15 Ways to Say My Love in French & Other Romantic Terms

my love in french

How do you say my love in French? How do you romantically call your loved ones in French? Learning how to use romantic French words and phrases for your loved ones will surely help beautify your relationship and deepen your love life with your partner. You can add some spice to those French girl’s name to make it sound more intimate, and if you are a lady, you can surely use this article to add more romance to those French boy’s name. So, in this article, we will be discussing many ways to call your loved ones and express your love in French.

How to Say My Love in French?

There are various ways to say my love in French but the most commonly used phrase is Mon amour. But there are more romantic endearment terms used by French people to say my love in French. Let’s look at them.

my love in french

1. Mon amour

English Translation: My love

Mon amour literally translates to “my love”. This phrase is widely used in the French community and you might have probably heard people using this phrase to mean ”my love in French”. This phrase may be used by anyone but is mainly reserved for romantic partners or love interests.

2. Mon cœur

English Translation: My heart

Mon cœur is a regularly used phrase to convey affection in French. It does not literally imply my heart; its exact meaning is “my sweetheart”. This phrase is commonly used in romantic situations, but parents may also use it to refer to their children.

3. Mon chou / Ma choue

English Translation: My cabbage

Chou literally means cabbage in French, but in this expression, it is used to mean “my sweetie” or “my favorite one”. This phrase is also gender-based if you are referring to a male you use mon chou but in the case of a lady, you say ma choue.

4. Mon poussin

English Translation: My chick

Poussin in French means “chick” but is used in this expression to show the love people have for a baby chicken. Mon poussin is another phrase reserved not only for people in romantic relationships but for friends and family as well!

5. Mon chéri / Ma chérie

English Translation: My honey

You will frequently hear this phrase all around. Mon chéri is used for a man and Ma chérie,for a woman. ****Like mon cœur, ma chérie, or mon chéri is said with an innocent, loving tone to either a lover or child and even sometimes to a friend.

6. Mon beau / Ma belle

English Translation: My beautiful

Literally, mon beau means “my beautiful” and it is also gender-based. Ma belle is used for a female. It is used as a casual term of endearment and doesn’t have the same meaning as “my beautiful” in English. You might use it to describe your lover or (less commonly) your son.

7. Ma biche

English Translation: My darling

This expression is mainly used for females. The word biche in French means a doe i.e. female deer. It can be used in any loving context including lovers, family, and friends.

8. Mon chat / Ma chatte

English Translation: My kitty

Although mon chat is not commonly used by French folks but it is good to learn it, in case you came across it. mon chat is for a male while you call a female ma chatte.

9. Mon doux / Ma douce

English Translation: My sweet

Another romantic way to call your love partner is by saying mon doux (used for a male) or ma douce (used for a female).

10. Mon ange

English Translation: My angel

Not one of the commonly used french endearment term but mon range is also a romantic phrase to use for people you love. Mon ange can be used for both sexes and for children also.

11. Ma puce

English Translation: My sweetie

Another feminine-only expression. Ma puce is a pretty popular term and you will probably hear it often used with friends, lovers, and children.

12. Ma poule

English Translation: My chicken

Ma poule, like mon poussin, refers to “chickens” and endearingly means “chickie-poo”, and just like mon poussin, ma poule is unisex and can be used for both sexes.

13. Ma moitié

English Translation: My other half

While it is more literally translated as “my other half” in English, ma moitié is used more as “my better half” in French. This expression is used to show the importance of the other person in a romantic relationship.

14. Mon coco / Ma cocotte

English Translation: My hen

Even though a hen is a female bird, the word coco is actually masculine. However, mon coco does have a female version: Ma cocotte. This is another expression that can be used in multiple contexts.

15. Mon bébé

English Translation: My baby

Mon bébé is one of the commonly used French romantic phrases, as you will hear this endearment term quite frequently and it can be used in nearly any situation. Anyone can be a baby. You can use this phrase with your lover, friend, child, or even your pet. Just keep in mind that this word is masculine and actually stays masculine no matter who you use it for.

16. Doudou

English Translation: My blankie or my cuddly thing

A doudou is a child’s most cherished item as a toddler, usually a stuffed animal or blankie that they can’t sleep, or live without. And you guessed it, it’s a widely used term of endearment by the French. French speakers, particularly from Africa, used the word doudou as a slang term used to refer to a girlfriend or wife. Although it’s technically meant for women, it can be used as an endearing term for both sexes.

List of Words in French for My Love

my love in french

How to Say I Love You Romantically in French

Having learned how to say “my love in French”, how do you now say you love them in a romantic french way? There are many ways to say I love you in French but the most frequently used phrase is Je t’aime. There are many others that are more romantic too.

FAQs for My Love in French

What do French people call their loved ones?

French people use different endearing terms to call their loved ones. These include Mon amour, mon cheri, mon bébé. Some can be used for both sexes such as Ma poule while others are gender-specific such as ma puce used only for females.

What does mon coeur mean?

Mon cœur is a regularly used phrase to convey affection in French. It does not literally imply my heart; its exact meaning is “my sweetheart”. The phrase is commonly used in romantic situations, but parents may also use it to refer to their children.

Say My Love in French to Win One’s Heart

French people cherish calling them with romantic expression so much, this is why as a language learner you should try and learn some endearment words to say to your loved ones and the beautiful lady you fall in love with at first sight. Some commonly used French phrases to say my love are Mon amour, mon cheri, ma poule etc, so pay attention to them and note the gender to use them for also. Learn also different ways to say Au revoir! (Bye) in French. To develop your French communication skills, check out AmazingTalker to connect with online French tutors who can assist you in learning the French language easily, efficiently, and quickly, and you would be speaking French like a native in a short time. Also, unlock your language potential with AmazingTalker’s Language Q & A Platform now!

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