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wrote toMustafa Ödkem

2020/01/26 15:51
Mustafa is an amazing teacher that I've never met before! He is patient, knowledgeable, well-prepared and funny in the class. Never felt bored and make me keen to learn more. Also he provides all the materials before/after the class so that I could study for the rest of the time. Can't wait for the coming classes!

wrote toMustafa Ödkem

2019/12/15 04:12
In the trial lesson we were able to get to know each other. Ödem explained his philosophy of teaching and the conversation in general went really well.

wrote toMustafa Ödkem

2019/11/25 16:14
I really enjoy talking to mussy, look forward to next lesson!

wrote toMustafa Ödkem

2019/11/21 14:11
We learned about how, what, where, which, when, why. And the emphasis part in one sentence.

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wrote toMina

2019/08/14 04:01
Mina is awesome! I look forward to learning more wit her!

wrote toIbrahim

2019/06/07 16:02
We had our first lesson, Ibrahim appears to be a patient and passionate teacher. Technical issues with video lesson which extended the lesson's time significantly yet he waits until it's fixed and we managed to have a touch base. First lesson's note is Informative. Looking forward to learn more grammar and vocabularies from him and chances to speak Turkish during class.

wrote toAbdullah Okyar

2018/11/17 16:31
very good teacher! thanks for the great class :)

wrote toAbdullah Okyar

2018/10/18 11:04
He is recommended for beginners like me. He can explain well and he encourages you to speak and practice speaking Turkish.

wrote toHatice

2017/10/31 13:42
Hatice is a nice teacher with several teaching materials. She wanted to teach all but time is too short. Anyone who wants to learn Turkish, Hatice is a good choice!

wrote toMonsieur Teacher

2017/10/18 09:40
Having good time with Mr. Murat. Class is prepared very well and with many more reference information and resources.

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