Top 11 Online English courses 2022

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There are more than 350 million native speakers of the English language and it is regarded to be the standard lingua franca of our world today. English is the language of the internet, international business, and academic research. Even if English is not your mother tongue you likely have adopted some English words in your daily vocabulary. It has become a must-learn language for most people and being proficient in the language can open many opportunities for you not only in your career but also socially as well. Learning English can expand your world in many ways. We have put together a list of top websites where you can get the best English lessons and support you need throughout your learning journey.

1. AmazingTalker

Source: AmazingTalker

Suitable for:

All levels of English from beginner to advanced.

AmazingTalker provides one-on-one tutoring tailored to your needs. You can choose a tutor from a variety of countries such as the U.S.A., the U.K., and Australia to name a few. The tutors help you with your speaking skills so you can go out into the world with confidence.


Price range: below 5,48 € to above 16,45 €

On AmazingTalker’s website, you can choose a tutor to suit your budget, time, and preferences. Tutoring prices start from under 5.50 euros to above 16.50 euros per hour and up. You can also find a tutor who along with English can also speak another language whether it be your home language or another one you are learning.

Courses available:

AmazingTalker offers a wide variety of English courses tailored to your needs. Below is a list of some of the more popular courses on offer:

  • Beginner English
  • Intermediate English
  • Advanced English
  • Business English
  • Cambridge English Levels
  • ESL

Main Features :

AmazingTalker has made looking for a tutor so much easier. On the website, you have the option to look for your tutor based on your course of choice and budget. You can use the many filters on the website to narrow down your search and will also be able to see all of the top-rated tutors for your course first. Other features that caught our eye include:

  • Pay per Lesson: There is no need to prepay a lot of money to start.
  • Customised Courses: Based on your specific learning needs.
  • Outstanding tutors: Pick a tutor from anywhere in the world.
  • Flexible schedule: Book classes based on your own schedule
    What we enjoy What we don’t enjoy
    Customised courses to fit your needs so you don’t have to spend an awful lot of time learning things that may not be useful for your situation. Choosing from such a wide variety of tutors available may be overwhelming for new users.
    Pay-as-you-learn makes it so much easier to budget beforehand and lifts financial pressure off you. Students new to the website may find it difficult to navigate the website and app.
    Easy to use filtering options to find a tutor of your choice.  
    The wide range of courses covered.  
    You can set your own schedule and study at your own pace.  

2. British CouncilSource: Wikimedia Commons

Suitable for :

Beginners to advanced learners can benefit from British Council’s lesson plans, live online classes, and professional tutoring services. Self-study online courses provide a budget-friendly way for students to learn English at their own pace and enjoy hours of new multimedia content each month. This course also provides learners with many opportunities to interact with teachers and other learners through online community events. Live online classes provide students with the opportunity to exercise their speaking skills through one-on-one or group sessions with a professional English teacher. Classes are also available 24/7, and you can explore the platform for free before you decide to commit to a subscription.


Price range: from £5.99 per month

The self-study online course costs around 5.99 pounds per month and is available for learners at an elementary level (A1) through to advanced level (C1). Learners in this program also have the opportunity to gain digital badges and certificates for each level they successfully complete. Students can choose any one of the three payment plans when they sign up for the live online classes, and a 7-day free trial is included for those who purchase the Gold and Platinum plans. Personal online tutoring consists of four payment plans with the cheapest around 151 pounds for 10 lessons. Students can also book their first tutoring session for less than one pound.

Courses available:

The LearnEnglish subscription is available at a low price and consists of a variety of self-study courses listed below. Students can learn English at their own pace and be part of an interactive online community of learners and tutors.

