5 Popular Online Italian Course Compared for 2022

Open up a new experience through taking online Italian courses made perfectly for you! Learning Italian opens up the door for you to explore one of the most romantic cultures in the world. Most importantly, it empowers you to make new companions and make associations with new business contacts. We’ve compiled a list of five of the top online Italian courses for you to check out. Each of these courses takes a unique approach, so there’s bound to be one that you’ll enjoy.

  1. Amazing Talker: Best 1 to 1 tailored course learning 🧑‍🎓
  2. edX with Wellesley: Best for free resources 💡
  3. Scuola Leonardo da Vinci: Best for group classes 👥
  4. Pimsleur: Best for audio-based programs 🔊
  5. Rocket Italian: Best for structured course learning 📝

1. AmazingTalker

🌟best for 1 to 1 tailored course learning🌟

On the journey of learning Italian, you might want a class that is exactly just made for you. Amazing Talker, having 7,790 teachers who teach in 104 different languages and subjects, is a language learning platform that you can have 1 to 1 online courses with tutors. Finding a private teacher is one of the most successful ways to study a language, since it allows you to practice actively while receiving immediate feedback and answers to your concerns about Italian grammar, vocabulary, and other topics.

Amazing Talker Teacher Introduction Video

Booking a course only requires 3 steps: find a tutor online, send a message, and book a time for class.

Amazing Talker offers 100% guarantee on every course you take. Tutors are paid only when students have completed their classes. If you’re unsatisfied with your tutor, you can switch to a different one at no additional expense.

Tailored lessonsrequires a steady internet connection
Flexible scheduling
No contracts
many tutors to choose

💰Price: start from $7 per 25 minutes, trial lessons start from $1.

💬Student Reviews:

AmazingTalker is the best learning platform out there! I recommend 100% to anyone who wants to learn any foreign language. There are many languages and tutors available to choose your best fit. It really is a great platform that delivers what it promises.

Michelle Paredes

I have been very busy recently, and I forgot the homework and the content of the class. The teacher is very patient and reminds and teaches the rules again and again.

Ingrid Huang

I always have the best time during lessons.

Julia Savasta

📄Comprehensive Evaluation:

Amazing Talker is one of the better time-flexible online course today, and likely the best if you are looking for customized courses. You can learn Italian with no-matter-what level, contact with a tutor and you will get a tailored Italian course just made for you. The prices of courses are not fixed, which depends on the teacher you pick. However, a lower price does not mean a lower quality; a certified Italian teacher rated 4.99 stars with 290 reviews teaches courses starting from the lowest price of $7 per 25 mins.

So, here are the tutors that you might want to start looking for. Don’t be afraid to message them and see if their course meet your needs.

It’s a fantastic package for anyone interested in learning Italian.

Highly Recommended!

2. edX with Wellesley

🌟best for free resources🌟

EdX is a mission-driven organization who hopes learners can access education to unlock their potential, without the barriers of cost or location. They are partners with the world’s best institutions, including Harvard University, MIT, and University of California Berkeley, etc. Offering 3000+ courses, edX’s Italian Language and Culture course offers beginner courses taught by Wellesley College who teaches you the fundamentals of the Italian language and culture through videos, podcasts, interviews, and more. They offer free courses with optional upgrade available, so students can decide whether they want to pay more for more resources. The levels are divided into beginner, intermediate, advanced, and AP, which is a college level language course.

Moreover, The vast majority of edX courses have the option of earning a validated certificate.

follow most courses for free
(access to all course materials except graded assignments)
poor customer service
verified certificates (not free)limited course materials if you’re not enrolled in a paid track
prestigious partnerships

💰Price: It costs $49 for a verified track with unlimited access to course materials, graded assignments and exams, and a verified certificate when you pass the course. Free courses are also available, but with limited access of resources and no verified certificate even if you completed the course.

💬Student Reviews:

So the courses are a little expensive, but if you really want to learn is worth every penny! I know cause I tried!

Coral Bryant

Edx is really comfortable to use and i also think that it looks professional like university website ;)) I finished my first course and I will learn some more


Strongly recommend to all my fellow students who want to learn quality skills at home!

Yuvaan Hogan

📄Comprehensive Evaluation:

EdX provides structural and self-paced online Italian courses that enhance your language skills, enrich your vocabulary, and continues your immersion in the Italian culture through unique videos and interviews. You can follow the course for free; however, you cannot get a certification of completion and graded homework if you’re not on a paid track. EdX also offers a syllabus before you register for the class, which allows you to make sure if the class contents satisfy your needs. Through this platform, you can take classes held by Wellesley College, a school ranked #5 in National Liberal Arts Colleges.

If you need an online Italian course with an organized syllabus, edX would be a suitable choice for you.

