Learn Japanese Online: 10 Best Japanese Tuition and Classes Online

When suddenly faced with the possibility of being locked indoors for an indefinite period of time one of the best things to do is brush up on some long-forgotten skills. This is the conclusion the world has come to since the COVID pandemic forced us all to close our doors and quarantine. However, thanks to the online world we have been more connected than ever, with friends and family keeping in touch daily thanks to video messaging platforms, the one thing they have also allowed for is the boom of online classes. With many itching to scratch their travel bug again now is the time to learn a new language in preparation for that, especially when that language is Japanese. Today we will review a host of online Japanese classes to help you find the best of the best in order to brush up your skills for the next time that you are able to visit the beautiful country of Japan.

The Advantages of Japanese Tutoring

While some languages may be easier than others, Japanese can be quite a complex one to learn and understand. The melodic language, filled with nuance holds much cultural and historical significance and understanding all of this can help one more easily understand the language. In this case, having a personal tutor can greatly help any aspiring learner more easily find their way around cultural practices as well as complex parts of the language itself and how these affect interpersonal interactions between Japanese people.

10 Best Japanese Classes Online

1. AmazingTalker

Available on: Main Website, iOS, Google Play

Source: AmazingTalker

Bringing the world of online tutoring to you, the tutors at AmazingTalker structure the lessons in a way that allows any learner to schedule them around their lifestyle and learning preferences. The online Japanese tutors from AmazingTalker also stand from the rest due to the fact that they are native Japanese speakers. Prospective students can scroll through a list of a wide variety of teachers, who have all been accredited by AmazingTalker to ensure that lessons are of the highest standard, however for those who are doubtful many tutors do allow trial lessons in order to find the best matches.

Depending on the teacher chosen, students can select the days of the week during which they would optimally hope to attend lessons with lessons varying in price from as little as $11 for 25 minutes to $18 for 50 minutes.

2. Oxford University Language Centre – Japanese

Available On: Main website

Source: Oxford University Language Centre

With a broad focus on 11 modern languages, the Japanese Oxford Language Center is the go-to destination for all language lovers looking to improve their linguistic skills. The centre offers students the opportunity to brush up on their linguistic skills at a pace that suits them with a focus on improving communication and writing skills with the aim of improving confidence in one’s ability to use the language. Although the centre is based in Oxford in the UK students can make use of its online platform available worldwide for their educational purposes. Not only this, but the centre offers its students a host of learning resources to be used both during and after lessons that come in various formats, not just the traditional, expected textbook. Learners may choose how long they would like to study for, with courses ranging from intensive short courses lasting 8-10 weeks or semester-long courses. Students can expect to spend £250 on Japanese courses whether they choose to sign up for a short course or a longer, more intensive course.

3. edX – Learn Japanese Online

Available On: Main website, Google Play, iOS

Source: edX

Acting as a hosting platform for various teachers edX offers students the opportunity to browse through a host of online Japanese courses and tutors until they find the one that best suits their needs. With a plethora of courses available, newcomers will be able to find the best course for their experience level regardless of what it is, whether beginner, intermediate or expert. Students may rest assured that all tutors are thoroughly vetted and certified in order to ensure that the best level of education is offered. With beginner online Japanese courses students may look forward to receiving an in-depth education on everything from written Japanese characters, pronunciation of the language to basic conversational skills, attributing to an easier integration into Japanese society. With a variety of courses available each student will be able to find the right course for their time schedule and budget, with most courses running for a total of 4 months at an entry-level cost of £170 for the full course.

4. Marugoto Japanese Online Course

Available On: Main website

Source: Marugoto

Created based on the understanding that learning Japanese could lead to better communication between Japanese people, the JF standard was created in order to ensure that a common way of teaching Japanese was standardised in order to best teach all learners. Based on the course book Marugoto: Japanese Language and Culture, which was developed by the Japan Foundation and based on the above mentioned JF language education standard, the Marugoto learning centre offers students online courses based on the methods used in this guide. This makes the courses offered by Marugoto specifically unique as they take a focus on helping learners understand and better integrate into Japanese culture. Currently, the courses are ideal for students from A1 to C2 levels and are taught by qualified native Japanese speakers. Marugoto also offers students the choice between lessons that are focused on self-study or tutor supported which offer a combination of self-study combined with the help of an accredited tutor. Students can sign up for lessons lasting up to six months, giving them an in-depth understanding of the language with all lessons being free of charge.

5. Busuu – Learn Japanese Online

Available On:Main Website,Google Play,iOS

Source: Busuu

Carving a lane for itself in the world of digital learning Busuu sets itself apart from other service providers by offering its students a complete and in depth understanding of the Japanese language. With a focus on a self-study approach, the app takes the guesswork out of where to begin for students by crafting the perfect study plan based on their skill level and schedule. Not only this but students get to keep track of their progress with notifications and progress reports sent directly to their mobile phones. The app also provides the perfect method for learners to improve their writing and speaking comprehension by offering them the opportunity to speak to the Busuu community’s group of native Japanese speakers, helping them hone their skills in the best way possible. With all lessons being done via the app, students can choose to learn at their own pace when signing up, with the app offering its learners various subscription packages including the premium package which comes at a standard £46 once-off fee.