  • LearnEnglish for the Workplace
  • LearnEnglish Lessons
  • LearnEnglish Plus
  • Digital badges and certificates

Main Features :

The British Council provides a wide range of free study resources students can supplement their courses. The subscription fee for the self-study courses is budget-friendly and students receive support from a wide network of teachers and learners while they study. Other features students enjoy while studying with British Council include:

  • Provides plenty of support to those studying for IELTS exams.
  • You are able to practice your reading and listening skills with a wide range of free multimedia.
  • The self-study courses are budget-friendly.
  • Earning certificates along the way keeps you motivated as you learn.
    What we enjoy What we don’t enjoy
    Interactive lessons with teachers and students. Not enough information is provided about the self-study courses.
    Plenty of free resources is available to students and the public. The website may not be suited to learners who want to learn American English.
    The certifications and digital badges that you earn can greatly enhance your resume.  
    The wide range of courses covered.  
    You can set your own schedule and study at your own pace.  

3. Coursera

Source: Coursera

same as above

Suitable for :

Beginners, intermediate or more advanced learners of English.

Coursera offers a variety of courses for learners to improve their communication skills. Many programmes are offered through well-known American universities and some also offer a certificate you can share upon completion. Studying through Coursera also means that you can study anywhere at any time according to your schedule.


Price range: from $69 to $207

For beginners, Coursera offers courses covering basic English grammar, American English pronunciation as well as writing skills to name a few. Most courses offer a free 7-day trial after which you can pay anywhere from 59 dollars per month and up. There are also English courses covering certain niches like English for business, speaking and presentation and IELTS exam preparation.

Courses available:

There are many English courses available that cater to learners’ specific needs. Below are some of the more popular courses along with their modules.

Learn English: Beginning Grammar Specialization by UCI Division of Continuing Education:

  • Word Forms and Simple Present Tense
  • Questions, Present Progressive and Future Tenses
  • Simple Past Tense

IELTS Preparation Specialization by UCI Division of Continuing Education:

  • IELTS Writing Section Skills Mastery
  • IELTS Listening and Speaking Sections Skills Mastery
  • IELTS Reading Section Skills Mastery

Improve Your English Communication Skills Specialization by Georgia Tech

  • Write Professional Emails in English
  • Speak English Professionally: In-Person, Online & On the Phone
  • Build Your Professional ePortfolio in English
  • Take Your English Communication Skills to the Next Level

The Pronunciation of American English Specialization by UCI Division of Continuing Education

  • Consonants of American English Pronunciation
  • Vowels of American English Pronunciation
  • The Music of American English Pronunciation
  • The Pronunciation of American English Project

Main Features :

Coursera offers many programs and simply by typing in the search bar, you are presented with a wide variety of English courses which number over 7000 currently. You are also able to filter out courses by subject, skills, level, duration, learning program, educator and language. Some features many students like include:

  • The 7-day free trial period.
  • Certifications.
  • Pay as long as it takes you to study.
  • The easily accessible Coursera app allows you to study from anywhere at any time.
    What we enjoy What we don’t enjoy
    The flexible payment plans. The lack of assistance provided in courses.
    The variety of courses available to suit your needs. The website might be difficult to navigate for new users.
    Certification upon completion.  
    Filters on the website make it easy to choose a course to suit your needs.  
    You can study through the Coursera app anywhere, anytime.  

4. Udemy

Source: Crown Relocations

Suitable for:

Beginners and advanced students.

Udemy provides a range of English courses catered to your specific needs. Through a variety of quizzes and assignments, you can improve your grammar, speaking, and reading skills. Most of the resources, which include videos, are available to you for a lifetime and are easily downloadable. There are more than 130 free courses to choose from, and most of these are geared towards beginners. Paid courses start from 11 dollars and up and include a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Price range: some courses are free but the prices vary for each paid course.

Some popular courses for beginners include Beginner English: Practical Foundational English Training by Simply English and Building Your English Brain by Luke Priddy. Both programs cost around 19 dollars, and you will receive a certificate of completion at the end. Intermediate learners can study the English Language Intermediate Masterclass: 10 Courses in 1, which costs around 15 dollars.

Courses available:

There are many courses to choose from on Udemy that can help you master English. Below are some of the more popular courses for beginners and intermediate learners you can have a look at.

