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    📢 NATIVE TURKISH TUTOR WITH 20 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE 📢 MASTER'S DEGREE IN LINGUISTICS 📢 CERTIFIED TRAINING COACH 📢SPECIAL LESSON PROGRAMS 🧡 Expert teacher for KIDS 💙 I am an ESL teacher and I exactly know what you need while you are learning a new language. I have experience with both young learners and adults.
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  • 🎓NYU, Modern Turkish
    Merhaba! Are you looking for an experienced teacher who is supportive and professional? You're at the right place. I've been a teacher in 5 countries so far. 🌠1- Turkish Instructor, NYU, USA 🌠2- English Instructor, Istanbul, Turkey 🌠3- English Teacher, Barcelona, Spain 🌠4- English Teacher, Kosovo 🌠5- Language Teacher, Serbia
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  • Preschool Teacher
    Native speaker from Turkey (Born and raised) Proficiency in english(Currently live in Ireland- since 2019) Bachelor degree ( Early Childcare Education) Graduated from Karadeniz Technical University (Turkey) I worked as a preschool educator in Turkey, Lithuania and Ireland. Hoşsohbet /Sabırlı/Entelektüel/Kitap kurdu =These are your clues :)
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  • Polyglot teacher
    I am a Serbian native speaker and a language teacher. I have been teaching online for 5 years. I live in Belgrade. I have helped many people with language learning in a very productive and effective way. You will never get bored. See you.
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  • TÖMER Certificated👨‍🏫
    I am a Turcologist. I have been studying in Turkey for 7 years and currently I am studying Master Degree in EU studies at Istanbul University. I have been teaching Turkish for 4 years. Our method is very simple, we will learn new words every day and we will practice a lot. "Do not be afraid to talk" is name of our method.
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  • Professional Turkish tutor
    Graduated from the Ankara Yildirim Beyazit University🏅. I have been teaching Turkish over 6 years💡. I've had students of all age groups and levels and i have many experience in this🗣.I teach the lesson fun and fluently by using special materials in my lessons.
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  • Turkish Teacher - Native
    Hello! I am a Turkish language teacher from Turkey. I have been teaching Turkish professionally since 2011. In addition, I am a student in Turkish language Ph.D. department. I have free materials such as course books, workbooks, storybooks with audios, videos, pictures etc. If you want to learn Turkish, you should come to a Turkish teacher.
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  • Professional Turkish tutor.
    I am Yunus and I am here to teach you Turkish. My lessons are varied and interesting, covering all areas of language - grammar, reading, speaking and writing. They are also well-structured as I use course books, workbooks and audio files too. Most importantly, I structure my lessons around your needs and ensure everything is easily understandable.
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  • Turkish teacher
    Hi there.My name is Maya and I am a sertificated Turkish teacher.I know 3 foreign languages and I have been working as a language teacher for more than 3 years. I use all sections for making learning a language easy and effective. I will happy to see you in my classes
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  • Günlük türkçe
    Eğlenceli ve etkili bir şekilde dil öğrenmenin yollarına beraber bakacağız ve seviyene ve amacına uygun olan bir programda beraber ilerleyeceğiz. Türkçe öğrenmek istiyorsan bunu ertelememeli ve hemen bir deneme dersi alarak bu eğlenceli serüven yolculuğuna başlamalısın.
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  • 11 years teaching experience
    I graduated from Istanbul University in 2009. I have been teaching English and Turkish to students of all ages and adults for 11 years. My lessons take place in a very fun and friendly environment. I am waiting for you in my trial lesson so that you can start speaking Turkish in a short time.
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    I'm a native Turkish speaker. I have been teaching Turkish more than 5 years. I've had a chance to teach different age groups. I focus on Turkish conversational skills, reading, pronunciation, listening and writing skills. I provide customized materials for my students.
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  • 20 years experience
    I am a Turkish Teacher. I have a degree diploma in Teaching Turkish from Dumlupınar University. I Have professional experience in teaching children, 3 to11 grades and adults, I also teach business and test preparation. I have been teaching Turkish over 400 students from different nationalities. I can speak little Russian, Arabic and English.
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  • 5yrs of experience
    I have worked with people from all age levels, including children, as well as adults. I have also worked as a tour guide in Istanbul, which allows me to pass along to you a unique historical perspective about Turkey, which you will not find with other tutors. I have been giving online lessons now
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  • Spent many years in Turkey
    🔴 I'm a C1+ certified Turkish teacher, speaks native level. ⚪ Can teach you grammar, speaking, listening and everything from zero about Turkish 🔴 Can teach you Turkish for business or holydays. ⚪ Children, teens and grown-ups like my lessons
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    Oğuz, certified Turkish tutor, currently living in Ankara, Turkey. I am really into linguistics. Accordingly, this is the reason of my existence in the sector. I've been teaching English and Turkish for specific purposes for 3 years. I have given more than 900 (hours) classes in those 3 years.
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  • Eyyup, Dr. experienced teache
    My name is Eyyup. I was born in Turkey and I live in Turkey. I am an experienced teacher and academician in teaching Turkish as a foreign language. I have had hundreds of students from different countries so far. I taught Turkish to Lithuanian, Slovakian, Iranian, Russian, Arab, Qatari and Syrian students face to face or online.
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  • Professional Turkish Teacher
    I'm Google Certified Educator and Native Turkish Speaking Teacher. I have been teaching Turkish to foreigners and expats since 2009. I provide learning materials from various resources. I also individualize your curriculum. Book a trial lesson now!
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Online Turkish Tutor FAQ

