The 6 Best Turkish Courses in 2020 - Overview and Fee Structure

Learning Turkish can make you world much bigger and help you meet new people from different culture background. There are many online Turkish courses out there. How to choose the right courses?

AmazingTalker is an online Turkish learning platform offering a variety of Turkish courses. There are more than 208472 student learning records. You can find Turkish Speaking Course, Business Turkish Course, Turkish Grammar Course, Turkish Course for children, Turkish Course for adults, etc… There are lots of student reviews and Turkish course rates information.

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What are your learning goals of the course?

  • Turkish for Beginners
  • Fundamental Turkish
  • Intermediate Turkish
  • Turkish as a Hobby
  • Business Turkish
  • Turkish for Kids
  • Turkish for Test Preparation
  • Turkish for Interview Preparation
  • Turkish for Travel

Entry Level Turkish Courses

Turkish for Travel

Our Turkish for travel course is designed to teach you the key vocabulary related to traveling in Turkish-speaking country. Once you’ve completed this course, you will have no problem to communicate with people with confidence during your travel!

Turkish for Travel tutors fee

Fundamental Turkish

Our elementary Turkish course (Level 3) is the next level up from the fundamental Turkish course. At the end of this course you will have a sound knowledge of Turkish with proficient skills in speaking, writing and reading.

Fundamental Turkish tutors fee

Conversational Turkish

Break away from all the cramming programs! Our Turkish conversation course aims to make you comfortable whilst speaking to other Turkish native speakers.

Conversational Turkish tutors fee

Turkish for Beginners

Our fundamental Turkish course (Level 2) is the next level up from the basic Turkish course. Students will be get intensive practice with native Turkish speaking teacher with perfect accent.

Turkish for Beginners tutors fee

Business Turkish

Our business Turkish course will teach you how to use hundreds of common Turkish words used in business settings. As well as how to speak Turkish confidently during meetings, phone calls, presentations, and other situations at work.

Business Turkish tutors fee

Turkish for adults

Our Turkish course for adults can be customized according to each student’s level and learning goals. After completion of this course, we aim to increase your opportunities for both personal and professional success.

Turkish for adults tutors fee
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Turkish Overview

Killer Feature 1

The Turkish course customized just for you!

At AmazingTalker, we know every student’s level and knowledge of Turkish is different, hence all our courses focus on the each student’s learning goals. Our Turkish teacher will discuss with the students on their needs, and customize a tailor-made program for each student. We aim to create a cozy environment for all our students to be learning in!

We now have 208472 testimonials

Killer Feature 2

East and Flexible Learning!

We understand that for you to get to your Turkish course could be hard at times. At AmazingTalker, students can learn from anywhere, anytime! We offer 1-on-1 private tutoring and small Turkish classes for up to 6 students. Don’t ever let time be your excuse again, start to learn Turkish at AmazingTalker today!

24/7 learning with tutors from 106+ countries

Killer Feature 3

Practice, Practice and Practice!

We believe the best way to learn Turkish is to immerse yourself in an environment where you can only use Turkish. At AmazingTalker, we offer you the opportunity where you get intensive practice in Turkish conversation, proper Turkish pronunciation, speaking and writing skills with our native Turkish speaking tutors!

Over thousands of classes taken each day

Killer Feature 4

Personal Progress Monitoring

We understand that a lot of students have trouble monitoring their own progress. At AmazingTalker, our qualified Turkish tutors will set learning goals and objectives for each student, paired with professional monitoring on the your progress to maximize learning all the time!

Average $6.99 - $24.99 / HR

Killer Feature 5

Instant Assistance from our Tutors!

We understand the frustration you experience when you are unable to seek immediate assistance when there’s a problem. At AmazingTalker, now you can get help and prompt assistance from our Turkish tutors through a simple live chat or with our messenger app.

On time assistance from 1803+ tutors

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AmazingTalker Online Turkish Teachers
  • Professional Turkish Teacher

    I'm Google Certified Educator and Native Turkish Speaking Teacher. I have been teaching Turkish to foreigners and expats since 2009. I provide learning materials from various resources. I also individualize your curriculum. Book a trial lesson now!

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  • The Turkish Coach ⏰ GMT+3

    I’m Idil, the Turkish coach with a clear accent. I lived in various countries, I know the process of learning a new language, so I can be helpful to you in your learning journey. I want your Turkish to be amazing 😉 phrases and vocabulary will be our major goal.

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  • Turkish Teacher - Native

    Hello! I am a Turkish language teacher from Turkey. I have been teaching Turkish since 2011. In addition, I am a student in Turkish language Ph.D. department. If you want to learn Turkish, you should come to a Turkish teacher.

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  • Experienced Turkish Teacher

    Hello everyone! I am Deniz. I am a qualified, certified and experienced English as a Second Language and Turkish for Foreigners teacher. I was born in Istanbul, but have lived abroad for more than 10 years. I have been living and working in Vietnam for 3 years.

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  • Türkçe Öğretmeni

    -Dinleme ve konuşma konusunda oldukça hevesliyim. Yeni konular bulma, öğrencilerin ilgisini aktif tutma ve onlara ilginç gelebilecek konular hakkında konuşmaya çalışırım. -Konuşma, anlama, dinleme, doğru cümle kurma, telaffuz konularında yardımcı olurum.

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  • A degree diploma in Turkish

    I am a Turkish Teacher. I have a degree diploma in Teaching Turkish from Dumlupınar University. I Have professional experience in teaching children, 3 to11 grades and adults, I also teach business and test preparation. I have been teaching Turkish over 400 students from different nationalities. I can speak little Russian, Arabic and English.

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  • Seyahat Yazıları Yazarı

    Merhaba!Seninle beraber hazırlayabileceğimiz ders planıyla, oyunlarla öğreneceğimiz çok keyifli bir ders için hazır mısın?Dili öğrenme amacına göre şekillenecek bir ders programıyla çok daha hızlı ve hedef odaklı Türkçe eğitimi burada!

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  • Best Turkish tutor.

    I am a native Turkish speaker who is living in İstanbul. I am giving online and face-to-face Turkish lessons for a long time.

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    İstanbul'da iki farklı üniversiteden mezun oldum. Denizcilik yönetimi ve denizcilik mühendisliği konularında uzmanlaştım. İnsanlara kendilerine bir şeyler öğreterek yardım etmek istiyorum. Bu yüzden öğretmen olmak için başvurdum

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  • Learn Turkish professionally

    I am a native Turkish teacher and currently live in Turkey. I have been teaching to foreigners for a long time through both online platforms and and my youtube channel. I prefer to be supportive,encouraging and interactive during my lessons.

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