8 Spanish Certifications and Tips on How to Ace Them

Getting a Spanish certification has a mountain of benefits, for example, it will increase your chances of getting hired, help you study abroad in a Spanish-speaking country, or just enable you to better communicate in Spanish if you find yourself moving to said Spanish-speaking country! It is also a good idea since Spanish is one of the most spoken languages in the world.
When you figure out how to learn Spanish and get to a certain level of fluency, it is then time to become certified! Below we have listed 8 Spanish certification exams, with details on all you need to know about each test. Struggling to study for the exam? We have also listed some handy tips and tricks to make your studying journey a bit easier.

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The 12 Zodiac Signs in Spanish with Audio and Useful Phrases

Nowadays, la astrología, or astrology, is becoming a more popular topic to talk about. Learning about the zodiac signs in Spanish will undoubtedly help you learn more Spanish words, and will enable you to have meaningful conversations with your Spanish friends. Keep reading to find more information about what your zodiac signs says about you, including the people around you!

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Is Spanish Really Hard to Learn? Myth or Fact

There is no simple, straightforward answer to this question. Learning Spanish has many challenges and many benefits. In this article, we are going to go over some of the factors that make learning Spanish difficult versus easy, discuss how much effort it will take to learn the language, and explore some top tips that will help you master it. You might discover that you already know a lot of Spanish words. Afterward, you can decide for yourself how difficult it is to learn Spanish.

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Ser vs Estar: Distinguish “to be” Verbs in Spanish

Learning the difference between the verbs “ser” and “estar” can be very confusing, since they both mean “To be’ in English! Whereas they mean the same thing, they are used in completely different scenarios. Understanding and learning new and complicated stuff can be very annoying, but with this article serving as your guide, understanding the difference between “ser” and “estar” will be a breeze! this article will be discussing these differences and how to use these verbs with their correct conjugations, with examples of course!

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10 Best Spanish Classes for Kids in 2022

The length of time a student is dedicated to learning a language has a direct and positive correlation to cognitive development. Research shows that learning a second language boosts problem-solving, critical thinking, and listening skills, in addition to improving memory, concentration, and the ability to multitask. Children proficient in other languages also show signs of enhanced creativity and mental flexibility. In this article, we will be ranking the 10 best online Spanish classes for kids and comparing the pros and cons of each.

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How to Learn Spanish Fast: 8 Tips to Fluency

Greeting people can start up a conversation on a personal note, and connect with others on a deeper level. You can even bring a smile to someone’s face!

Knowing how to greet people in their language has a more positive impact than one might think. Natives will even be more willing to help you.

It is important to learn how to greet people in their language. Here’s a list of how to say hello in formal and informal ways (if applicable) in 100 different countries, with some interesting tidbits!

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