The 6 Best Cantonese Courses in 2020 - Overview and Fee Structure

Learning Cantonese can make you world much bigger and help you meet new people from different culture background. There are many online Cantonese courses out there. How to choose the right courses?

AmazingTalker is an online Cantonese learning platform offering a variety of Cantonese courses. There are more than 164693 student learning records. You can find Cantonese Speaking Course, Business Cantonese Course, Cantonese Grammar Course, Cantonese Course for children, Cantonese Course for adults, etc… There are lots of student reviews and Cantonese course rates information.

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What are your learning goals of the course?

  • Conversational Cantonese
  • Cantonese for Travel
  • Cantonese Oral
  • Cantonese for adults
  • Cantonese for Academic
  • Basic Cantonese
  • Business Cantonese
  • Cantonese as a Hobby
  • Cantonese for Kids

Entry Level Cantonese Courses

Conversational Cantonese

Break away from all the cramming programs! Our Cantonese conversation course aims to make you comfortable whilst speaking to other Cantonese native speakers.

Conversational Cantonese tutors fee

Cantonese for adults

Our Cantonese course for adults can be customized according to each student’s level and learning goals. After completion of this course, we aim to increase your opportunities for both personal and professional success.

Cantonese for adults tutors fee

Cantonese for Travel

Our Cantonese for travel course is designed to teach you the key vocabulary related to traveling in Cantonese-speaking country. Once you’ve completed this course, you will have no problem to communicate with people with confidence during your travel!

Cantonese for Travel tutors fee

Cantonese Oral

Our Cantonese speaking course immerses students in an environment where you can only use Cantonese. At AmazingTalker, we offer you the opportunity where you get intensive practice in proper Cantonese pronunciation and speaking skills.

Cantonese Oral tutors fee

Business Cantonese

Our business Cantonese course will teach you how to use hundreds of common Cantonese words used in business settings. As well as how to speak Cantonese confidently during meetings, phone calls, presentations, and other situations at work.

Business Cantonese tutors fee

Basic Cantonese

Our basic Cantonese course (Level 1) gives you a lot of practice on the use of familiar everyday expressions. From this course, you will learn basic communication skills in Cantonese speaking, writing, reading and, of course, your fluency and grammatical accuracy.

Basic Cantonese tutors fee
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Cantonese Overview

  • Killer Feature 1

    The Cantonese course customized just for you!

    At AmazingTalker, we know every student’s level and knowledge of Cantonese is different, hence all our courses focus on the each student’s learning goals. Our Cantonese teacher will discuss with the students on their needs, and customize a tailor-made program for each student. We aim to create a cozy environment for all our students to be learning in!

    We now have 164693 testimonials

  • Killer Feature 2

    East and Flexible Learning!

    We understand that for you to get to your Cantonese course could be hard at times. At AmazingTalker, students can learn from anywhere, anytime! We offer 1-on-1 private tutoring and small Cantonese classes for up to 6 students. Don’t ever let time be your excuse again, start to learn Cantonese at AmazingTalker today!

    24/7 learning with tutors from 98+ countries

  • Killer Feature 3

    Practice, Practice and Practice!

    We believe the best way to learn Cantonese is to immerse yourself in an environment where you can only use Cantonese. At AmazingTalker, we offer you the opportunity where you get intensive practice in Cantonese conversation, proper Cantonese pronunciation, speaking and writing skills with our native Cantonese speaking tutors!

    Over thousands of classes taken each day

  • Killer Feature 4

    Personal Progress Monitoring

    We understand that a lot of students have trouble monitoring their own progress. At AmazingTalker, our qualified Cantonese tutors will set learning goals and objectives for each student, paired with professional monitoring on the your progress to maximize learning all the time!

    Average $6.99 - $24.99 / HR

  • Killer Feature 5

    Instant Assistance from our Tutors!

    We understand the frustration you experience when you are unable to seek immediate assistance when there’s a problem. At AmazingTalker, now you can get help and prompt assistance from our Cantonese tutors through a simple live chat or with our messenger app.

    On time assistance from 1438+ tutors

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AmazingTalker Online Cantonese Teachers
  • possess 2-year experience

    I am come from Hong Kong and now I’m work in TW.I want to let people know about Cantonese.Using the Internet and share the Cantonese to everyone who interested in Cantonese.

  • Edes


    Hi, this is Edes from UK and HK☺️. I provide IELTS , FUN Kid's lessons and ADULT "GET YOU TO SPEAK" and Cantonese Lesson😎. No matter you want to impress your boyfriend or take IELTS, share your goals with me and we will work on it together💪💪

  • Hong Kong registered teacher

    Cantonese is a major language in Hong Kong, and many overseas Chinese societies. As a Hong Kong registered teacher with 9 years Cantonese teaching experience. Deeply understand the problems English speakers would face during learning Cantonese.

  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 1279 Lessons Taught

    "It is always amazing to have class with Teacher Kenneth...Most important of all, I’m more confident in speaking English now. Thanks for teacher Kenneth’s help!" - Amy H. Taiwan 2019 “I Always enjoy the class! Having a conversation with a professional native speaker without any pressure!” Nina Lin, TW, 2019

  • Cantonese Tutor

    Hello guy, I'm a local Hongkonger. I can speak Cantonese, Mandarin and English. After I finished high school in Hong Kong, I'm travelling to Australia for a bachelor degree. Therefore, I start to know there are so many people wanna learn Cantonese~

  • Cantonese teacher

    I am born and bred Hong Kong and I am studying abroad in Australia.Although Cantonese give you an impression that it is difficult, I believe that through the interesting learning , you can make it! Come and follow me to learn local Cantonese!!!

  • Class for you

    Hi, my name is Kate. Would you like to try a new way to learn English?

  • 入門 初中級 必定會講班 快來哦!

    ☆自我介紹 我是Peggy 老師,是香港人,移居台灣約4年多,粵語是我的母語,能操流利的粵語及普通話,溝通不是問題喔 ☆約有9年教授粵語課程,多年來教授不同需求及行業的同學,教授經驗豐富 ☆現在也是另外兩家大型教育機構粵語課程老師,專業受到肯定 ☆道地香港人,以『港澳』地區慣用詞語及發音,作為教授基礎 ☆老師可清楚告知同學粵語及普通話的差異 ☆授課時都會用漢語拼音及9聲6調協助同學發音 ☆課堂時會即時用漢語拼音協助同學整理筆記,有需要時老師還會提供PDF及錄音喔

  • Cantonese & Mandarin tutor

    ☟ ☟Information about my class: ★Useful and practical content ★The class will be designed just for you ★With teaching materials ★Correct your pronunciation even after class ★Review and test will be held every particular time ★Flexible of time

  • Learn cantonese in 7 days!

    😊The tutor has a very deep research on the use of cantonese. He makes students more interested in learning cantonese by using interesting teaching methods, which can be applied in daily life from simple to deep.

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