Top 10 Websites to Find Online Russian Teachers in 2022

Russia is an exciting land full of fascinating people and culture. It is the birthplace of Vodka and the Red Army choir, among other cool inceptions. Learning Russian can help you further explore such an enigmatic society, culture and locations. Russian is the 8th most spoken language in the world, with over than 260 million people around the world that speak it. Apart from being the official language of Russia, its also regularly spoken in Armenia the Baltics, China, Israel and even the United States. Learning Russian can improve your employment opportunities, as more Russian companies are entering the global employment sector and are seeking English speakers that can read and write Russian. Learning Russian also unlocks your ability to enjoy Russian music, literature, films and art with a much deeper understanding – making it an enjoyable experience and exploration of Mother Russia.

In this article, we will discuss the top 10 online websites to find Russian teachers that can help you learn Russian. We will cover each site’s pros/cons, graded reviews and feedback, their price ranges, special features and any discounts they may be offering. By the time you are done reading, you should be well equipped to make a decision about which Russian language learning platform you want to sign up with for your Russian language learning journey.

1. Amazing Talker

Best for: 1-on-1 lessons

Star review: ★★★★★

Price: Average of $5 – $11

Description: Amazing Talker provides a wide range of tutors to teach you Russian in 1-on-1 private classes online. The vetted tutors set their own rates which are affordable, and even offer trial lessons for a cheap price to help you decide if its for you. They have an AI-based tutor matching system to help pair you with an ideal tutor who will personalize your lessons according to your learning needs and capacities. They also have a great filtering system to help narrow down your search to a specific tutor that matches your needs. Tutors have their own pages with all their information, reviews and availabilities – helping you make an informed decision of which one is for you.

Great variety of exceptional tutors that offer personalized lessons tailored to your needsNo supplementary materials in 1-on-1 classes
Flexible scheduling and booking of lessonsMay not be for you if you are not used to online learning platforms.
Affordable pricing of lessons by tutor’s rates

Student Review: 

“Dmytro is a very kind and patient teacher. From the conversation in advance to the trial lesson, he has been really responsive and able to explain in English. He prepares his own materials for the class and values interaction with students. His class covers a large variety of vocabularies, reading, listening and oral practice and therefore students are given lots of chances to speak up.” (4.5★)

“Enthusiastic, clear and detailed explanations in English when i needed it, fun learning materials (the video with cute pictures), very encouraging and patient. Thanks for such an informative and interesting class” (★★★★★)

2. Preply

Best for: Specialized Lessons

Star review: ★★★★★

Price: Average of $5 – $15.

Description: Preply is an online language learning platform that offers a great list of tutors that balance out in native and specialist speakers. The tutors offer quality and engaging lessons at affordable hourly rates, making each lesson have great value for money. Preply also focuses on specialized lessons with cultural elements incorporated to help you learn Russian with more context and practicality for usage in various daily situations. There is a good filtering system to help you streamline your search to an ideal tutor that matches your budget, time and other needs. They have an active offer to Book your 1st lesson within 48 hours to get 20% off.

Great variety of Native and Specialist Language teachers with specialized lessonsLarge amount of Tutors on the site makes decision difficult
Flexible classes to accommodate the schedules of students
Affordable lesson rates

Student Review:

“I enjoy our lessons so much. Aleksandr is a great, passionate teacher. He’s always prepared for the lessons and the lessons themselves are intensive, but super fun and effective. He’s warm and understanding and I like that he motivates me. Highly recommend!” (★★★★★)

“Olga is a great teacher. She very quickly detected my weaknesses, makes me speak (as far as possible) and tries to mostly talk to me in Russian. At the same time, she speaks great English. I love that she gives me lots of homework and am over all extremely satisfied! Very recommended teacher.” (★★★★★)

3. iTalki

Best for: Verbal communication skill development

Star review: ★★★★★

Price: Varies per tutor, but an average of $10 per hour

Description: italki provides a great diversity of vetted expert tutors to teach you Russian at any proficiency level you are currently at. The tutors offer affordable lessons and focus on enhancing your verbal communication skills. They have great accessibility options with their apps on Android and Apple devices to make learning more convenient even when you’re on the go. You even have access to a supportive community of language learners and instructors that you can communicate and share learning experiences with.

Affordable lessons and pricing by tutorsPayment is not as straightforward as other sites
Great variety of tutors to choose from
Community of learners and teachers to talk to and share with

Student Review:

“Ekaterina is an excellent teacher! She is very professional and friendly! I found our first lesson to be very productive as she gave me great feedback on my Russian grammar and vocabulary. The materials she uses are also very good. I look forward to learning from her!” (★★★★★)

“Anastasiya is an amazing teacher, patient and very flexible . She is nice and approachable and doing a great job encouraging me to speak and formulate my own sentences and is quick to correct pronunciation and tones in friendly and funny way Really enjoying every single lesson with her . Looking forward to the next class” (★★★★★)

4. Wyzant

Best for: 1-on-1 lessons

Star review: ★★★★

Price: Average of $10 – $60 per lesson

Wyzant offers private, 1–on–1 lessons with the ideal tutor of your choice. They have a great filtering system that let’s you specify your needs of time zone, your requirements of a tutor, your age and other details before matching you with a list of compatible tutors. They have great confidence in themselves for finding the best tutor to match your needs and if they cannot, they guarantee to give you your first one hour listen completely free.

