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Learning French online has many benefits;  it is a good basis for other romantic languages and it opens up doors for international business or education. If you’d like to learn this beautiful language, then finding an online French tutor is the best way to go with no need to leave the comfort of your own home. Here are our top 10 recommended platforms to learn French online:

Best Platforms to Learn French Online

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1. Wyzant (Best for families)

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Price: $15-$300

This platform is easy to navigate and has over 600 tutors. You are provided with a detailed background of your tutor and can see how many hours they have taught on the platform. If you are not happy with your tutor, they have a “good-fit guarantee”, which means you can apply to get your money back if you weren’t satisfied with your lessons!

Can request background checksLessons only available via the app
Wide range of lessons feesCannot download lesson recordings
Lesson recordings available 

This platform’s lesson fees range from low to very high, so you will definitely find a tutor that works for you.

2. Preply (Best for adults)

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Price: Roughly $9-$25

Tutors are able to set their own rates, so prices will vary. This company has a good online reputation and has been around for 10 years! They structure their lessons well and have a clear study plan, according to an online review. The company offers trial lessons which are so beneficial when you are first starting.

Structured study planPlacement tests may be frustrating for some
Trial lessonsLimited packages
Easy-to-use app 

Preply has a more planned approach than some other platforms, so they are a good option when you are looking for more than just conversational lessons.

3. AmazingTalker (Best Overall)

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Price: $15-$40 per session

AmazingTalker has been running since 2017 and is dedicated to making it easy to learn languages online. They use special algorithms to help match you to the right tutor, that is within your budget and skill level. The company has over 7000 teachers, 1 million students, and 103 languages and subjects, so you can trust this platform to help you learn French in a heartbeat!

Can choose which tutor you want to work withCustomer assistance may be extensive
Has a large number of languages 
Flexible schedules 

AmazingTalker is affordable and flexible and its platform is easy to use. They are the best overall online tutoring company to use!

4. Lingoci (Best Variety)

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Price: $24-28.90

Lingoci offers 55-minute one-on-one lessons. Their lessons come in the form of packages, from 5 lessons to 40 lessons. They offer a trial lesson as well as a money-back guarantee! Lingoci is a bit limited when it comes to the number of languages they offer, as they only offer lessons in 7 different languages.

Trial lesson and a money-back guarantee.Lessons are more expensive than the average platform
Good quality tutorsLimited languages
 No intro videos from tutors

They are a specialized platform in seven languages, so they will be a good choice for learning French.

5. FrenchFaster (Best for learning fast)

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Price: $15-$36

This Platform offers an accelerated learning method that will help you learn French in a dash! Constructivism, participative learning and memorization are the three pillars of their accelerated learning method. They offer a complimentary lesson with a teacher which is 25 minutes long. The tutors are either native speakers or hold a degree in the language!

25-minute complimentary classVery few tutors
Tutors have an FLE trainingMust book lessons in bulk, if you would like the same tutor
Group classes available as an option 

A good option for those that need to learn French in a rush, but not a great option for those that can take their time because of the limited amount of tutors.

6. Verbal Planet (Best for Feedback)

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Price: $22 for 45 minutes

This platform has an in-depth feedback system, which includes the strengths and weaknesses of the students. The feedback is given for the following sections: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. This helps the tutor and the student understand where they should focus their attention and will help you learn the language faster. You can find tutors available for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners.

The booking system is easy-to-useMethods of the tutors are not standardized
Trial classMany reviews are outdated
 Can be challenging to find the right tutor

Verbal Planet is an amazing platform to use if you are someone who really enjoys receiving feedback, just make sure you find the right tutor!

7. VarisityTutors (Best for Conversational French)

Source: VarsityTutors.com

Price: $50-$95

If you are someone who is more easygoing when it comes to learning and doesn’t need a structured approach, then VarsityTutors is a great option for you. Their lessons are all conversational based and they guarantee that you will get better grades! Therefore, this platform is best for students who need help improving their French grades. They have a 100% tutor satisfaction guarantee, so their standards are high.