6. FluentU – Japanese

Available On:Main website, Google Play,iOS


Source: FluentU

Deeming themselves the experts at integration FluentU has made a name for itself as a language learning service by taking a different approach to the task. Instead of going to the route of the usual humdrum face to face lesson and textbook method, they utilise real-life, everyday videos to give students a more immersive experience and understanding of not only the language but everyday Japanese culture and how words and phrases would more accurately be used in these settings. Being a mobile app allows students the freedom to learn no matter where they are in the world, all that’s needed is access to the internet. No more going into a stodgy classroom, have a Japanese lesson in your favourite café over a cup of coffee and croissant. When signing up for the app learners may choose between a monthly package costing £23 per month or a yearly plan priced at £15.30 per month with the first 4 months being free.

7. The Japan Foundation – Japanese Language Courses

Available On: Main Website

Source: The Japan Foundation

Established in 1972 by the Japanese minister of foreign affairs, the Japanese Foundation was established in London with the aim of fostering cultural integration between Japanese and English natives living in the UK. With this aim in mind, the foundation offers students an incredibly well thought out and thoroughly planned language learning service that focuses on helping non-Japanese speakers develop a better understanding of the Japanese culture, its rich history while fostering an appreciation of the two. Ideal for beginners but just as great for intermediate Japanese speakers, the lessons focus on helping learners better communicate with Japanese speakers in social and cultural settings.

The foundation not only offers students education in the traditional method of classes but also offers them a wealth of learning resources that can be used post-lesson to continue their education as well as continuous workshops. Students may choose to take lessons for as long as they choose with all lessons being free of charge

8. Duolingo – Japanese Course

Available On:Main Website,iOS,Google Play

Source: Duolingo

Needing no introduction, the Duolingo app has taken the world by storm and helped millions of people around the world learn the languages of their choice in a fun and interactive way. Since its establishment in 2011, the app has helped many discover a love of language by offering lessons on many major world languages as well as many not too well known languages. The fun app with its bright colours will keep your attention through even the most arduous of lessons and the short and interactive manner in which they are taught will ensure that they are optimally absorbed and retained mentally. The app offers its students a tailored plan based on their existing skill level to help them progress at the perfect pace. With many paid and free options, there is something for everyone with the lessons taking place whenever the learner should choose to do so. Using Duolingo proves to be a fun, colourful experience guaranteed to leave a lasting impression that will have learners coming back for more with its interactive and competitive nature.

9. Coto Academy – Online Group Japanese Lessons

Available On: Main Website, iOS

Source: Coto Japanese Academy

Wanting to create a personalised way of learning Japanese, The Coto Japanese Academy was started by a group of volunteer teachers wanting to teach international ex-pats living in Japan the Japanese language in a way that felt less impersonal, not from a textbook and helped them to better understand the Japanese way of life and the country’s rich culture. The academy helps its students by teaching them Japanese the way it would be spoken in the modern world, in a more everyday sense. Although the academy does offer in-person classes, it also offers high-quality online courses, from which students can choose from. The academy offers students the choice between online private Japanese lessons that are taught by qualified and verified teachers which not only focus on the more learned approach or speaking approach, with teachers helping students with their pronunciation. All classes take place over a month-long period and students may sign up for as many months as they would like using the Academy’s monthly subscription programs. Lessons range from being taught once to five times per week depending on the students’ chosen package and preference with lessons starting at £85 per month to £466,62 per month.

10. Udemy – Japanese Language Classes

Available On: Main website, Google Play, iOS


Source: Udemy

Known worldwide for their educational classes and services, Udemy has long since had its hand in the educational field, helping people around the world to upskill themselves. The platform acts as a host for various online learning institutions, offering prospective students the opportunity to find the courses that would best suit their budgets and time constraints. Students can choose from lessons that range from the basic understanding levels to professional proficiency with online tutors being certified Japanese speakers. Whether students are looking to master the act of simply speaking Japanese and understanding the importance of pronunciation or looking to develop a better understanding of how to write and read the language, Udemy has the right course for everyone in store. Most courses offer downloadable resources and are priced at various price points, allowing everyone access to education from tutors that will best suit their learning style. Classes start from as little as £15.04 per month.

Taking advantage of online lessons

Finding the right course for your time constraints, learning style and budget can be arduous and time-consuming, especially when it’s your first time and you’re unsure of the criteria necessary to constitute a well-rounded course and tutor, we hope that with our in-depth breakdown of course and price structures that would help you to better navigate the bustling world of online classes. Remember that it’s never too late to learn a new skill or language, all you need is the time and the right teacher and AmazingTalker offers students all of the above.

About AmazingTalker

About AmazingTalker

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