Why should I learn Turkish on AmazingTalker?

AmazingTalker’s one-on-one Turkish tutors are suitable for everyone who wants to learn Turkish efficiently and effectively. We have professional Turkish tutors for toddlers, small children, older kids, middle and high school students, and adults of all levels, including tutors for beginner, intermediate and advanced Turkish language classes.

Our Turkish tutoring services can help you to improve in all aspects of the language - listening, writing, reading, speaking, pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary. You can also customize your study focus (for example, a business Turkish program). Whether your goal is to improve your Turkish conversation skills for fun, prepare for a test or speak more fluently at work, AmazingTalker’s Turkish tutors are here to help.

How much do Turkish sessions cost?

On average, Turkish sessions cost $10 - $30 per hour. However, rates vary by tutor’s nationality, experience and popularity. Check out the Turkish session rates in your country.

How do I find the right Turkish tutor?

You can browse tutor profiles to get a better idea of their background and specialties, and whether they meet your needs. You can also start with top tutors rated by our students, or use our tutor recommendation tool.

Can I find high-quality Turkish tutors at reasonable prices?

Certainly! You can find a great tutor within your budget. Here is a list of professional Turkish tutors at lower prices.

Who are our Turkish tutors?

AmazingTalker handpicks only the best local and international Turkish tutors.

Each prospective instructor must undergo a rigorous selection process before becoming an AT Turkish tutor, after which their performance is constantly monitored. Try a class and start learning today.

How do I find a Turkish tutor?

If you want to find a Turkish tutor near you and you have a clear idea of your criteria for choosing one - such as any learning objectives, target cost for Turkish tutoring, etc. - you can use the search function to find a Turkish tutor near you who suits your needs. You can then contact the tutor or book a trial class to start your learning adventure.

However, if you're not sure where to start, we're here to help. Try using our tutor recommendation system, and you'll automatically get matched with Turkish tutors who fit your criteria!

What's the best learning environment for me? Should I choose a native speaker as my Turkish tutor?

One of the best ways to learn Turkish is to immerse yourself in an environment where you try to use only Turkish.

However, if you do not currently have a solid base in spelling and/or vocabulary, we recommend you choose a bilingual tutor who speaks your target language and your native language, as you will likely have a better learning experience during your one-on-one private tutoring.

If you have a good range of vocabulary but lack the opportunity to practice, then we recommend you choose a native Turkish coach.

Where can I learn Turkish near me?

You can start learning Turkish with an online Turkish tutor from home now! For local instructors, our platform makes it easy to find Turkish tutors serving your area.

When can I learn Turkish with Turkish tutors online?

In terms of scheduling, you can set up your lessons for whenever is convenient. You can set up classes with your private Turkish tutor for the morning, afternoon, evening or late night in your time zone. If you don't have much availability during the week, we have Turkish tutors available on weekends as well.

How much is the cost per hour?

All fees and tuition are set by the Turkish tutors themselves, not by AT. For reference, most of our tutors charge roughly USD$10-30 per hour.

How do I pay for the cost of learning Turkish?

You can pay with PayPal or credit card (American Express, Mastercard, or Visa). For certain international markets (e.g. Taiwan), we also accept local methods of payment, such as payment via ATM or convenience store.

What makes AmazingTalker unique?

With AmazingTalker, you can work with high-quality Turkish tutors at affordable prices from the convenience of your own home, while getting customized learning plans and 1-on-1 attention.

Unlike many other online language learning platforms, AmazingTalker believes that the best way to learn Turkish is by working with real native speakers and tutors. Regardless of which of our 60+ languages or topics you want to focus on, we believe that the way you learn should be designed for your needs and goals.

What if I want to become an online Turkish teacher at AmazingTalker?

If you're interested in becoming an online Turkish teacher, please visit our "apply to teach" page. At AmazingTalker, you can teach on your own schedule and set your own rates.

What if I have more questions?

Our FAQs section here should have answers to most of your questions. If you can't find answers to your question in the FAQs, you can find more information or contact us by clicking the red question mark icon on the bottom right of your screen.

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