55 Spanish Nicknames to Call Your Loved Ones, Family, Friends, & Pets!

Do you want to find a cute, adorable, funny and/or affectionate Spanish nickname for your loved ones, friends and anyone else from your inner circle? Spanish nicknames cover all of these and more, with their entertaining and intriguing pronunciations and references. This article will give you some of the common Spanish nicknames for Parents, Siblings, Kids, Friends and Lovers – including their meanings. Interested in other exotic nicknames, check out our blog to read all about nicknames from around the world!

Spanish Nicknames for Parents

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Here are some Spanish nicknames that you would use to refer to your mum and your dad.

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1. Papi, Papito / Mami, Mamita

Papi (referring to father) and Mami (referring to mother) is a childish, endearing and playful way to refer to your parents.

2. Pa / Ma

Pa and Ma is a more mature, respectful and endearing way they children refer to their fathers and mothers.

3. Los jefes [plural] / (el) jefe, (la) jefa [singular]

This is a literally translation to “boss”. This is a more relaxed yet respectful way to refer to your parents as the authoritative figures in their lives. You can use “Mis Jefes” to say “My Parents”.

Spanish Nicknames for Brothers and Sisters

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Here are some cute, affectionate and informal nicknames for siblings to refer to each other.

1. Hermano/hermana

Hermano refers to a literal “brother” or a close male friend with whom you share a significant bond with. The same is implied with Hermana, meaning “sister”. This is also used sometimes in casual English, where Hermano can be used to refer to a “bro”.

2. Mano/Mana

These are the shortened form of “Hermano” and “Hermana” for brother and sister – respectively. These informal terms are used to basically say “bro” or “sis”. This is typically used for both friends and siblings.

Spanish Nicknames for Kids

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Here are some cute and affectionate Spanish nicknames for Parents or older figures to refer to the kiddies.

1. Nene / Nena

These nicknames do not have an actual English translation. These terms refer to toddlers and children around 2-3 years old. It is a common affectionate term that’s similar to “baby,” “sweetheart” or “darling”.

2. Chiquito / Chiquita

This is a diminutive of “Chico” and “Chica” which is used for teenagers. Chiquito and chiquita have the”ita” suffix which makes it more for young children, as a term of endearment.

3. Peque

This directly translates to “little one” or “kid”. This nickname is frequently used by parents referring to their own young children.

4. Cariño

This loving nickname is used to refer to children as “sweetheart” or “darling”. This can be used for any person and not just for children. You can call anyone you miss, “my cariño”!

5. Niñita

Niñita translates to “Little Girl” and is a term of endearment that people use for young girls.

6. Pollos, pollitos

This translates to “little chicken” or “chicks” and is commonly used by parents to refer to their children in a loving way. This is also used in many expressions by parents who refer to their children and can be both cute and funny, especially if they want to say their children are misbehaving.

Spanish Nicknames for Friends

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Here are some Spanish nicknames that you can use for your friends and buddies.

1. Chulo/a

Chulo is directly translated to “beautiful” in Spanish and is used as more of an informal reference that implies to a male that you feel they are “cool”. Chula is the female counterpart of this term. But terms are used in a complimentary way to imply you think someone is good looking or just generally cool.

2. Güero/a

Güero translates to “blonde” and it is an informal word that refers to a white skinned person. Güera implies the female counterpart of this reference.

3. Chismoso/a

This word translates to someone who likes gossip. It refers to that one friend you have who always has the latest stories, news and gossip. Chismoso being the male version and Chismosa being the female counterpart.

4. El cerebro

This directly translates to “the brain” and is used to refer to the friend that is intelligent and the smart one in your group of friends. It’s a complimentary nickname to the one who is given it, as it commends their intelligence.

5. Lindo/a

This translates to something that is “lovely” or “very beautiful”. It is a nuanced nickname that really intones the appreciation for someone. Lindo refers to the male version of this term and Linda being the female version. You can also try calling them, hermosa, meaning “beautiful” in Spanish!

6. Chica

This is a commonly used nickname between girls and its literally translated to mean “girl”. It is a pet name to refer to friends who are often teen girls and above.

7. Chiflado

Chiflado translates to “crazy” or “nutty” and can be used in a joking way between friends. It can also be used to refer to someone who is crazy/nuts about something or someone else.