Certified instructors that have been vetted for their servicesCan be costly depending on the tutor
Guarantee to match you with a compatible tutor or covers your first 1 hour lesson for free

Student Review:

“Maya S. really helped me with med school prep, specifically with the process of the personal statement. From brainstorming to rough draft to line-by-line edits she was a great help and could do it all!” (★★★★★)

“I am a business teacher by profession and work with corporations all over the world and as such, have very high expectations of those teaching me something; particularly a subject as complicated and grueling as the Russian language. Although I have only had one lesson with Olha, not only has she met my expectations, she has far exceeded them. Olha is a great teacher and displays not only knowledge of the Russian language, but compassion and empathy. I highly recommend her for future students.” (★★★★★)

5. Verbling

Best for: Expert Tutors

Star review: ★★★★

Price: An average of $17 (Ranges between $4 – $75)

Verbling is an online language learning platform that teaches over 70 language with a community of 10,000 expert tutors – all with teaching experience that have been carefully vetted and recruited. There is a nifty filtering system to help you choose a tutor by price, location, availability and the languages they speak (native and bilingual).

Professional Tutors that have been carefully vettedHigher price tags per lesson
Free first trial lesson offered
Different class options like individual and group

Student Review:

“Very dedicated and passionate about teaching, she genuinely makes me feel that she cares about my progress. I always look forward to our classes since she makes them challenging but not overwhelming, always fun.” (★★★★★)

“Always a pleasure to be in her classes, she does an excellent job of not only teaching the language but the traditions and way of life which made my visit to Russia a very comfortable experience.” (★★★★★)

6. Russian Land Club

Best for: All proficiency levels

Star review: ★★★★

Price: The Russian-speaking patterns course costs $30, the intensive speaking course is $40. Packages of 16 group lessons are $320.

Description: Russian Land is a well-known site for online Russian tutoring that has been around for a while. It offers online classes in Russian via Skype and also some specialized courses too. There are a few course types to choose from such as beginner courses and 90-minute intensive courses. These courses range in proficiency levels and all contain specific grammar and vocabulary lessons as well. They even offer a comprehensive 2-week speaking course to help you develop your communication skills fast.

Great variety of course types (1-on-1 and group) and proficiency levelsCan be pricier than other sites
Covers essential language basics and speaking skills development
Specialized courses for different needs

Student Review:

“This is a very well designed course for people that are trying to gain a larger understanding in the Russian language. It helped me to further my knowledge of the patterns in the language, which I think is very important for English speakers when trying to understand the Russian language.”

“Very useful course with lots of great content. It is extremely useful for adding new phrase patterns to your vocbulary as well as learning new and existing words in context.”

7. Superprof

Best for: Best for variety of tutors and lessons

Star review: ★★★★★

Price: Average of $9 per hour per lesson

Superprof consists of more than 18 million experienced tutors, that have since taught over 35 million students in learning 18 different languages. They hail from all diverse backgrounds and cultures to assist in people’s language goals across 39 countries and 24 hours a day with their support team. The majority of their qualified tutors will provide their first Russian lesson for free to help you decide whether or not it works for you. Tutors conduct private lessons via webcam and the website provides a secure and flexible payment process so there are no delay nor issues.

Majority of the tutors give their first lesson for freeThere are self-study options nor supplementary materials if you need them
A reliable and readily available support team to help you
A wide variety of professional tutors to choose from

Student Review:

“Aleksandr is a wonderful teacher. A real professional. Classes are very interesting and informative. Explains everything clearly, gives a lot of necessary information. Very motivating, I have a great interest in learning the language. I am very glad that I study with him! I express my deep gratitude to him.” (★★★★★)

Alina is an excellent teacher. She has a lot of patience when it comes to explaining new things. The pace of the classes is very good and she combines technical aspects of the language with curiosities that are very interesting. Her classes are, without a doubt, a wonderful and enjoyable way to start learning Russian.” (★★★★★)

8. Take Lessons

Best for: Experienced Tutors

Star review: ★★★★

Price: Average of $26 for 30 minute lesson, $35 for a 45 minute lesson and $50 for a 60 minute lesson

Description: Take Lessons is an online learning platform powered by Microsoft and has more than 300 subjects offered by over 5,000 experts. It provides private 1-on-1 lessons and online group classes as well. Their Russian tutors are very experienced and native speakers that offer affordable rate depending on the length, ensuring there is an option that fits your budget. There are qualified and trusted tutors available that you can even do background checks on to verify their competence, qualifications and experience. They currently have a March special for taking your first lesson and pay only $1 for it.

