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Very interesting lesson! We practiced verb of irregular changes. It's always fun to have class with Berna. See you soon!
I had a stressy day today so my head was full. Priscila was very patient and brought me into Spanish mood. The class was very interesting and I learned a lot. I recommend you to take classes with her :)

wrote toTeresa GL

2020/01/20 13:27
Class is interesting.

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wrote toAndy

2020/01/20 05:25
Andy is willing to tell you some details about all those pronunciations. And he's friendly and talkative that you'll not feel bored in the class!

wrote toBerna FCO. RGUEZ.

2020/01/20 01:14
Gracias, professor Berna. Today's class help me to do more practice, and let me know where I ain't familar with, Professor encourage me to talk, and not to afraid, it help me a lots.

wrote toCynthia Elías

2020/01/19 14:43
today we have speaking class 90% with Spanish,we talked about my daily life, my job, where i have been traveled, what is the things i like to do, causal talking during whole class. and we will try to do more listening and speaking in next time.

wrote toBerna FCO. RGUEZ.

2020/01/18 07:56
It has been two weeks since my last lesson and I have really missed it! Thank you, Berna! You are an amazing teacher, very patient, clear in your explanations and funny! I always enjoy our classes! Today I have learned some basics about the verb: GUSTAR. It was very interesting and it felt like I understood almost everything. Thank you so much and I am looking forward to our next class!! (Renée)
Now learning about numbers from 1-99 and Paula is still a great teacher. 👍🏻❤

wrote toWen

2020/01/17 01:51
Nargués is amazing! This is my FIRST time trying to get to learn Spanish, she taught me from the very beginning, all the basics,like the alphabets.She did as much as she can to help me pronounce them,no matter it’s just our trial lesson! I’ll keep learning from her! Recommend her to the beginners who are like me:)

wrote toCynthia Elías

2020/01/16 14:31
Cynthia is a very nice teacher! She will design tailored lessons for you!

wrote toWen

2020/01/14 15:04

wrote toEva Chen

2020/01/13 05:26
very good experience, i can feel i am better than before as everytime i take the clase

wrote toPaula Perez Romero

2020/01/13 03:37
Clear and easy to understand.

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