  • Beginner English: Practical Foundational English Training
  • Building Your English Brain
  • More ESL English: Popular Listening Practice, Intermediate
  • English Language Intermediate Masterclass: 10 Courses in 1

Main Features :

You can find all of Udemy’s English courses by making use of the search bar on the website. The variety of filters can help you choose your course by video duration, topic, subcategory, level, price and features to name a few. Some other features we found interesting include:

  • The variety of courses available
  • For those interested in learning American English, there are courses focused on how to pronounce words in the standard American accent.
  • Courses offered by prestigious institutions.
  • The ability to set your own schedule and learn at your own pace.
    What we enjoy What we don’t enjoy
    The variety of courses means you can pick anyone suited for your needs and goals. Not many courses specifically catered to advanced students.
    Certification once you have completed your course. The layout of the website may be confusing for new visitors.
    With the Udemy app, you can access your course from anywhere when it suits you.  
    Unlimited access to course material when you upgrade your payment plan.  
    A 30-day money-back guarantee.  

5. FutureLearn

Source: FutureLearn

Suitable for: Beginners to advanced learners.

FutureLearn offers a wide selection of courses for students to improve their writing, reading and speaking skills. One of the most popular courses, Basic English 1: Elementary course by King’s College London, teaches students the fundamentals of English grammar and common everyday phrases. Other courses like English for the Workplace and Writing in English for University Study are tailored to suit the specific needs of students. Some of the courses can take only two weeks and three hours per week to complete while some more intense courses can take up to six weeks to complete.


Price range: free but upgrades can range from a $79 once-off payment to $15.83 a month for the Unlimited plan. ExpertTrack access will cost $39 a month.

Each of the courses has been allotted a specific period learners can study for free. If students need more time to complete the course they can upgrade by making a payment of around 79 dollars and enjoy extended access to all course material. The unlimited plan gives students unlimited access to all courses on FutureLearn as well as digital certificates.

Courses available:

There are over 22 free courses available for beginners and intermediate English learners. Below are some of the more popular courses you can view at your own leisure.

  • Basic English 1: Elementary
  • Basic English 2: Pre-Intermediate
  • English Pronunciation in a Global World
  • English for the Workplace

Main Features :

Many of FutureLearn’s courses are offered by reputable institutions such as the British Council, The Open University and the University of Reading. Two beginners English courses are offered by the highly esteemed King’s College London and will equip learners with basic English skills to navigate everyday situations. Other features we found interesting include:

  • The website is easy to navigate and English courses are quickly accessed under the language section.
  • You can choose any English course based on your needs.
  • Certifications from internationally recognized institutions.
  • If you study faster you don’t have to pay anything.
    What we enjoy What we don’t enjoy
    You can learn any course for free. Limited time to enjoy free benefits.
    Quality courses and certifications from accredited and prestigious institutions. The upgrades may be too expensive for those on a budget.
    You can receive a digital or printed certificate on some courses if you upgrade.  
    The wide range of courses covered.  
    You can set your own schedule and study at your own pace.  

6. edX

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Suitable for:

Beginners to advanced learners.

Edx offers a variety of English courses targeted at improving learners’ grammar, reading, writing and speaking. All of the courses are offered by recognised universities from all over the world. Besides general English courses for beginners and intermediate learners, there are also numerous specialized courses that cater to university students, travellers or to those in business.


Price range: free but upgrades can cost anything from $49 while other courses may have their own set price.

The courses are self-paced so you can set your own schedule and learn at a pace that suits you. Most of the courses are also free for a set period after which you have the option to upgrade to enjoy unlimited access. When you upgrade a free course to the Unlimited plan for 49 dollars a month and includes features such as a shareable certificate when you complete the course, graded assignments and assessments. There are also some courses like the Professional Certificate in English Communication Skills by Tsinghua University that will cost you around 456 dollars and includes expert instruction.

