette: priceless/ praiseworthy

11- Arianne: very holy

12- Arielle: lion of God

13- Aubrey: elf king

14- Audrey: noble

15- Beatrice: she blesses

16- Belle: beautiful

17- Bernadette: courage of a bear

18- Bridgette/Brigitte: strong, high

19- Camille: priest helper

20- Carol/Caroline: song of joy

21- Catherine: pure

22- Cecile: gray eyes

23- Celine: heavenly

24- Charlize/ Charlene: free

25- Charlotte: free, feminine, petite

26- Chloé: blooming

27- Christine/Kristell: with Christ

28- Claire: bright clear

29- Clarice: clear, bright

30- Claudine/Claudette: lame

31- Danielle: God is judge

32- Daphne: laurel

33- Denise: Greek god of wine

34- Elena: light

35- Elise/ Elisabeth: consecrated to God

36- Elle: she

37- Emilie/ Emily: industrious

38- Emma: universal

39- Eva/Ava: breath, life

40- Frances: free

41- Francine: free

42- Gabrielle: God is my strength

43- Gisele: pledge/ promise

44- Hélène: light

45- Irene: peace

46- Isabelle: my god

47- Jacqueline: supplanter

48- Janelle: God is merciful

49- Janine: God’s gracious gift

50- Jocelin/Jocelyn: supplanter

51- Julia: youthful

52- Juliet/Juliette: youthful or sky father

53- Laurelle: crown of laurels

54- Lea: delicate/ lion

55- Léonore/ Eléonore: light

56- Lorraine: region of France

57- Louise: famous warrior

58- Lucille/Lucie: bringer of light

59- Madeleine: magdala or high tower

60- Marguerite/ Margaret: pearl/ daisy

61- Marie: drop of the sea/ beloved

62- Monique: alone

63- Nancy: favor, grace

64- Natalie: born on Christmas

65- Nicole/ Nicolette: people of victory

66- Nina: grace

67- Olivia: olive tree

68- Patricia: wellborn

69- Rebecca: servant of God, biding

70- Régine: queen

71- Rose/Rosette: rose

72- Sara: princess

73- Simone: God is heard

74- Sophie: wisdom

75- Stephanie: crown

76- Suzanne/ Susan: lily

77- Tiffany/ Tiphanie: divine manifestation

78- Valerie: strong

79- Vivienne: life

80- Zoé: vibrant or full of life

Cute Names ❤️

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1- Addie: noble, diminutive version of Adelaide

