300 Popular French Boy Names With Meanings & Audio

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There are many French names for boys. They can mean a lot. Like, a lot.

It can be tough to find the right name for your little boy. His name can carry every hope and dream you have for him and shape how he connects with himself. Most importantly, it’s his forever: when he’s young, while he grows up, and when he finally becomes a man. We can help you find a name that he can take with him through all of that.

French has a huge influence on the English language and French first names have been used in the US for ages. For instance, the most commonly found French name for a boy in the US in 2022 is Gabriel, a very typical French male names.

Whether you have French heritage, appreciate the culture, or just want a meaningful name that’s creative and cool. You can’t go wrong with a stunning French name. Also, we have gathered some French names for girls for you.

What are Unique French Names for Boys in 2022?

We have compiled 300+ names and the meanings behind them. They are grouped according to different categories: unique, common, handsome, cool, classic, neutral, and rare. Find out which French boy name you like best! And don’t forget to how to say I love you in French once you pick your name.

Unique French Names for Boys

Source: Jimmy Conover on Unsplash

Audio Pronunciation for these names:

Anatole: sunrise

Anselme: divine helmet

Arcene: silver

Arsène: strong

Beauregard: beautiful, handsome

Corentin: friend, hurricane

Cyriaque: sacred lord

Didier: desired, beloved

Franchot: free • Gildas: gilded

Hugues: intelligence, spirit

Isaïe: salvation of the Lord

Lamond: the word

Narcisse: daffodil

Odilon: prosperous in battle

Rudolph: famous wolf

Turold: just, name of a French poet

Vachel: small cow

Varden: green slope

Vianney: God’s chosen beloved

Common French Names for Boys 

Source: Pixabay

Audio Pronunciation for these names:

Abel/Abelin: breath

Adrian: of the Adriatic

Alain: handsome

Alexander: defender

Alfred: wise counselor

Ambroise: immortal, divine

André: manly

Artur/Arthur: noble, bear man

Audric, Aldrick: old & wise ruler

Benjamin: son of the right hand

Bernard: courage of a bear

Brice/Bryce: son of a nobleman

Bruce: from the brushwood, thicket

Bruno: brown

Chandler: chandelier

Charles: full-grown, many

Christian: Christian

Christophe: bearer of Christ

Clark/Clarque: clergyman

Claude: lame

Conrad: honest counselor

Curt: from the court

Curtis: courteous

Daniel: God is judge

Darrell/Darryl: darling

David: beloved

Audio Pronunciation for these names:

Dean: leader

Denis: god of wine

Donald: proud chief

Edmond/Edmund: prosperous protector

Emil/Emile: energetic

Eric: ever powerful

Félix: fortunate, lucky

Gabriel: God is strength

Geoffroy: heavenly peace

George/Geórges: farmer

Gérald: mighty with the spear

Harold: war chief

Harvey: army warrior

Henri: ruler of an estate

Hugh/Hugo: soul mind

Isaak: laughter

Japhet: persuasive

Jeremie: God will uplift

Jérôme: holy name

Joël: Jehovah is God

Joseph: God will add

Justin: just

Kévin: kind

Laurent: ruler

Léo: lion

Léon: lion

Leonard: lion

Louis: famous warrior

Audio Pronunciation for these names:

Marc: warlike

Marlon: wild falcon

Martin: warlike

Matthieu/Matthew: gift of God

Maurice: Moorish

Nicolas: victory of the people

Noel: Christmas

Olivier/Oliver: olive tree

Percy: piercing the valley

Pierré: stone

Quentin/Quincy: fifth

Raphael: God has healed

Richard: powerful ruler

Robert: shining fame

Roland: fame of the land

Ronan: little seal

Roy: king

Samuel: God hears

Sébastien: revered

Simon: God is heard

Théodore: gift of God

Thomas: twin

Travis: crossroads

Victor: conqueror

Vincent: conqueror

Zacharie/Zaché: God remembers

Handsome French Names for Boys

Source: Barbara Ribeiro from Pexels

Decided yet? Once people start to call you by your French names, it is the best way to learn French to get yourself immersed in the language. Your French journey has just started. Keep going!

Audio Pronunciation for these names:

Amiel: friend

Ansel: follower of nobility

Antoine: inestimable

Bastien: revered

Bayard: having red-brown hair

Beau: beautiful, handsome

Burke: fortress

Chaney: oak

Christobal: bearer of Christ

Clarence: bright, clear

Cordell: rope maker

Dmitri: from Demeter (goddess of the harvest)

Édouard: wealthy guardian

Elroy: royalty

Ernest: serious

Fabrice: craftsman

Florent/Florentin: flowering

Forrest: forest

Gaston: from Gascony

Geraud/Giraud: mighty with the spear

Germain: from Germany

Gilbert: trusted

Gilles: bearer of the goatskin shield

Grégor/Grégoire: vigilant

Guillaume: resolute soldier

Hyacinthe: hyacinth

Jacques: supplanter

Audio Pronunciation for these names:

Landry: ruler

Leroy: the king

Leverett: young hare

Lowell: little wolf

Lucien: bringer of light

Marceau: warlike

Neville: from the new town

Norbert: brilliant hero

Octavien: eight

Orville: golden city

Percival: piercing the valley

Rainer: strong counselor

Raoul: strong, wise counsel

Remain: Roman

Renaud: wise power

Rodrigue: famous warrior

Royce: son of the king

Rupert: bright, fame

Saül: longed for

Sinclair: clear sign

Sylvestre/Sylvester: from the woods

Thibault: people’s prince

Valentin: strong, brave

Cool French Names for Boys

Source: Milan Chauhan from Pexels

It’s hard to know for sure exactly what makes these French boy names so cool.

Is it that they are short? Catchy? Maybe they just have a certain je ne sais quoi about them.

