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We’re excited to share some news with you about an upcoming feature that we’re sure you’ll love! Our website will soon be equipped with a new feature that’s going to transform the way you study.

Introducing the AI English Coach – a free tool that will enable you to practice your spoken English in a relaxed, no-pressure setting at any time of the day. With the AI English Coach, you will be able to identify the areas you need to improve upon in English conversation and monitor your progress as you use it more.

So, how will it work? It’s easy!

  1. You’ll receive a message from the coach on your AT Chat. Click on it.
  1. Open the chat and start talking – you will be able to practice up to 20 prompts every day, meaning 20 conversations back and forth.

Thanks to AI technology, every conversation will be unique, and practicing won’t ever become dull! Regardless of whether you’re a beginner or an advanced learner, the AI English Coach will be designed to help you develop your confidence in spoken English.

With the AI English Coach, you will be able to perfect your English conversation skills on your own time and at your own pace.

So, if you’re eager to take your English conversation skills to new heights, be on the lookout for the release of the AI English Coach on our website! Be sure to join our waitlist to make sure you’re one of the first ones to be notified!

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About AmazingTalker

About AmazingTalker

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