2- Alouette: lark

3- Ange/Angie: angel/ messenger

4- Apolline: French version of Apollo the sun god

5- Arlette: lion of God

6- Aveline/ Evelyn: hazelnut

7- Bliss: joy

8- Brie: marshland, also the cheese

9- Brielle: God is my strength short for Gabrielle

10- Chelle: one who is like God, short for Michelle

11- Cherie: darling

12- Colette: victory

13- Coralie: oral

14- Cosette: small

15- Dina: of the Lord

16- Edmée: female version of Edmund

17- Eliane: Jehovah is God

18- Eloise/Heloise: famous warrior woman

19- Enora: honor

20- Éponine: French horse goddess

21- Fantine: childlike

22- Fay/ Fayette: little fairy

23- Félicité/ Felicity: happy, lucky

24- Flavie: gold

25- Gemma: precious stone

26- Hughette: bright in mind and spirit

27- Idette: work

28- Josee/Josette: God will add

29- Lilou: lily

30- Lisette/Lizette: God is my Oath

31- Lula: warrior, variation of Louise

32- Maïa: brave, confident

33- Marcie: warlike

34- Marinette: of the sea

35- Mathilde: brave in battle

36- Mavis: songbird

37- Mélina: honey

38- Melodie/ Melody: melody

39- Merlot: blackbird

40- Mimi: resolute, strong

41- Minette: of the see

42- Mirabeau/ Mirabelle: miraculous, wonderful

43- Nadine: hope

44- Nanette: favor

45- Odette: wealthy

46- Pinot: pine cone

47- Pippa: horse lover, short for Philippa

48- Pomme: apple

49- Suzette: lily

50- Sylvie: from the forest

51- Zelie, Azélie: exalted

Classic Names

Source: Photography Maghradze PH from Pexels

1- Adelaide: noble

2- Adia: help

3- Agathe/ Agatha:good

4- Agnès: gentle, pure

5- Astrid: divine beauty

6- Audette: gold

7- Aveline: nut

8- Babette: God is satisfaction

9- Batilde: warrior

10- Beline: goddess

11- Benoite: means blessed female form of Benedict

12- Bertille: heroine

13- Blanche: white, fair

14- Clotilde: heroine

15- Constance: constant

16- Davignon: widely loved

17- Delphine: womb

18- Dominique: of the Lord

19- Dorine: golden

20- Dorothea/Dorothy: gift of god

21- Edith: rich gift

22- Esme/Esmée: esteemed

23- Esther: star

24- Faustine: lucky

25- Genevieve: woman of the race

26- Gertrude: strength of a spear

27- Ghislaine: pledge, promise, variation of Gisele

28- Giverny: town

29- Henrietta: estate ruler

30- Ingrid: hero’s daughter

31- Jolie: pretty, girl

32- Josephine: God increases

33- Judith: she will be praised

34- Marceline: young warrior

35- Mare: pool, pond

36- Marjolaine: flower name

37- Marthe: lady

38- Maude: heroine

39- Océane: ocean

40- Octavia: eight

41- Olympe: Olympian

42- Ophelie/ Ophelia: help, wisdom

43- Pauline: little, younger

44- Perrine/Pierette: stone, variants of Pierre

46- Prisca: long life

47- Rosalie: rose + lily

48- Sabine: woman

49- Scarlett: red

50- Theodora: goddess

51- Therese: goddess

52- Valentine: strength, health

53- Yolande: violet

54- Yvonne: Yew wood

Pretty Names 💅🏻

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Some names just sound so pretty to the ear. With namesakes like prolific singers Adele, Gladys Knight, and Solange Knowles, the sounds of these names just exude an air of beauty that turns heads.

1- Adele: noble

2- Amandine: worthy of love

3- Anelise: graced with God’s bounty

4- Angelique: angel

5- Aurora: dawn

6- Carine: dear

7- Celeste: heavenly

8- Cezanne: variant of Suzanne, also the name of a famous painter

9- Chanel: near the canal

10- Chantal: song

11- Charite/Charity: Christian love

12- Courtney: from the court

13- Cybele/Sibyl : wise woman

14- Desiree: desire

15- Elaine: light

16- Estelle: star

17- Fleur: flower

18- Florence: flowering, blossoming

19- Françoise: free

20- Gladys: light

21- Guinevere: white and smooth, French form of the Welsh Gwenhwyvar

22- Honor/ Honorine: honor

23- Inès: gentle, pure

24- Jardine: garden

25- Jessamond/ Jessamin: jasmine flower

26- Jolene: pretty

27- Lillian: lily

28- Lynette: pretty

29- Margaux/Margot: pearl

30- Mauve: purple, named after the flower

31- Maximilienne: greatest

32- Melanie: black

33- Morisette: Eastern

34- Mylène: drop of the ocean

35- Natacha: Christmas, French form of Natasha

36- Paris: city of light

37- Paulette: small, humble

38- Philomène/Philomena: powerful love

39- Racquel, Rachel: ewe, purity

40- Raphaela: healing

41- Reine: queen

42- Rochele: little rest

43- Romaine: a citizen of Rome

44- Rosaire: rosary

45- Rosamonde/Rosamund: horse protector

46- Roxanne: sun

47- Sabrine: French form of Sabrina

48- Salomé: peace

49- Serine: dreams

50- Séraphine: fiery ones

51- Seychelle: seashell

52- Solange/ Solaine: solemn

53- Thea: God

54- Tilda: might in war

55- Violette, Viola: purple

Unisex Names 🧒

Source: Bess Hamiti from Pexels

It’s 2022, and we now know that kids decide for themselves what kind of person they turn out to be. Maybe you don’t even know the sex of the baby yet. That’s not a hindrance in the name department. These unisex names are beautiful for both boys and girls.

1- Alex/Alix: defender

2- August: exalted

3- Avery: ruler of elves

4- Avril: April

5- Axelle: peace

6- Bryn: hill

7- Ciel: blue

8- Clémence: merciful

9- Damien: patron saint of surgeons

10- Danae/ Dana: God is my judge

11- Darcy: dark one

12- Dionne: divine

13- Emanuelle: God is with us

14- Étienne: crown

15- Fidèle/Fidel: faithful

16- Floriane: flowering

17- Gaelle: stranger

18- Gene: noble/ well-born, short for Eugene

19- Harley: meadow of hares

20- Jean/Jeannick: God is gracious

21- Jordan/Jordane: descendant

22- Jules: youthful

23- Justine: fair, righteous

24- Loupe: wolf

25- Marcel/ Marcelle: warlike

26- Marion: from the sea, bitter

27- Martine: warlike

28- Michele, Michelle: who is like God

29- Monet: noble

30- Morgan: sea-dweller

31- Noéle: Christmas

32- Philippe: horse lover

33- Remy: remedy, oarsman

34- Reneé: rebirth, renaissance

35- Robin: fame, bright

36- Sacha: defender

37- Sebastienne: venerable

38- Spencer: keeper of provisions

39- Sydney/Sidney: Saint-Denis

40- Taylor: tailor

41- Yves: little archer

Rare names 💎

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These are some of the rarest names in France. Very few people use them, but that only means that they will stand out more. Unique is a French word after all.

1- Ambroisie: french form of Ambrosia

2- Arcenciel: rainbow

3- Cadence : rhythm

4- Didiane: desired

5- Diorella: beautiful fairy

6- Godelieve: God’s love

7- Mignon: darling

8- Vignette: little vine

9- Villanelle: poem

10- Xainte: variant of Sainte/Saint

Meilleurs Voeux! (Conclusion)

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Decided yet? There are so many languages and words out in the world. Names might be the most important ones we use to define ourselves and the people around us. French is one romantic and charming language, and as you can tell from the list above, it makes a wonderful source of inspiration for names. So we hope this list can help you make a great decision in naming your baby girl. Meilleurs Voeux! (Best wishes!)

If you’re looking for French names for boys, check out our article on 300+ French Names for Boys. Want to learn more about other languages and cultures? Head on over to AmazingTalker to find more great topics!

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