80+ Cute Nicknames for Partners and Kids (From Around the World)

Which nickname should I pick?

Usually used in place of a person’s real name, a nickname or moniker is a phrase, word, or name used as a term of endearment. When it comes to those we care about, finding the right nickname can come naturally as a result of an inside joke but other times it can seem hard to pinpoint when the aim is to help the person understand just how much they mean to you.

It’s also interesting to note how nicknames differ in various cultures and languages and how they have the power to make the person in question feel loved and happy. For example, there are over 300 unique French names for boys! Today we’re going to help you find the perfect nickname for those special people in your life.

Nicknames for your boyfriend

When it comes to choosing the right nickname for your male significant other the task can be a bit more difficult as most nicknames are decidedly soft and feminine but we don’t want you to give up hope just yet, there are quite a few options at your disposal. Why don’t you browse through a couple and see which you like best?

1. Handsome

2. Cutie

3. Good looking

4. Prince Charming

5. Lover Boy

6. Baby

7. McDreamy 

Taken from the popular TV show Grey’s Anatomy, Dr McDreamy was one of the shows most popular characters with female audiences due to his devilishly good looks, wit and charm.

8. Romeo

9. Boo Bear

10. Squish

11. Big Guy

12. Heartthrob

13. Dumpling

14. Teddy Bear

15. Hero

16. Beau

17. PIC – Partner In Crime

Nicknames for your friends (girls)

One of the most common situations nicknames are given in, is in platonic friendships. These are used to express ****the significance of your relationship with that person and to generally let them know when you care. 

When it comes to female friendships nicknames are often sweeter and softer, you might be familiar with “babe” or “darling”. If you’re looking for some new nicknames for the women in your life, have a look at the list below.  

1. BFF (Best friends forever)

2. Cupcake

3. Dollface

4. Ride or Die 

This is one that is usually used to describe a friend who has been with you thick and thin and is perfect for long-lasting friendships.

5. Queen

6. Darling

7. Sparky

8. Boo

9. Munchkin

This is one that is usually used to refer to friends who score a bit lower in the height department but are no less cute.

10. Amiga

11. Mami

12. Giggles

13. Care Bear

14. Cookie

15. Sweetums

16. Mama

Although this word is usually used to refer to a mother, it has in recent years gained a more colloquial connotation and has been commonly used by friends.

17. Hun

Nicknames for your girlfriend

For those romantically inclined, finding the right nickname to express your adoration for your girlfriend is generally a more personal experience. For many, they’re derived from a shared joke or from the person’s name. However, for those still on the lookout for some options browse through our list of 17 nicknames for the romantic partner in your life.

1. My love

2. Princess

3. Honey

4. Darling

5. Beautiful

6. Sunshine

7. Buttercup

8. Angel

9. Sweetpea

10. Pumpkin

11. Cutie

12. Bae

13. Dear

14. Gorgeous

15. Hot Stuff

This one is perfect to get across not just your emotional attachment to someone but also to express your physical attraction to them.

16. Sweetheart

17. Peach

Nicknames for pets

We all know that the fluffy four-legged counterparts in our lives hold just as special a place in our hearts as the two-legged ones, and thus nicknames for them will leave you feeling just as mushy and loving toward them. For the special dog or cat in your life find a cute nickname from the list below.

1. Fluffly

2. Angel

3. Cuddles

4. Bear

5. Marshmallow 

Inspired by the confectionery, this is perfect for that extra squishy, soft and fluffy pet in your life.

6. Buddy

7. Ace

8. Casper

This nickname would be perfect for the pet that’s always on the go and never seems to be around.

9. Biscuit

10. Champ

11. Flash

12. Floof

13. Jellybean

14. Spot

15. Stripe

16. Kit Kat

Cute nicknames in different languages

Thankfully we’re spoiled for choice when it comes to the pet names we shower on our loved ones with adoration. On a planet consisting of so many different regions and languages, we have a wide array of options to choose from, scroll through the list of options below to find a truly unique nickname for the special person in your life.




1. L’amour de ma vie


“The love of my life”

2. Mon ange


“My angel”

3. Cariño



4. Mi corazón


“My heart”

5. Dolce metà


“My sweet half, my better half”

6. Tesoro



7. Kuschelbär


“Cuddle bear” what’s interesting about this nickname is that it’s usually used for men.

8. Liebling


“Darling, favorite”

9. 애인 (aein)



10. 내사랑 (nae sarang)


“My love”

11. Elskede



12.Puttegøj / puttemus


“Cuddle bug”

13. Snoepje

Netherlands/ Dutch

“Little candy, my sweet”

14. Ku’uipo



15. Mea aloha


“Loved one”

16. Kicsim


“My little one”


There are hundreds of nicknames you can give the special people in your life, but choosing a specific name for a person can be hard. Check out this list of 300 French girl names for babies. 

Show your friends and partners some love

Source: Pexels

If anything, this article has taught us just how many ways there are to show your loved ones that you care and now you don’t even have to be limited to just the English language. Hopefully, this article has helped you find some fun and exciting ways to express just how much those around you mean to you, especially those little furry critters. Read through our list to find the best nicknames for friends and family or that romantic partner in your life.

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