How to Learn Spanish On Your Own: 6 Simple Steps

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Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages in our world today. With over 400 million speakers around the world, Spanish is considered the second most spoken language in the world. Presently, all Latin American countries, and Equatorial Guinea, totaling 21, have Spanish as their official language. Speaking to friends and family, seeking job employment, or preparing for schooling in the countries mentioned above and elsewhere, are some of the reasons why you would like to consider learning the language. Proficient Spanish knowledge can take you all over the world; this is the reason why tens of millions of people are currently studying the language globally. Just like any other language, learning Spanish is easy as you only need to be committed to learning and practicing consistently. Here, we compiled a list of the best ways to learn this language efficiently and make you speak like a native within a short time.

The Top 6 Steps to Learn Spanish

1. Find a conversation partner and speak with them every day

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Learning a new language is fun when you have a partner to learn with. A language partner will create a challenge and a willingness for you to learn. This will immensely assist in improving your skills. If you don’t have any Spanish speakers around you, you may seek a language partner online who will assist you. While communicating with them daily, you tend to gain a better understanding of the language. Having a language partner will undoubtedly help you in your vocabulary, pronunciation, as well as understanding the Spanish culture. When you start spending time with your language exchange partner, you will be amazed at how quickly your progress will be. You might even form a life-long friendship with them.

2. Practice with grammar books

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With so many verb conjugations, grammatical gender, and the similarities between their irregular verbs and their infinitive, Spanish grammar can be quite complicated. Spanish has many more grammatical difficulties and rules than most other languages, which can even make it more difficult to learn. For instance, the gender-specific nouns, usually the feminine nouns use la, and must end with -a. However, there are some complicated cases, in which a word might end in -a, and their gender will be masculine, and another word might end in -o, and their gender will be feminine.

An example is, el clima – “the weather”, is a masculine noun, while la radio – “radio” is a feminine noun.

To be able to understand all this better, practicing with grammar books is the way to go. There are a lot of Spanish grammar books out there to assist you, and one of those is Hugo Spanish in 3 Months. This excellent grammar book is best for learning the basics (past, present, and future tenses) prepositions, popular phrasal constructs, and explanations related to plurals and gender. It is full of short explanations, exercises and you can easily find all the answers at the back of the book

3. Watch movies and videos in Spanish

Watching Spanish movies with subtitles in your native language is also an efficient way of learning Spanish. By watching those movies, you easily learn key phrases and new vocabulary. Most of those actors and actresses in Spanish movies are native speakers, so you get to learn from them easily. Here are 3 Spanish movies on YouTube that can assist you in learning the language.

4. Learn Spanish vocabulary

As you learn Spanish, you must ensure that you memorize terms and phrases. This will help you choose different vocabularies to use in any situation you find yourself in. Some examples of basic terms that should learn include:

  • Hello sir – Hola señor
  • How are you – Cómo estás
  • Goodbye – Adiós
  • You are welcome – De nada
  • I am hungry – Estoy hambriento

5. Travel to a Spanish-speaking country

Traveling to a Spanish-speaking community, especially the Latin American countries, is another great way of understanding the language. Living in a community where everyone speaks Spanish will not only assist you in learning quickly but will also give you real-life practical experience, as you will need to engage in communication every time. The more Spanish you hear each day, the easier it becomes for you to understand it in any context.

6. Find an online tutor

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The most effective way to become fluent in Spanish is to work one-on-one with a private tutor who can instruct you at your own pace, develop individualized lesson plans for you, provide pronunciation guidance, and meet with you on a daily or weekly basis. This method of guided learning is the most effective of all others for a beginner or someone that wants to advance in the Spanish language. This is because you get to learn what you require at the right time, and you do not mix up everything that you learn.

AmazingTalker is an online language learning platform that teaches Spanish and all other languages in an effective manner. They have a large variety of wonderful, native-speaking, dynamic, and dedicated Spanish tutors for every aspect of Spanish that you want to improve, including speaking, listening, Mexican Spanish, Spanish from Spain, and others. Their lessons are available online, making it very simple for anyone to learn easily. With their flexible schedule, you can choose how you want to learn Spanish at any time, and the price for a lesson that lasts for 50 minutes ranges from $4 – $22, depending on the aspect of Spanish language proficiency (conversation, grammar, vocabulary, writing, or reading) that you wish to learn or improve on. You also pay per lesson and don’t need a huge sum of money to start learning, or a financial commitment beforehand. If you have a specific learning goal, you can choose from a range of Spanish courses they have, to suit your needs. Their courses include Spanish for interview preparation, Spanish for kids, Fundamental Spanish, Oral Spanish, Spanish for Travel, Business Spanish, conversational Spanish, DELE exam preparation, and a whole lot more.

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Start learning and speaking Spanish today

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Learning how to speak, read, and write in Spanish will really benefit you as a student, job seeker, or even just for communicating with friends and family. Spanish is one of the languages that is spoken most widely in the world today. The rules of Spanish grammar, the various conjugations of the verb, and the infinitive can make learning Spanish a little bit challenging at times, but when you follow the top six steps/ways highlighted above to effectively learn Spanish, understanding the language can be very simple and straightforward. You will have the opportunity, depending on your pace and learning ability, to know how long it takes to learn Spanish when you find an online tutor to take Spanish lessons with you. This method is the best among all. It is possible that learning the months in Spanish is something else that interests you. Are they the same in your native language?

Now that you are aware of the various ways in which you can begin learning Spanish, why don’t you get started right away so that you can quickly become fluent in the language? To improve your listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in Spanish, you should get started by making a booking with an online Spanish tutor on AmazingTalker!

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