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Virginia is very good in teaching Spanish. I am on my 22nd lesson and I have already learnt a lot from her. She explains very well in English and her way of teaching with google docs and tables is easy to understand. Ella es muy paciente y amable. Ella me da tarea extra y muy util para mi. Muchas gracias para todo, Virginia !

wrote toGiuseppe 對話專家

2020/04/05 15:58
The conversation before each lesson formally starts is so helpful in getting me comfortable with speaking!

wrote toCynthia Elías

2020/04/05 15:31
I wish my teacher can be fine on this difficult moment especially in Malaysia, and I feel a little bit sad,because I am not Malaysian nor nobody,so I can’t do anything for my teacher on this moment
Very interesting conversation with new words! gracias!

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wrote toCynthia Elías

2020/04/05 12:29
Cynthia gives lots of practice opportunities and she is the best!

wrote toBerna FCO. RGUEZ.

2020/04/05 06:05
Very nice trial lesson! I have had many opportunities to speak in Spanish!

wrote toAlejandra

2020/04/05 01:55
We talked about travel plans. Very interesting class :)

wrote toGiuseppe 對話專家

2020/04/05 01:54
I learnt some phrasal verbs. Muy util :)

wrote toCynthia Elías

2020/04/05 00:53
The class was exactly what i expected, gracias!


2020/04/04 19:42
very nice and friendly great teacher

wrote to Jesús 🇪🇸

2020/04/04 17:20
The teacher provided customized material and sent the materials to me after class. The materials were well written. Can tell that he is a teacher with enthusiasm.

wrote toBibiana

2020/04/04 14:34
Fun first lesson with Bibiana!

wrote to Jesús 🇪🇸

2020/04/04 02:03
We talked about natural disasters. He is very patient when he explains new words for me. :)

wrote toManuel Meza

2020/04/04 02:03
He corrected my paragraphs. Very useful:)

wrote toMatias Saavedra

2020/04/04 01:37
a very great teacher that will try to know student's demand !!!!!!
Laura was very good at determining where we should begin. She made the lesson fun, but also challenging enough to help me learn.

wrote toEMMANUEL

2020/04/03 22:34
Great to train the student's listening :)

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