Whatever the case your little boy will have some pretty cool namesakes in French sci-fi auteur Luc Besson and “Angel’s Brought Me Here” singer Guy Sebastian.

Audio Pronunciation for these names:

Achille: thin-lipped

Aimon: house

Aloïs: famous warrior

Amato: love

Amour: love

Armand: army man

Arnaut/Arnaud: eagle, power

Avent: advent

Basile: kingly

Blaise/Blaize: stammerer

Boone: good

Chase/Chace: hunter

Colas: victory of the people, variant of Nicolas

Constantine/Constant : constant, steadfast

Coyne: modest

Damien: taming

Dash: page boy

Duke: leader

Émeric: ruler of home

Florian: flowering

Fortune: lucky

Frayne: dweller at the ash tree

Frédéric: peaceful ruler

Gaétan: from Gaeta

Gage: pledge, pawn

Audio Pronunciation for these names:

Gautier: powerful ruler

Guy: guide

Hervé: army warrior

Jaye/ Jay: blue jay

Josse: lord

Julien: youthful

Lambert: land of brightness

Luc: light

Lyle: from the island

Marshal: steward

Martial: warlike

Maxime: greatest

Morty: still water, derived from Mortimer

Noë/ Noé: peace, rest, form of Noah

Pascal: easter

Ranger: protector of the forest

Remi: from Reims

Russ/Russell: read-head

Saber: sword

Serge: the attendant

Silvère: silver

Thierry: people’s ruler

Tristan: sorrowful

Tyson: explosive

Urbain: of the city

Zéphyr: west wind

Classic French Names for Boys

Source: Natasha Babenko from Pexels

From Lionel Richie to Philip Seymour Hoffman, these French names boys are old-fashioned and tend to be longer, but they can also be so much more romantic. The classics are timeless for a reason. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

Or as the French would say: On ne change pas une équipe qui gagne. (Never change a winning team.)

Audio Pronunciation for these names:

Algernon: bearded

Augustin: venerable, exalted

Aurelien: gold

Baptiste: baptizer

Barnabé: son of prophecy

Barthemey: ploughman

Baudouin: bold wine

Beaumont: beautiful, handsome

Bellamy: beautiful friend

Benedict: blessed

Benôit: blessed

Bertrand: brilliant

Boniface: well-doer

Cassius: protective cover

Charlemagne: Charles the great

Chevelier: horseman

Clément: merciful

Clovis: renowned fighter

Cyprien: from the island of Cyprus

Cyril: lordly one

Demont: of the mountain

Donatien: gift

Fernand/Ferdinand: adventurous, brave

Fontaine: fountain

Francois: free

Garnier: army guard

Audio Pronunciation for these names:

Gaspar/Gaspard: he who brings treasure

Gervais: serves the spear

Ghislain: sweet pledge

Gustave: staff of the gods

Herbert: bright warrior

Hubert: bright mind

Isidore: a gift of ideas

Lionel: lion cub

Marius: warlike

Marquis: noble

Montague: sharp cliff

Mortimer: still water

Napoleon: of Naples

Nestor: return

Parfait: perfect

Prewitt: brave one

Prosper: fortunate

Reynard: fox

Sévérin: severe

Seymour: of the village of St. Maur.

Silvain: forest

Stanislas: stand for glory

Tanguy: warrior

Ulrich: ruler of all

Neutral French Names for Boys

Source: Pixabay

Maybe you don’t know the sex of the baby, maybe you do. It’s 2022, and we understand now kids decide for themselves what kind of person they want to be. That’s not a setback in the name department though.

Morgan Freeman or Fairchild, Taylor Lautner or Swift? These neutral names are fantastic for both boys and girls.

Audio Pronunciation for these names:

Alex/Alix: defender

August: venerable, exalted

Avery: ruler of elves

Avril: April

Axel/ Axele: peace

Bailey: steward

Bryn: hill

Ciel: blue

Clémence: merciful

Danae/ Dana: God is my judge

Darcy: dark one

Dionne: divine

Emanuelle: God is with us

Étienne: crown

Fidèle/Fidel: faithful

Floriane: flowering

Gaelle: stranger

Gene: noble/ well-born, short for Eugene

Harley: meadow of hares

Jean/Jeannick: God is gracious

Jordan/Jordane: descendant

Jules: youthful

Justine: fair, righteous

Loupe: wolf

Audio Pronunciation for these names:

Maël: prince, princess

Marcel/ Marcelle: warlike

Marion: from the sea, bitter

Martine: warlike

Michel, Michele: who is like God

Monet: noble

Morgan: sea-dweller

Noéle: Christmas

Philippe: horse lover

Remy: remedy, oarsman

Reneé: rebirth, renaissance

Robin: fame, bright

Sacha: defender

Spencer: keeper of provisions

Sydney/Sidney: Saint-Denis

Taylor: tailor

Yves: little archer

Rare French Names for Boys

Source: Spencer Selover from Pexels

These are some of the rarest names in France. Very few people use them, but why not stand out from the crowd? Unique is a French word after all.

Audio Pronunciation for these names:

Alveré: elf counsel

Amalric: the power of work

Campion: champion

Channing: canon

Dieudonné: given by God

Izod: strong, hard

Kaïs: strong one

Mérovée: famed fight

Naël: gift of God

Théophile: divinely loved

Bonne chance! (Good Luck!)

Out of all the languages and words out there, names might be the most important ones we use to define ourselves and the people around us. French is an absolutely charming language, and as you can tell from the list above, it makes a wonderful source of inspiration for names. So we wish you bonne chance (good luck!) and hope this list can help you make a great decision in naming your baby boy! Just in case you want to check out nicknames in other languages, we offer you a list of Spanish nicknames to choose from.

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