10 Tips to Learn French: Best Way to Learn French

Learning how to speak French has a lot of advantages and benefits, as is the 5th most spoken language in the world, but what is the best way to learn French? If you are moving to a country that has French as an official language— or just want this skill in your arsenal, learning this language can open doors to new careers, higher education, and even friendships.

Learning French, as with any language, like learning Spanish, can be quite the journey. Most of the time it feels like there is no light at the end of the tunnel— That it seems ridiculously hard to even comprehend the language as a whole.

Well, mon ami (my friend), believe me when I tell you that finding a good and effective method to learn will solve just about any language learning blues— “Where do I even start to look for these methods?” you might be wondering. Well, right here! In this article, I have included 10 tips that are designed to help you get to your French fluency goals even faster. Allons-y (Let’s go)!

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10 Tips on How to Learn French and Speak French Fast

Here we are going to tell you the 10 best ways to learn French!

1. Find a Conversation Partner

In order to actually become good at something, you need to practice the theory! Do you know someone who is a French native, or someone who is fluent? Or maybe you know someone that is learning to speak the language as well? Form a team and practice the language by speaking or texting with them in French. To speak and hear it spoken back to you will massively help your understanding of the language and pronunciation of words. Plus, it is a great way to improve friendships. If you don’t know anyone, go find ‘em! This is the perfect way to not only get better at French but form new friendships as well!

2. Join a Personal French Course

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As with the previous tip, speaking the language and hearing it be spoken back to you will increase your understanding and pronunciation of words and sentences. Self-studying is not for everyone and having a professional tutor help you from the get-go will massively speed up the learning process. With a one-on-one French course, you will learn to speak French with better quality fluency. Many people have seen this as one of the best ways to learn French. It also saves you the time and effort that you waste trying to learn it on your own from scratch. Recommendations on French courses and tutors are included in the “Finding a Tutor Might Be One of The Best Ways!” section.

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Make Mistakes

We are often afraid to make mistakes. While we try our best to not make them, mistakes will eventually happen one way or another. Being afraid of making mistakes will definitely hold you back when trying to learn French. Rather than being afraid, try seeing mistakes as a lesson to be learned— a teacher. Dive right into the thick of it and take notes, correct, learn and move on from any mistakes that you make. It can be a bit daunting— but try to think of the progress you are making, rather than the journey ahead. This is exactly how to learn French faster than you think.

4. Learn Some French Songs

Having some French tunes blasting in your ears is a really fun and entertaining way to help you learn French. Try to translate the lyrics as you sing along to the song. You will find that you will remember those words very well and your pronunciation will be on point since our brains tend to remember songs better than conversation. Work smarter, not harder as they say!

5. Watch French Movies with Subtitles

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Imagine that you are sitting on your couch with popcorn in hand, relaxing and watching a French movie with the subtitles on. By doing this, you will expand your vocabulary with new French words and expressions that can be used daily. Reading the subtitles while the actor speaks can improve your reading and help with how you pronounce words. You also won’t have to fear about getting bored or not interested, it is a movie after all— so you will be more than willing to learn this way. Every bit of knowledge counts on this journey.

6. Read a French Novel

Try to find your favorite reading material in French! Translating words from French to English while simultaneously absorbing the contents of the reading piece can help prepare you for when you need to read advertisements or restaurant menus that are written in French. Seeing as the contents of said reading piece piques your interest, you will find it very easy to dive right in and finish it to the end.

7. Do Online French Exercises

The internet has an endless stockpile of French exercises that you can partake in— from worksheets and online classes to mini-games, the internet will have exercises that can cater to your needs and interests. You just need to figure out which type of exercise works best for you! You will even be able to find sources for all of the tips that I have mentioned in this list.

8. Pick a French Podcast

Both listening to people speak in a French podcast, either actively or passively, has a lot of benefits. It can help increase your vocabulary by teaching new words and expressions, it will also help you improve your pronunciation of words. You will also be practicing how to translate and understand French sentences in real-time. Eventually, you won’t even realize that you are doing it, you will be too busy absorbing the information that is being given to you through the podcast!

9. Write a Diary in French

By writing a diary in French, you are basically training your brain to form thoughts and recall events in French. Tying words to an event, emotion, or image rather than an English word can majorly help you remember it and the meaning behind it. Not to mention, you will improve your French writing ability.

10. Practice Every Day!

Consistency, and I can’t stress this enough, is key! To learn quickly and efficiently, you must do something to learn French every day. Even if it is for a moment, every tiny speck of new knowledge gained is important in the long run. Try to stay motivated by planning ahead, save a specific time in your day for learning French and be specific about what you will be doing in that time frame. Perhaps make up some realistic learning goals for yourself to reach in a certain amount of time. Do what you can to stay motivated to practice every single day!

Easiest Way to Learn French: Find a Tutor!

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As mentioned previously, self-studying is not for everyone. Having a professional tutor help you from the start will massively speed up the learning process. Having a tutor guide you on your language learning journey will increase the quality of how you speak and write in French. Any questions you may have can and will be answered as well! Where will you find professional tutors that can help your French needs? Introducing AmazingTalker!

AmazingTalker offers hand-picked professional online French tutors and teachers from around the world, that will most certainly help you reach your French fluency goals in no time! Pick and choose from an entire plethora of French courses, ranging from beginner to expert, and whatever area in French you need to practice. You can choose a French tutor that can properly satisfy your budget, learning needs, and your schedule. You can even ask a tutor to customize the course content to suit your needs.

Best Way to Learn French? Just Keep Going!

Learning a new language doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. No matter if you are learning to say goodbye in French or even how to tell the time in French. If you apply the tips and tricks that are highlighted in this article to your everyday French studying routine, you will be well versed in no time!

But what if you are studying a language other than French? Let’s say you’re learning Spanish! It’s the same. Getting a tutor to teach you the language is a foolproof plan for learning any language. Visit AmazingTalker to find a tutor that will suit your learning needs— Not just for French, but for a range of different languages to fill your learning needs!

About AmazingTalker

About AmazingTalker

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