3. Scuola Leonardo da Vinci

🌟best for group classes🌟

If you like to stick to a more traditional teaching style with a teacher and fellow students online, Scuola Leonardo da Vinci might be the choice for you. To help you succeed in the course, your teacher will offer you with free digital materials. You’ll also get free access to Google Classroom, which includes in-depth and review tasks. The maximum capacity of a virtual class is 14 students, so the teacher would be able to take care of students individually. They offer intensive and part-time course, junior program, and private lessons. For private lessons, you can receive a tailored language instruction.

The Leonardo da Vinci School offers online Italian courses that match all of your requirements while allowing you to work at your own pace. Different bands of lessons are held in the morning and afternoon (GMT + 2).

offers group and private lessonsa little bit pricey
available for different difficulty levels


Intensive Online Course: € 150 per week (equal to $170.18)

Part-time Online Course: € 290/ 8 weeks (equal to $329)

Private Lesson: € 190/ 5 lessons (equal to $215.56)

Junior Lesson’s prices vary with how long you are going to take the course.

*Different registration fees may apply for some situations*

You can also use the online calculator on the website to calculate your payment.

💬Student Reviews:

Fantastic school with helpful, friendly and engaging teachers. Really enjoyed the online course and surprised myself with how much I understood and picked up. Will definitely be taking another!


Classes review! Very nice professors, attentive and well prepared and the fact that the group class is small helps a lot while learning.

Maria Paula A

📄Comprehensive Evaluation:

School of Leonardo is highly rated with their online Italian course; however, you might need to check your schedule before registering because most of times are fixed.

If you always receive a better learning experience through group classes, this platform will be a good option for you. Yet, it might be a little bit pricey:(

4. Pimsleur

🌟best for audio-based programs🌟

Pimsleur separates itself from other language learning platforms. Instead of video courses, it’s an audio-only program, therefore there’s no visual component for users. Pimsleur can be a good fit for you if your major objective is to learn and practice speaking Italian. Every Pimsleur course is built under the Pimsleur® Method, a a collection of principles that have been empirically shown to take a learner straight to the center of the language, removing noise, confusion, and information overload. The course offers flashcards for vocabulary review and quizzes/games to test your learning result.

A sample Pimsleur online Italian lesson

For Pimsleur, they are not only selling lessons, but also selling the Pimsleur® Method, so the lessons rely largely on memory and require students to repeatedly demonstrate that they have retained information.

interesting lesson contentsno visual content to help you learn reading and writing
good for audio learnersUnsuitable for higher levels


Italian Premium Lesson: $19.95 per month + 7 days free trial

Italian Audio-Only Lesson: $14.95/month + 7 days free trial

💬Student Reviews:

I listen to the lessons while doing chores around the house. The program is very intuitive. I highly recommend the Pimsleur courses. ”


Practically everybody believes that learning must build up gradually from the simple to the complex… My principle is this: Learn the hardest thing first and the rest will then seem easy.


📄Comprehensive Evaluation:

Pimsleur uses one of the few ways to help learners with proven results. Learners who are better at learning through listening to podcasts and audio courses might find this course entertaining and useful. Users who uses a iOS/Android system can also gain access to the course.

If someone around you also want to learn Italian online, Pimsleur gives you access to share the course with 3 household members.

5. Rocket Italian

🌟best for structured course learning🌟

Rocket Language has courses of three levels, each of which claims to take you from beginner to upper-intermediate (CEFR A1 — B2). In each level, there are three different components, including interactive audio, language and culture, Reinforcement and pronunciation tools (Survival Kit). When you become a paying member, you can access Rocket Italian from any computer, phone or tablet. Rocket Italian claims that adopting their approach on a regular basis would help you learn to speak and understand this useful language quickly.

They provide up to 88 Italian language and culture lessons, Up to 366 hours of audio lessons, and 60 days money-back guarantee.

structured learning with 3 levels coursesno live tutors
accurate pronunciation grading systemless visual features
choose what you want to learn


Level 1: $99.95

Levels 1 & 2: $249.90

Levels 1, 2, & 3: $259.90

what are included?

💬Student Reviews:

A superb way of learning a language. Works for any type of learner. With a bit of dedication you can see the gains

James Moorcroft

What I particularly enjoy about this way of learning another language, is the way that old material can be accessed to provide revision and constant reminders of basics. Other courses that I have tried, do not offer this most important learning technique.

Robert Taylor

I love the software. Very well done both technically and content-wise.

Stephane Hamel

📄Comprehensive Evaluation:

Although it’s not the best course overall, it still offers very organized courses to help you learn Italian step-by-step. The promo code in the website allows you to get discount for a cheaper price (the prices above already include the discount). As they provide a good range of content, the price is fair.

Rocket Italian is most suitable for students who learn well by audio and well-structured course.

Final Thoughts…

Choose the platform that suits you the most!

There may be too many choices for you, but when you’re trying to make a decision, choose the one that you think you think fits you the most.

Still struggling on selecting the best online Italian course for yourself? We got you. Come on and chat with some brilliant tutors on Amazing Talker! Maybe you’ll find a teacher who can aid you on your Italian learning journey!

About AmazingTalker

About AmazingTalker

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