cat in japanese

Learn How to Say Cat in Japanese – the Ultimate Guide

Cats have a special place in Japanese culture, and it’s important for animal lovers to know the different words for cats in Japanese. The basic word is neko (猫 / ねこ), but there are many other ways to describe cats based on their type and features. This guide covers the different words, sounds and cultural significance of cats in Japan.

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How Long Does It Take To Learn Japanese: 10 Factors

Depending on what your reasons for learning Japanese are, determining how long it will take to learn Japanese will vary. According to the Foreign Service Institute, a study done by the US department of state, it takes an estimated 88 weeks of learning for native English speakers to fluently be able to speak and understand the Japanese language. Whether it’s for work opportunities, a short trip, or perhaps you’re considering emigration, understanding these factors, as well as the best learning methods for you, will help you create and streamline the most time-efficient learning system. Along with this, knowing how to say some keywords and phrases such as hello in Japanese can go a long way in terms of helping you integrate into the culture and perhaps even help you learn from native speakers.

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dog in japanese

26 Ways to Say Dog in Japanese with Breed Names and Audio

We all have a favorite animal at one point or the other and dogs are not left out. In fact, dog is known as man’s companion all over the world.  Many native speakers say “inu” (犬) to mean ‘dog’ in Japanese. This word is probably familiar to many Japanese learners since it is often used in Japanese movies, novels, and other media. However, there are several ways to say dog in Japanese depending on the intent of the speaker. You can also familiarize yourself with how to learn Japanese as you progress.

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How to Say Good Night in Japanese – Oyasumi (おやすみ) & More

When traveling through Japan it’s important to bear in mind that it is a culture of respect and consideration for the feelings and experiences of others. This has meant that the Japanese language has grown to be quite expressive, offering speakers a diverse vocabulary that is extremely beneficial in casual and formal situations. This includes saying goodnight or good morning in Japanese to your friends, coworkers, or boss. This article will help you understand how to say goodnight and good morning in Japanese using a variety of phrases including the more commonly used, おやすみ (oyasumi), which simply translates to “goodnight”. Having these phrases in your back pocket is sure to build and improve your friendships and make your time in the country smoother.

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20 Ways to Say “YES” & “NO” in Japanese

Known globally for its culture of deep etiquette and politeness, in Japan it is essential to know how to politely say “No” or sorry in Japanese. The following article will help you understand the nuances of the various ways in which one can say no in Japanese in different settings, including “いいえ-Īe (No) ”, the most common and direct way. This is a crucial skill to learn and understand that the Japanese greatly value manners, respect, and consideration for those around them. We’ll guide you through the ways in which you can say yes in Japanese too!

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japanese translators

Top 15 Japanese Translators for Language Learners

Have you ever wanted to say something in Japanese but don’t know how to translate the word or sentence from your native language? In this article, we will look at the best Japanese language translators that can assist you in getting the meaning of a Japanese phrase or word quickly and efficiently, whether during a conversation, when watching a movie or just seeing a Japanese post. As Japan is the 3rd largest economy in the world, it is important to know how to learn Japanese.

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