Group sessions availableVery expensive
24/7 supportHave to request prices
High standards and good reputationLessons via their platform only

VarsityTutors will help you pass your class, but you will pay for the quality of lessons and the online support you receive.

8. LanguaTalk (Best for Immersion Based)

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Price: Starting at $11

The tutors on this platform are either native speakers or hold a C2 certification, which is the highest level of qualification from Cambridge. LanguaTalk specializes in 9 languages and will personalize your tutoring lessons, according to your goals. They are selective with their tutors, so you know you are getting your money’s worth, and your lesson bookings do not have to be accepted by tutors.

Free trial lessonNo refunds for missed lessons
Tutors are carefully selected for their siteLimited languages
Personalised lessonsDifficult to change to another tutor

This is a great option if you want a high-quality tutor and no-fuss bookings. LanguaTalk is a very reliable site to use for learning French.

9. iTalki (Best Prices)

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Price: $4-$30

iTalki is a great option for people that want to learn to speak French on a budget! Their app is easy to use and allows you to learn from anywhere, plus it is more than just a tutoring platform. The iTalki app allows you to chat in the community for free and helps you learn with other students. It has over 1 million downloads on google play, which just shows how popular it is!

Wide range of pricesThe tutor must accept your lesson request
Different lesson lengthsNot all tutors offer a trial
Immediate lesson options 

iTalki has over 1000 French tutors, so you will find someone that suits your needs and personality. Their app makes things easy and exciting!

10. FirstTutors (Best for a variety of tutors)

Source: FirstTutors.com

Price: Starting around $11

This platform allows you to contact many tutors with your required needs, but tutoring will only commence once the details have been discussed and the tutor has accepted your request. FirstTutors charges a finder’s fee which ranges from reasonable to expensive. The company has high reviews on TrustPilot and has a wide variety of tutors and subjects.

Good reviewsCharge a finder’s fee
Many tutors to pick fromThe tutor must accept your request
Affordable lessons 

FirstTutors is a great option if you want to carefully select your tutor from their large variety, plus you get to communicate with the tutor beforehand.

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Tips to Learn French Online Faster:

Have a tutoring lesson every week

Sticking to a schedule and being consistent with your lessons will help you learn very quickly. It will keep the information flowing from week to week and you won’t forget as easily. Constant baby steps are the key to learning anything!

Practice after classes

Doing the bare minimum and practicing when you have lessons will only take you so far. Being dedicated to learning French means taking time to watch videos, practicing what you got wrong and trying to find a buddy to learn with. This will also help you learn in different ways that the tutoring might not offer.

Ask as many questions

If you don’t fully understand something then speak up! Everyone learns differently, so don’t be afraid to ask questions that will make the content more understandable for you. This will also show your tutor that you are genuinely interested.

Memorize Vocabulary

If you don’t know the words of a language then how can you speak it? Vocabulary is the basis of learning any language, the more you expand it the more fluent you will seem because you will know more complex words.

Listen to French podcasts

Podcasts are a great way to learn while you are stuck in traffic, cooking some dinner or on a walk! Adding an extra method of learning, such as podcasts, will help your brain make neural connections more swiftly. If you are an auditory learner these will be even more beneficial for you. Take a look at some of our recommended French podcasts.

Online French Classes Help You Learn French Better!

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Learning French can take a while, but it’s still possible to learn French in only 3 months! You have a variety of platforms to choose from, with a range of prices and methods… so you don’t have much of an excuse. It may be daunting, but we are here to support you. You just need to believe in yourself!

AmazingTalker has tutors that are available right now and can help you start learning French online, so click on the link and find out how to speak French like a native with your very own personal tutor, or shall we say “Amuse-toi bien”!

About AmazingTalker

About AmazingTalker

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