Spanish Nicknames for Boyfriends

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Looking for a cute, loving and sweet nickname for your boyfriend? Here are some great Spanish nicknames for your significant other.

1. Mi alma

This translates to “my Soul” or “my Soulmate”. This is a common nickname used by partners to refer to each other in a deeply appreciative and loving context which implies that they are significant others to each other.

2. Príncipe

This translates to “Prince” and is often used to refer to your partner as a someone you regard highly and think the highly of. It is a very endearing reference for a boyfriend.

3. Mi Rey

Mi rey directly translates to “my King” and is used as deeply loving and respectful nickname for your boyfriend. It emphasizes how highly you think of your boyfriend and that you put him in a high spot in your life.

4. Mi Cielito

This directly translates to “my little heaven” but is essentially used as “my sweetheart” or “my darling”. It is a deeply affectionate term to refer to your boyfriend with.

5. Papi Chulo

This directly translates to “handsome daddy” but is used by partners to refer to their boyfriends as an attractive man. It is a way to call your boyfriend handsome and to let him know you find him very attractive.

6. Mi Amado

This translates to “my beloved”. It is an endearing nickname for your significant other and is one of many common nicknames to call your partner “my love”.

7. Mi Vida

This translates to “my life” and is a nickname used commonly between partners who wish to tell them how much they mean to each other. It emphasizes the significance that one has in the other’s life.

8. Tesoro

Tesoro translates to “my treasure”, which is an endearing nickname for your partner and implies how much you value them in your life.

Spanish Nicknames for Girlfriends

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Want to find an adoring and sweet nickname for your girlfriend? Here are some lovely Spanish nicknames for your special girl.

1. Amor

Amor directly translates to “Love” and is one of the most common nicknames for your partner. It is a pet name for many girlfriends and is a household norm in many loving relationships. Try saying “te amo, mi amor”, which means “I love you, my love!”. 

2. Corazón

This is a common nickname that means “Heart”. This is used as way to express the way you feel your girlfriend is your true love and is a big part of you.

3. Chiqui

This means “little one” and is derived from the word “Chiquito”. It is typically used to express your adoration for your girlfriend and that you find them cute.

4. Mi reina

This translates to “my Queen” and is the female counterpart of Mi Rey (my King). This is a term used to tell your girlfriend how high a place she has in your life.

5. Mi amada

This translates to “my beloved” and is the female version of this nickname. This nickname emphasises the deep love and significance of your girlfriend in your love.

6. Mi Princesa

One of the most affectionate sounding nicknames out there, this refers to your girlfriend as “my princess” and is a very loving and endearing nickname.

7. Mi sirenita

This translates to “my little mermaid” and is a reference to the Disney movie The Little Mermaid. This is a romantic nickname used by many for their girlfriends.

Spanish Nicknames for Pets 

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Even our most beloved family members, like our pets, have nicknames in Spanish! Here are some adorable nicknames for the greatest loves in our heart. 

1. Bebé

Bebé is a common Spanish nickname, that directly translate to “baby”. It can be used with any special person in your life, and is often used with your most adoring pets since they are the most spoiled of the house! 

2. Gordito/a

This nickname directly translate to “fatty”, which sounds like a harsh English nickname, but is often used as an endearing term, to express your love for your furry one. 

3. Ángel 

Mi ángel or “my angel” is a common Spanish nickname to show how much we see our pets as a big gift from god. 

4. Mi Precioso/a 

A very affectionate Spanish nicknames for pets, is “mi precioso” or “mi preciosa” which means my precious. It emphasizes truly how much we appreciate our pets. 

5. Mi Pedacito de Cielo 

This means “my little piece of heaven” that is derived from the nickname “mi cielo”. It is typically used to express adoration for our pets, and show them how much we love them!

Have you found your ideal Spanish nicknames?

We’re sure you have picked out the cutest Spanish nicknames for your friends, family, partner and kiddies in your life. Having affectionate terms of reference for these important people in your life is a great way to keep your relationships strong and full of love and good feelings. Enjoyed learning about these Spanish nicknames? Take your Spanish knowledge further and check out this article on how to say good morning in Spanish.

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