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Study Cantonese for Academic with the
Best Cantonese Tutor Near You via Skype

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  • Cantonese teacher

    Hi, I'm from Hong Kong and currently studying my degree in Australia. Although Cantonese give you an impression that it is difficult, I believe that through the interesting learning , you can make it! Come and follow me to learn local Cantonese!!!

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  • Cantonese Tutor

    Hello guy, I'm a local Hongkonger. I can speak Cantonese, Mandarin and English. After I finished high school in Hong Kong, I'm travelling to Australia for a bachelor degree. Therefore, I start to know there are so many people wanna learn Cantonese~

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  • A Real Cantonese Tutor

    My course is suitable for beginners, that are learning from zero. And I focus on "getting you to understand and speak" usage is so important to learn a language, and you will find yourself speaking from the first lesson already :) Course details: 1. PPT 2. a free book to download once you join the regular lesson 3. In class exercises

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  • 入門 初中級 必定會講班 快來哦!

    ☆自我介紹 我是Peggy 老師,是香港人,移居台灣約4年多,粵語是我的母語,能操流利的粵語及普通話,溝通不是問題喔 ☆約有9年教授粵語課程,多年來教授不同需求及行業的同學,教授經驗豐富 ☆現在也是另外兩家大型教育機構粵語課程老師,專業受到肯定 ☆道地香港人,以『港澳』地區慣用詞語及發音,作為教授基礎 ☆老師可清楚告知同學粵語及普通話的差異 ☆授課時都會用漢語拼音及9聲6調協助同學發音 ☆課堂時會即時用漢語拼音協助同學整理筆記,有需要時老師還會提供PDF及錄音喔

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  • possess 2-year experience

    I am come from Hong Kong and now I’m work in TW.I want to let people know about Cantonese.Using the Internet and share the Cantonese to everyone who interested in Cantonese.

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  • Cantonese All Day Every Day

    Don't understand tones? Is the grammar confusing? I know the feeling. Overcome your barriers to enable you to converse in Chinese --- "I had a great lesson with Kenneth. It's so nice to learn Chinese from a person who is not a native speaker of Chinese, so he can understand our problems and share the trick to how to learn Chinese" - Sally, CA

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  • Native Speaker in Cantonese

    I am a native speaker in Cantonese with high proficiency in Cantonese pronunciation and phonology.

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  • Learn cantonese in 7 days!

    😊The tutor has a very deep research on the use of cantonese. He makes students more interested in learning cantonese by using interesting teaching methods, which can be applied in daily life from simple to deep.

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  • 我叫joyce


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  • 你好,我在香港大學一級榮譽並有四年教授英文的經驗,幫助不同的學生學好英文! 有一位學生本來英文不太好,考完大學考試後,還繼續找我學習英文,覺得對英文愈來愈有趣。 I graduated from the University of Hong Kong. I went to the UK for an exchange program (University of Edinburgh). I have 4 years of tutoring experience.

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