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french speaking countries

How many French speaking countries are there?

When it comes to learning a new language, many people turn to French as their first choice. Not only is it one of the Romance languages, but it’s also spoken in a variety of fascinating countries around the world. From the charming streets of Paris to the picturesque countryside of Quebec, there’s no shortage of inspiration to fuel your language-learning journey.

But what makes French such a popular choice among language learners? And what should you know about the countries where French is spoken? In this article, we’ll explore the culture, history, and daily life of French-speaking countries, and give you tips on how to start learning the French Language. We will also be providing a table of all French-speaking countries with the country name, capital, and population.

french speaking countries

French Speaking Countries and Territories

French is an official language in several countries around the world, each with its own unique culture and way of life. Here are a few of the most notable French-speaking countries:

Country NameCapitalPopulation
FranceParis67 million
Quebec, CanadaQuebec City8.5 million
SwitzerlandBern8.5 million
SenegalDakar16 million
HaitiPort-au-Prince11 million
BelgiumBrussels11.5 million
LuxembourgLuxembourg City0.6 million
Burkina FasoOuagadougou20 million
GuineaConakry12.7 million
DjiboutiDjibouti City974,000
Republic of CongoBrazzaville5.2 million
GabonLibreville2 million
Côte d’IvoireYamoussoukro26 million
MadagascarAntananarivo29 million
CameroonYaoundé26 million
HaitiPort-au-Prince11 million
TogoLomé8.2 million
French GuianaCayenne298,000


Of course, the most famous French-speaking country is France. Known for its fashion, food, and art, France is a popular destination for tourists and language learners alike. The capital city, Paris, is home to iconic landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame Cathedral, and the Louvre Museum. Visitors can also enjoy the charming streets of Montmartre and the Marais, stroll along the Seine River, and indulge in the city’s famous cuisine.

Beyond Paris, France is also home to picturesque towns such as Nice, Marseille, and Bordeaux, and beautiful countryside regions like Provence and the Loire Valley. The country is also renowned for its rich culinary tradition, with famous dishes such as escargots, ratatouille, and croissants. And let’s not forget the famous wine regions of Bordeaux, Champagne, and Burgundy.

Quebec, Canada

Another French-speaking country is Quebec, Canada. The French-speaking province is known for its picturesque countryside, delicious maple syrup, and vibrant culture. Quebecers have a distinct accent and way of speaking French, which can be a fun and challenging experience for language learners. Quebec is the largest province in Canada and is home to the famous city of Montreal. Quebec is known for its beautiful landscapes, such as the Saint Lawrence River, and the many parks and nature reserves in the province.

french speaking countries


Switzerland is a country where French is one of the official languages, along with German and Italian. The country is famous for its chocolate, cheese, and mountains. Switzerland is a great place to learn French because of its multicultural atmosphere, and the fact that it’s a neutral country. Switzerland is also known for its banking and financial sector, making it a great destination for business and finance professionals.


French is the official language in Senegal, a country located in West Africa. The country is known for its diverse culture, beautiful beaches, and vibrant music scene. Senegal has a unique history as a former French colony, and it’s a great place to learn about the African culture and French. Senegal is also known for its famous Dakar Rally, an annual rally raid race that takes place in Senegal.


Haiti is a Caribbean island country where French is the official language. It is known for its history, culture, and natural beauty. Haiti has a unique French Creole dialect that is different from the French spoken in France and other French-speaking countries. Haiti is also known for its art, with famous painters such as Hector Hyppolite, Philomé Obin, and Prosper Pierre-Louis.

How many countries speaks French?

French is an official language in 29 countries, including France, Canada, Haiti, and many countries in Africa. It is also a widely spoken second language in many other countries. Additionally, French is one of the United Nations’ six official languages, and it is also an official language of many international organizations such as the European Union, the International Olympic Committee, and the International Red Cross.

Which countries speak only French?

French is the only official language in a few countries, including: France, Haiti, Monaco and so on. It is also the only official language in several territories, such as: French Guiana, French Polynesia, Guadeloupe, etc. It’s worth noting that in some countries, French is not the only official language but it’s widely spoken, like in Canada, where English and French are both official languages, and in some African countries like Senegal, French is official language but many other local languages are spoken as well.

French Speaking Countries to Open Your World to French

Learning French can open the door to a whole new world of culture and experiences. From Lundi to Dimanche, the French-speaking countries are waiting for you to discover them. And with the help of AmazingTalker, you’ll be speaking like a native in no time. And who knows, you might even experience Avoir un coup de foudre while immersing yourself in the culture and language of these fascinating countries. Also, unlock your language potential with AmazingTalker’s Language Q & A Platform now!

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