Courses available:

Edx offers quality courses from a variety of prestigious universities you can get certifications from. All these perks you can enjoy while studying from the comfort of your home on any day or hour. Some of the more popular courses on Edx include:

  • EmSAT English Preparation – Level 1 by United Arab Emirates University
  • EmSAT English Preparation – Level 2 by United Arab Emirates University
  • Professional Certificate in English Communication Skills by Tsinghua University
  • TOEFL Test Preparation: The Insider’s Guide by ETS

Main Features :

If you always had dreams of studying English abroad but can’t seem to find the time or money to do it, Edx online courses are a great alternative for you to do so. You can set your own schedule, receive support from experts in their field and get a certification from an international university. Some other features we enjoy include:

  • Shareable certifications from a variety of internationally recognised institutions.
  • Some courses you can study for free.
  • Support is available throughout the duration of your course.
  • Expert instructors.
    What we enjoy What we don’t enjoy
    You can set your own schedule and study at your own pace. The website may be a bit too complicated to navigate for new users.
    With the Edx app, you can study from anywhere at any time.  
    Shareable certificates at the end of your studies.  
    Support from experts during your course.  
    You can try a course before you decide to pay.  

7. EF English Live

Source: EF Education First

Suitable for:

Beginners to advanced learners.

EF English Live offers interactive lessons tailored to your needs, goals, and schedule. The English program consists of 16 levels, and you will receive a certificate for every level you complete successfully. Multimedia lessons will help improve your speaking, reading, and writing. The live classes form a core part of the EF English Live course, and during these sessions, you can interact for 40 minutes with a professional teacher who will help perfect your pronunciation. There are also live group sessions, where you can practice your English with other students every day.

There are two study plans, classic and premium, from which you can choose. The Classic plan includes a free 7-day trial, while the Premium plan includes a free 14-day trial, a consultation, and a money-back guarantee once you sign up.


Price range: from $59 a month

The classic plan costs 59 dollars a month and includes 30 group classes, unlimited interactive lessons, TOEFL and TOEIC exam preparation, Business English, and job-specific courses. If you sign up for the Premium plan, you can enjoy extra features like 2, 4, or 6 private classes a month, a study advisor as well as a fluency test.

Courses available:

EF English live offers a variety of general as well as specialised English courses to suit your goals. Below are some of the courses offered on the platform.

  • General English
  • Business English
  • TOEFL Preparation
  • TOEIC Preparation
  • Travel English
  • Job-Specific English

Main Features :

For over 50 years, EF English Live has successfully trained more than 20 million people worldwide and boasts a large team of academic experts and 2000 certified teachers. The main selling-point of EF English Live is their real-time group and one-on-one classes where students are encouraged to interact to better their speaking skills. Other features students also enjoy include:

  • Being able to set our schedule and learn at your own pace.
  • A certified diploma after completing each of the 16 levels.
  • Personalized courses tailored to your learning goals.
  • Interactive multimedia courses.

8. Preply

Source: Online English Teaching

Suitable for:

Beginners to advanced learners.

Preply connects you to English tutors from around the world to help you attain fluency. Applying your knowledge of English is key in gaining the confidence to speak the language. Tutoring provides a safe space where you can learn and exercise what you have learned through various activities. On the website, you can book the first lesson with your tutor when it suits you.


Price range: from $1 to $40 per hour

You can book a trial lesson for an hour with the tutor of your choice. During your first lesson, you can get a feel for your tutor’s teaching style; discuss your language learning journey and goals. If you’re satisfied with your tutor, you can buy a lesson package consisting of a set of hours. Tutors may charge anything from 1 to 40 dollars per hour, and you can choose a tutor that matches your budget using filters on the website.

Courses available:

Preply is a tutoring service that caters to your specific needs, and when you book your first lesson with your tutor, you will be able to discuss your goals. Your tutor will also assess your level of English proficiency, and you will receive a structured lesson plan that caters to your needs. Along with private lessons, you may also book group lessons and interact with other learners.

Main Features :

Preply’s tutoring can fast-track your learning and fluency regardless of your level of English proficiency. You can learn from the comfort of your home and schedule classes to suit you. Other features students also enjoy include:

  • The filtering options allow you to choose a tutor based on price per hour, country preference, and lesson time.
  • The budget-friendly price-plans.
  • The group classes give students an opportunity to practice their speaking skills and interact with other learners.
  • Learning plans that make it easy to keep track of your progress.

9. Oxford Online English

Source: Oxford Online English

Suitable for:

Beginners to advanced speakers.