What we likeWhat we don’t like
Can perform background checks on expert tutorsNot a wide variety of tutors
Great selection process for choosing your ideal tutor
Affordable rates

Student Review:

“Aliaksandra presents the material in a very clear and easy to understand manner. We cover a lot of topics in every lesson. She is very personable and professional.” (★★★★★)

“Helen is a fantastic teacher. She is thorough, demonstrates patience with my daughter and pays a lot of attention to her pronunciation and understanding. We love Helen!” (★★★★★)

9. Pimsleur

Best for: Speaking skills development

Star review: ★★★★

Price: $575.00 for the complete course of Pimsleur Russian Levels 1-5 Premium. $150 per 30 lessons (1 course).

Description: Pimsleur is a good language learning tool for beginners to develop their listening and speaking comprehension and language proficiency in Russian. With the use of their trademark “Dr. Pimsleur’s method”, you’re able to learn on all aspects with the sole focus of speaking the language efficiently and without rules nor boring drills of memorization or repetition. This is because of their aim to help you learn the phrases and words you would most probably need in daily conversations and situations. Using this practicality, they help develop your vocabulary, grammar, and native-like pronunciation with each audio lesson. This includes vocabulary, greetings, common phrases and expressions you would need when talking to native Russian speakers.

Practical teaching on realistic situations and application of speaking skills right awayDoes not focus on reading, writing and grammar skills
Incorporation of cultural aspects into lessonsPricy courses
Flexible scheduling options to accommodate students with apps on Android and Apple devices for better accessibility

Student Review:

“Russian seems difficult to learn at first (especially grammar). So if you want to progress quickly, you don’t have to be too academic. I think an audio method is a really good way to start learning russian. Of course I use others apps and methods to improve my vocabulary and to understand the grammar as well. But here you have some fun, it’s really enjoyable to speak and that’s the better way to improve efficiently your speaking and listening skills, because here you’re active. Pimsleur is expensive, but to my knowledge it is the best audio method. The recordings are of high quality and you can study on a daily basis for 5 months.” (★★★★★)

“This is not my first experience with Pimsleur and have to say that the method works remarkably well, the words and structures just stick into your mind. Doing the premium bit after the audios is helpful, especially in Russian. Follow the recommended way, one every day, and speak out loud.” (★★★★★)

10. Classgap

Best for: Best for variety of learning methods

Star review: ★★★★★

Price: Average of $13 (Ranges from $6 – $80) per lesson

Classgap is an online platform that helps you find a tutor to teach you the language of your choice and Russian is no exception in their offerings. You can find your ideal tutor from a large selection on the platform. They personalize the course to your needs and help you to achieve your goals. Classgap offers many engaging learning forms in their virtual classroom, which has everything you need from video conferencing, digital whiteboards, an online document editor, Google Drive and YouTube integration. They have an active offer to receive $13 off on your first pack of classes.

Great virtual classroom designed with multiple engaging learning methodsNo additional learning materials provided
Tutors customize lessons to your goals and needs
Flexible payment options
Available on Computer, Apple and Android devices

Student Review:

“Lyudmila is a wonderful teacher. We quickly found a common language with her (you don’t notice how time flies in the classroom – this is the only drawback). She explains the material very clearly, she fully invests in the student. After Lyudmila’s assignments, nothing is scary. The result is visible after the first lesson. She is the person who will break your stereotypes about the Russian language. I’m glad that I turned to her for help.” (*★★★★★)

“Kristina is a very good teacher. She helped me improve my speaking in Russian. She gives me a chance to express my ideas and then corrects the expressions with explanations. She is very friendly and also professional. I recommend her very strongly.” (*★★★★★)


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1. How do I find the right Russian tutor?

To find the perfect online Russian teacher, you must first understand what it is you are looking for. What are your learning goals and what are you learning Russian for? Once you understand your language learning needs, you can begin to look for the right Russian tutor that fits your budget, your schedule and who can tailor the lesson to your learning targets. Check out the great line-up of Amazing Talker’s Russian Teachers.

2. Can I find the right Russian teacher at a reasonable price?

Not to worry, Amazing Talker has an affordable selection of tutors to fit your budget. With their easy filter process, you can sort tutors by prices and find the lowest rates just for you.

3. How to define a good Russian teacher?

A good online Russian tutor is patient, understanding and ensures you are learning in an engaging way and at your right capacity. They will customize your lessons based on your learning goals and learning capacities or limitations. They provide well-structured lesson plans and materials to guide you through, making each lesson impactful and keeping you motivated for the next lesson.

Ready to start learning Russian?

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Finding the ideal online Russian tutor should now be much easier, since you can now see the top 10 websites to find the best Russian teachers on the market right now. With their various features, pros/cons and pricing; you should be well equipped to make an informed decision about which tutor is the best match for you.

Come visit us at AmazingTalker and find your perfect online Russian tutors at the best possible price. We also have exceptional tutors for many other languages that may catch your interest too!

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About AmazingTalker

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