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  • Exam & Conversation Expert
    🇪🇸NATIVE SPANISH SPEAKER FROM SPAIN🇪🇸Experience teaching Asian students🇭🇰🇹🇼💎Official DELE/SIELE Examiner💎Natural Speaking💎Spanish for Kids & Adults💎A1-C2💎Business Spanish💎Culture💎EASY grammar🎓MA Spanish as a Second Language🔥Improve QUICKLY🍀Book a trial and let’s start today!🚀
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  • 🇹🇼 DELE | 5+ years
    ✅ A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2 ✅ 5 years experience ✅ Native speaker ✅ DELE teacher ✅ Taught in China FROM 0 TO A1 IN JUST FIFTEEN HOURS! 📈 All materials included 📈 Learn having fun, no more excuses! ❤️Personalized class ❤️ Patient and engaging ❤️Material included
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  • Luis Experienced teacher A1-C2
    Conversation (A1-C2)
    Hello students! My name is Luis . I have been teaching Spanish for 4 years and online for 1 year. I can help you with your pronunciation, grammar and conversation. Would you like to become a fluent Spanish speaker? Then my classes are perfect for you! Book your first session right now and start speaking Spanish from day 1!
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  • 🗺️5 años de experiencia
    🌟Aprendé Español con Noe 🌟Nativa de Taiwán🇹🇼Vivo hace más de 25 años en la Argentina🇦🇷 Hablo perfectamente Español y Chino 🙋🏻‍♀️👩🏻‍🏫Clase personalizada en los diferentes niveles:básico,intermedio y avanzado para niños y adultos ✨Verás tus propios avances en cada clase ✨Contactame y empecemos!👇🏻
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  • Conversation / Grammar / DELE
    Master in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language 👩🏻‍🏫 Exam Preparation for DELE / SIELE Classes for everyone: kids, teenagers, and adults (Spanish as a hobby or for business) 📕 DELE: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2 📕 +7 years of experience 📕 I'm a native teacher with experience in France and Japan 📕 I teach in high schools and universities
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    🏅Best (EXAM) Teacher 👩 🏫 Beginner Level in 20 hrs⚡Certified Experienced Teacher🌱 +7yrs teaching ✨ Various Materials 📚 Native Speaker 🗣Fun & Easy Learning 🌍 Raised in Spain 🔥Patient & Bright teacher🚀 Conversation
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  • 🏅 Conversation / Exams🏅
    ✨ Kids and adults ✨ All levels 🏆 Personalized lessons 🏅 Certified modern foreign language teacher 🗣️ Conversation, pronunciation and grammar 🎉 Level up your confidence talking in the language with a native 🎯🎲🏓Dinamic lesson with games ✨Objective oriented lessons ✨ Lessons are taught in Spanish or English ✨
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  • Speak Spanish from Day One!
    🔥New Year's Sale: 50% off “AS LOW AS $14/lesson” (was $28)🔥 PRACTICAL Spanish!✏️| Mexican native speaker💃 | Conversations🗣 | 4 years+ experience teaching ALL ages 👨🏽‍🏫 | 🇲🇽Mexican culture 🤩 | CUSTOM-MADE lessons based on your goals🧙 | Mistakes are allowed! No stress, just enjoy!🙌🏼
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  • 🔥+5 classes with discounts
    🎓 🅳🅴🅻🅴 🅲1️⃣ Certificated 🎓 💎 🅳🅴🅻🅴 Teacher (🅰️1️⃣ -🅱️2️⃣) 💎 🏆 ️FLEX, OPIC Spanish Teacher 🏆 🌟 ️Spanish for Kids & Adults 🌟 ⚡ ️7 + years of Teaching Experience for all levels ⚡ ✏️ Job Interview Supervisor in Korean companies ✏️ 🔥 Systematic Curriculum🔥 Useful Materials for each students🔥
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  • +7 years exp. Native Spanish
    🔥Beginners / Conversational / DELE🔥🥘Native Spanish 🏅East Asian Studies Bachelor(Chinese mention)🌠+7 years real teaching exp🌠Customized materials💫This is your opportunity to learn Spanish!
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    👉 Commitment to student success. 👉 Real life communication. 👉 Expert in teaching. 👉 Easy understanding of grammar and vocabulary. 🔥 Personalized and fun. 💗Emotion leads Motivation🌟 AND 🌟Motivation leads Learning💡
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  • spanish for beginners
    Do you want to learn spanish ? Are you still struggling with the beast? The main reason that I succeeded in dominating the language was that I committed to speaking no chinese whatsoever ( or as least as possible)since when I desperately wanted to carry out a real conversation with native speakers.
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  • exam preparation
    I am a certified native teacher and can help you to pass your test or just learning my language with tailor-made lessons depending on your goals through engaging activities, explanations on the go and loads of talking. I am looking forward to teachin you:)
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  • 🔝 Premium DELE Teacher🔥
    Who am I? Hello everyone, my name is Emmanuel Rubí from México,✅ I’m a native ELE certified Spanish professor with over 4 years of experience.✅ In my career I have 📈 helped over 200 students 📈 around the world to achieve their ✅ goals ✅and become capable and confident Spanish speakers. 😁
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  • Great results! 🔥🤝
    C1 Advanced Cambridge. More than +5 years of teaching experience, start speaking Spanish from your first lesson😄💪Provides material weekly and always maintain close contact with the students to deliver the best tutoring experience. Conversational any level + Nursery, Elementary and High School levels.✨
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  • Taiwanese in Latin America
    Hello, my name is Anderson, I´ve been living in Latin America for 23 years, because I had to learn Spanish from zero, that´s why I know many tips to improve your language skills. I took DELE C2 test and approved it with full score in speaking, I´d be happy to share my experience with you !
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  • 7000 hrs of experience💕
    💕Wen, the only teacher on the platform with seven thousands of classes💕 ☘ Over 50 people started from scratch, and they can now write articles and talk fluently with foreigners! 🍀Super efficient but stress-free learning method allows you to progress in every class
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  • 🔝TOP Spanish teacher on AT
    🔥Group Lessons 50%OFF: DELE A1/Conversation/Children ($11 person!)🇪🇸NATIVE SPANISH🌟I speak English & Chinese🇪🇸🇹🇼4+ Years Experience in Asia🇭🇰⭐Examiner DELE/IGCSE/AB INITIO/SIELE⭐A1-C2⭐Natural Conversation🌟Spanish for Kids & Adults⭐Pronunciation⭐Interviews🏅Certified by Cervantes🌟Book a trial today!🚀
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  • Certified/All levels/fun
    My name is Moisés, I have been a teacher of Spanish as a foreign language for a little over 4 years. I have worked with students of all ages and levels. The structure is very important, that is why my classes follow a clear course, but can be adapted to the needs of each one; always looking to make the class fun and dynamic.
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    I was born in Madrid, Spain.I studied Tourism and I learned languages in the same way that you are doing now.I worked in a language school and I have taught Spanish for more than 2 years.My classes are very enjoyable.Forget about boring grammar classes or long word lists.You will learn to speak Spanish by speaking.
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