Oxford Online English students can master their grammar and speaking skills by learning from native English speakers through Skype, Google Hangouts, Whatsapp, or other video call platforms. Prospective students can also book their first lesson to get to know the course material and teaching style of the tutors and discuss their goals and needs.


Price range: $10.99 to $323.99 per month

Students can book their first session with a tutor at 4.57 pounds and discover the platform and the learning materials. Oxford Online English offers students the option to book classes when they want and can take advantage of the pay-as-you-go that starts from 19.07 pounds for 30-minute classes. With flex packages, students can book classes 60 days in advance and save up to 20 per cent. There are also various payment options for membership starting from 8.39 pounds up to 247.20 pounds per month.

Courses available:

For members of OOE, there are various IELTS self-study materials available that focus on reading, writing, and speaking. Oxford Online English regularly uploads English learning content to YouTube that students can view for free. Live streams are available on YouTube, and students can be notified through the platform when live streaming starts or take note of the dates on the website. The videos cover every aspect of English from grammar, vocabulary lessons, writing, study advice, reading, speaking lessons as well as IELTS preparation, to name a few.

Main Features :

Oxford Online English provides excellent learning material that is easily accessible to students and the wider public. There is also the option of booking a trial session if you want to get an overview of the teaching style of tutors and gain more understanding of the course. Other features on the platform students enjoy include:

  • The website is relatively easy to use.
  • The many free learning resources that are available to view to the public.
  • There are also various tests where you can test your listening, grammar, reading and vocabulary.
  • Trial lessons are budget-friendly.
    What we enjoy What we don’t enjoy
    There are plenty of free resources available for students and the public. The website does not provide many details about the courses offered.
    Detailed information about the teachers is available on the website. There is no app currently available.
    The prices for the courses and trial lessons are budget-friendly.  
    The website is easy to navigate.  
    You can find a variety of courses to suit your needs.  

10. Perfectly Spoken

Source: AmazingTalker

Suitable for:

Elementary to advanced learners.

Perfectly Spoken offers English courses that correspond to IELTS levels one to nine and Cambridge levels A1 to C2. There are also other specialized courses that focus on business and work as well as exam preparation. Students are provided with a range of video lessons with English closed captions, downloadable materials, and a certificate upon completion of a course. In the beginners’ course, great emphasis is placed on reading and listening comprehension and students can also practice their speaking skills in the live online classes.


Price range: from $10 to $30 per month

Perfectly Spoken offers affordable monthly and yearly plans, and students can decide to pay around 10 dollars a month or subscribe to a student plan for around 99 dollars annually. The Pro plan includes live online sessions with fellow students and teachers and business and professional speaking courses. The monthly Pro-plan costs 30 dollars, while the yearly plan amounts to 25 dollars a month or 299 dollars annually.

Courses available:

  • A1 – Elementary Online English Course
  • A2 – Pre-Intermediate Online English Course
  • B1 – Intermediate Online English Course
  • B2 – Upper Intermediate Online English Course
  • C1 – Advanced Online English Course

Main Features :

Perfectly Spoken offers a range of courses that will help you to pass your IELTS exams. The courses are very detailed and tutoring is available to beginners and advanced learners. There are also plenty of opportunities for students to practice their speaking through the live and interactive sessions. Other features students enjoy include:

  • A certificate of completion after students have completed their course.
  • A free English proficiency test.
  • Budget-friendly price plans.
  • Interactive classes with tutors and groups.
    What we enjoy What we don’t enjoy
    Plenty of information about each course is available on the website. There is currently no app version of the website available.
    A free English test to assess your level of proficiency. The duration of the live interactive classes may be too short for some.
    The wide variety of courses on offer.  
    Assistance from qualified teachers.  
    Price plans to suit your pocket.  

11. Lingoda

Source: Lingoda

Suitable for:

Beginners to advanced learners.

With Lingoda you can learn to speak English with confidence with professional tutors. All of the courses are aligned with CEFR levels from beginners to advanced. Live classes are available 24/7 to suit your schedule and one-on-one tutoring, as well as group classes, are available. The General English course covers topics such as living abroad. In contrast, the Business English course will teach you how to communicate more effectively in the workplace and succeed on the international stage.


