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Learning how to say “cheers” in Germany is essential, especially if you plan on joining Oktoberfest! Today we’ll be paying special attention to the toasting cultures of one of the world’s foremost beer producers, Germany, and the different German pronunciations of cheers. When it comes to giving a toast in German, it’s best to go with the phrase “Prost” as this is the closest they have to the English word “cheers”, however, another option is “Gesundheit” which translates to “good health”. Below are 5 ways to say “cheers” in German.

5 Ways to Toast in German

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1. Prost! – Cheers!

Directly translating to “cheers”, this is the safest toast to use among friends and strangers alike.

2. Gesundheit! Good Health!

Simply meaning “good health.”, this toast could be used interchangeably with Prost.

3. Zum Wohl! – To your health!

Very similar to gesundheit, this toast translates to “To your health.” Although this toast could also be used interchangeably with the examples listed above, it is important to note that this is a more formal option.

4. Ich möchte einen Toast auf (NAME) ausbringen! – I’d like to propose a toast to (NAME)

Directly translating to “I’d like to propose a toast to (NAME)!“, this toast is obviously best used when wanting to toast to a specific member of your party.

5. Lasst euch nicht lumpen, hoch mit dem Humpen! – Don’t be a slouch, raise your glass!

This toast translates to “Don’t be a slouch, raise your glass!” What a fun toast to yell in the middle of a rousing dinner or to simply get the party started or enliven a party that has become particularly dull.

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Drinking Culture in Germany

As a nation known for its beer production, alcohol plays a large role in celebrations. However, unlike many global cultures, drinking in Germany is not often done with the aim of becoming intoxicated and is a rather relaxed affair, preferring to savour the moment and enjoy it. One of the most prominent festivals used to celebrate their beer is Oktoberfest, originally started to honour the wedding of Bavaria’s crown prince over 200 years ago, today it’s a much more relaxed affair. However, when saying cheers at this historic event it’s important to do so properly. In German culture, it’s important to toast a fellow drinker by using the phrase “Prost!” and making direct eye contact with each member of your party while doing so. For those who wish to learn more about Oktoberfest click here. Learn more the German culture and Germany with online German courses.

Do’s and Don’ts of toasting

1. Do make eye contact when toasting1. Do not cross arms with people when
toasting as this is commonly believed to bring bad luck
2. Toast every person within your party2. Clink the top of the glasses together
as this might result in some of the drink being spilled.
3. Always toast all members of your party first before drinking

Prost to a great time!

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Now that we’ve covered some of the interesting parts of Germany’s drinking culture and what it is that makes Oktoberfest such a worldwide attraction, we hope that you’ve taken a keen interest learning more about the people, culture and their language, like learning how to say hello in 100 languages. We hope that the next time you’re on a night out with your friends you can pull out those toasting skills and impress your friends with a German toast. To learn more about the German language visit the Amazing Talker website and sign up for our comprehensive language courses with a native German tutor!

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