Top 5 Online French Teaching Jobs in 2022

A guide to finding online French teaching jobs

Are you looking for flexibility at work? Thinking to yourself; it would be great to start your online teaching career on your schedule and terms from the comfort of your home.

If this is you, it sounds like a dream or too good to be true and you are not sure where to start, this post got you covered. Here is what you need to know to get started. 

Let’s start with some qualities of outstanding online French teachers to get you to stand out;

  • Make your content more engaging and fun

Online teaching can be challenging but, not if you incorporate content that will allow your students to be more invested and engaged in class. It is distance learning so you are almost expected to create different resources for your classes like videos, games and online materials. They will love this interactive approach.

  • Be organized

Being fun and all can increase the interaction with your students but without a proper direction, they soon will feel lost. To overcome this issue; you need to be structured. Come prepared to the class, have a lesson plan and share it with your students in a clear manner what the lesson’s goal is. 

Create custom lesson plans; know what your students’ experience of learning French is so you can make your time more productive. Target different parts of language skills, vocabulary, and grammar and be sure to target what your students’ interests are. 

Bookmark online dictionaries for your own use – you may refer these to your students as well-; let’s be honest, memory lapses happen. 

  • Be more understanding

Since teaching is done online, misfortunes might happen. Problem with the internet connection, audio issues, you name it. Be more patient with these situations and repeat yourself multiple times if necessary and use messaging/typing features. This is where the visual resources come into play as well. 

  • Be sure to show your passion

If you show your excitement and passion for the French language, this will surely rub on your students and they will be eager to learn more.  Share your experiences of learning French, and stories you have encountered to motivate them to sign up for language exchange programs; this will also keep them engaged. Also for your own development as a teacher; you can read French educator blogs and see what others are doing when they encounter challenges as well as find new ideas or strategies for teaching.

The 5 best online French teaching platforms to get you started


AmazingTalker Logo





AmazingTalker offers one on one French classes for different age groups both professionals and students. The application process is detailed, you will go through a screening process before you put your services online.  You will also be asked about the other languages you speak and your proficiency in them so you can reach other students who aren’t English speakers. 

This site works 24/7 so your availability affects the classes you can take. That being said, you are not required to be available every day or hour but be sure you can commit to a time slot you set. 

Their classes are conducted through Zoom so make sure you are familiar with the platform. 

Hourly rate of tutors: £3.18 – £27.76/hour

2. Indeed

Indeed Logo

You might already be familiar with this platform especially if you have searched for more traditional jobs in the past. They also provide a job search option for online teaching, and then you can apply for the jobs to your liking. Indeed also allows you to upload your CV to their platform so in the future you can apply for other jobs with ease if they pique your interest or for potential employers to find you. 

Jobs vary with different qualifications, hiring processes, experience&skills requirements as well as the hourly wage.

3. Preply

If you have looked for online language tutoring jobs before you might be familiar with Preply. As a tutor; you are not required to have any certificate or teaching experience. All you need is to upload a photo of yourself, basic information, an introduction video and set your availability -although there is a screening process for applicants-.

After setting up your profile as a tutor you can start looking for students. Every posting has different goals and focuses; from improving grammar to conversational fluency to writing skills, so you can choose which student you want to take on.

Hourly wage varies between the posts so you need to decide if you are willing to take that student or not. As a reference, the hourly wage ranges between; £4 – £29.

4. Teachaway

Teachaway represents teaching institutes as well as online platforms; that recruit teachers who want to teach online. So in itself, this platform acts as a curator or a gateway for finding online teaching jobs online. The job requirements will vary from employer to employer but you can decide which one you want to go for. 

That being said, you can still create your profile on the website to apply for jobs easier or be seen by the employers.

The wage; depends on the job you are looking for so it is up to you to apply for availabilities that you think are more suitable for you.

5. Tutorfair

Tutorfair logo

Tutorfair is similar to Preply; whereas you as a tutor can scroll through the postings by students with different needs and willing to pay different hourly wages to find out which one fits best for you also students will be able to reach out to you if they want to hire you as their teacher. So be sure to create a profile that attracts more.

Hourly wage; varies from student to student, or you can set up your own hourly wage, but that being said, here is the range on some posts as a reference; £20 – £100/hour.



Q: How much should I charge to tutor French?

         A: It varies from job to job, but for your reference, this post includes hourly wage ranges from each platform.

Q: Do I need to be a native speaker to teach?

        A: it is not required by any of the websites that is be mentioned in this post.



About AmazingTalker

About AmazingTalker

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