Price range: from €6 to €8 per class

There are two payment options and both include a 7-day free trial, course material crafted and compiled by experts and live online classes. If you are looking for a more flexible payment plan to suit your schedule the monthly payment option, you pay 8 euros or 9.05 dollars for each class. However, if you choose the Marathon payment plan you can earn a cashback and pay 6 euros or 6.75 dollars a class for 3, 6 or 12 months.

Courses available:

Lingoda is not just focused on teaching vocabulary and grammar but on grounding students more in their speaking skills so they can navigate the world more effectively. There are two courses taught by Lingoda:

  • General English
  • Business English

Main Features :

Lingoda provides students with expert one-on-one tutoring catered to their needs and goals. You can also get an overview of your own level of English proficiency by taking a free placement test on the website. Classes are available 24/7 so you can set your own schedule and learn at your own pace. Other features we also enjoy include:

  • Free placement test to check your level of English proficiency.
  • The Lingoda app allows you to learn from anywhere at any time.
  • Support and feedback from teachers.
  • Course material that applies to real-life situations
  • 24/7 classes to suit your schedule
    What we enjoy What we don’t enjoy
    Expert tutoring from native speakers who provide feedback. The information on the different courses on the website are not that detailed.
    Interactive group classes where you can practice your speaking skills. New users may find the app or website a bit complicated to use.
    Practical language learning with phrases you can use every day.  
    Classes are available 24/7 so can set your own schedule.  
    A free placement test so you can assess your level of English proficiency.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Source: EDUCAUSE Review

1. Why do you need an online English course?

Studying the English language can open many doors for you in many areas of your life and is an essential skill if you want to broaden your career on the global stage. If you are working or don’t like the traditional classroom setting then taking an online English course is a great alternative. Remote learning allows you to set your own schedule and learn at your own pace.

Studying on your own does not mean struggling on your own and there are many tutoring services available around the web to supplement your coursework. Choosing the right tutor can be daunting, however, there are many websites that have filters that you can employ to suit your preferences. You can also book a trial lesson with a tutor of your choice at a low fee or sometimes for free.

Having a personal tutor can make your English learning experience so much easier as they can assess your level of English proficiency and tailor a course plan for you. You will also have the opportunity to share your struggles and goals with a teacher that understands and help you progress faster.

2. How do you pick the best English course for you?

Many language learning websites offer free or paid placement tests for you to assess your level of English and courses are then picked out to suit your level of competency. Professional tutors are able to personalize a course based on your needs and goals when you book a trial lesson. You may also look at other features of different websites when deciding to choose a course like personal and group tutoring, study tools and resources.

3. What do you need to prepare before taking an English course?

It is not necessary to prepare before taking an English course, you only need to be open to learning and committed to your studies. You can set your own schedule but it is important that you are always reminded of the goals you want to achieve so you can remain disciplined and motivated.

4. How can you track your progress?

There are some platforms that allow you to track your progress as you learn and or also give you a certificate for each level you have completed. Alternatively, you can set goals for yourself by making an effort to complete certain modules or the whole course by a set date. If you have a personal tutor it is important to always communicate as much as possible about your progress and the ways in which you can improve to reach your learning goals quicker.

Start studying today!

The English language has real market value and when it comes to choosing an online course the options are endless. There may be courses out there promising fluency in a month, but such promises rarely materialize in real life. Learning English is a process that should be approached with patience and dedication. Getting a personal tutor to assist you in your language learning is an excellent way to keep track of your progress and keep you motivated in your studies. AmazingTalker has a wide variety of professional tutors to guide you along your English learning journey. Sign up for English speaking courses now at AmazingTalker.

About AmazingTalker

About AmazingTalker

AmazingTalker offers professional online language tutors and teachers from around the world. We offer personalized one-on-one online tutoring that can help you master Korean more quickly and know your needs more clearly. flexible schedules with no joining fee. It’s a great way to start your Korean learning more systematically with a low budget.

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