Best Spanish Tutor Rates and Private Spanish Lesson Prices in 2020

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Top Spanish Classes
Live tutor rates and prices
Choose your preferred topics, number of sessions and prices for your lessons

S****n purchased 10 lessons from Pris ~🔸🔷🔸和一位有教授亚洲学生经验的老师一起学习。

2020/02/27$13.50 / Lesson
Mayelit Chirinos 🍒西文口說專家
Conversational Spanish、Spanish for Travel
Spanish for Travel

L****g purchased 10 lessons from Mayelit Chirinos 🍒西文口說專家

2020/02/27$10.80 / Lesson
Wen 親愛的同學們購課前請私訊喔
Spanish for Travel、Spanish for Test Preparation
Spanish for Travel

K****a purchased 20 lessons from Wen 親愛的同學們購課前請私訊喔

2020/02/25$11.00 / Lesson

3 types of teachers

Spanish teachers

Local Spanish tutors are usually aware of the problems encountered by the students from the same country, and hence will be able to customize lessons to your learning needs. If you do not currently have a solid base of Spanish vocabulary, we strongly recommend you to pick a Spanish tutors from .

Our Spanish tutors from are 20%-30% cheaper than private home tutoring.

Native Spanish-speaking teachers

One of the best ways to learn Spanish is to immerse yourself in an environment where you can only use Spanish. If you want to learn proper Spanish pronunciation and talk like a native speaker, we would advise you to find a native Spanish-speaking tutor. However, please keep in mind that native-speaking tutors usually don’t speak your mother tongue.

Our native Spanish-speaking tutors are 25%-40% cheaper than private home tutors.

How do I choose my tutor?
Tutors with teaching experience
Experienced tutors are more likely to identify problems their students are having. They also know how to get along with students from different backgrounds and personalities. However, it may be worthwhile to try out tutors with special life experiences even if they currently don’t have past experience in teaching.
Tutors with certifications
Other than teaching experience, you can also choose tutors who are certified instructors. Usually a certified instructor will be proficient in the language he/she teaches, and knows exactly how to help students to maximize their learning.
Can lessons be customized for students?
We encourage students to discuss their learning needs and goals with their tutors before the first lesson. This is also a great opportunity for you to see if a tutor is suitable for you.
AmazingTalker Online Spanish Teachers
  • Bachelor Degree in Education

    I am a Native Spanish speaker. I offer: 1) Basic, medium and advanced leves. 2) Spanish for traveling 3) Spanish for business All the lessons are adapted to your needs. I provide the guidance and you may choose the way you want to learn.

  • Spaish native teacher

    I am a spanish teacher online. I also have taught english ocasionally. I enjoy too much my job and I would like to be your new spanish teacher to show you how wonderful that beautiful language is.

  • ✨Easy Spanish for you!

    Hello everyone! I'm Scarlet and I speak english too! I am a Spanish teacher for levels A1, A2, B1 and B2. I love teaching Spanish and helping my students to achieve their fluency in an easy way. I love teaching kids! Why haven't you scheduled your class yet? See you!

  • ELE/8years teaching experience

    1.Increased confidence speaking Spanish. 2. Preparing DELE A1~C1. 3. Basic&Intermediate&advanced Spanish for adults. 4. Group class for all levels. 5.Beginners spanish for kids and teenagers. 6. Conversation classes. 7. Flexible with students needs.

  • BusinessSpanish teacher 📊

    📌 Spanish for Entrepreneurial Culture and Business Communication. 📌 Spanish for Business Management and Administration. 📌 Spanish for travelers and different situations in South America. 速升西文商務能力 🚩 Preparing for job interviews. 🚩 Giving presentations. 🚩 Speaking and listening during the conference calls.

  • Learn Spanish fast!

    Native Spanish teacher with 10 years of experience! ✔️ Spanish for all levels A1 / C2. ✔️ Spanish for business and travelling abroad. ✔️ Spanish for kids and teens. ✔️ I have enthusiasm and patience. ✔️ You'll speak more fluently. ✔️ You'll have confidence in your skills. ✔️ Interesting and customized materials.

  • Speak Up! English & Spanish!!

    I grew up in Argentina and Spain, went to a bilingual elementary school in Buenos Aires and a British International School in Madrid for high school (I)GCSE, AS Level education. Graduated from National Cheng-Chi University, Taiwan English Mayor. Afterwards, spent most of my career as being a professional interpreter and online teacher.

  • 10 years in South American

    【 Introduction 】 HOLA!I am Estevez, I lived 10 años in Caracas, also I have more than 8 years experience of teaching Spanish online and the presente classes.