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大家好!我是來自日本的Haru,是一名職業日語教師!我在線教過將近4500節課。其中一半的學生是以中文為母語的人。所以,如果您是華人或您會說中文我知道怎樣教您最有效,因為我有豐富的用中文授課的經驗。我可以為您講解中文和日文之間結構上的區別和日式交流方式。我認為如果您掌握這些就可以靈活地運用日文,從而說出很道地的日文。 如果您已經有明確的學習計劃,那麼我可以配合您的計劃進行學習。 如果您還沒有明確的學習計劃,那麼我會根據您的日文水平為您制定課程計劃。 就算您沒學過日文也不用擔心,我可以從零開始教您! 如果您有需要,我會用中文為您提供清楚地解釋,比如日文的文法和發音等。當然我也會根據您的需求和水平調整課堂中用中文和日文的比例,讓您更多的熟悉日語語言環境。 除日文口語練習外,如果您在日文寫作和翻譯方面有需求,如寫簡歷、報告或翻譯文件等,我也會幫助您更改和完善,使其意思表達更準確。 以下是學生對我的評價 “今天先和Haru老師聊了去日本的旅行安排,老師給了很多細節上的建議。第一次認識到我們在生活習慣上有如此多差異,覺得很驚奇。之後老師一句一句地幫我修改了先前的一篇日語習作。老師指出的很多細微的詞義,讓我深刻領悟到了日文獨有的美感。Haru老師的課實在是精彩!” “Haru老師非常耐心,有經驗,真正做到了因材施教。並且很能找到和學生的共鳴以及注意到學生的興趣點,在教授的同時不忘把一個個知識點寫下來即時發送給我,以前自己也是做老師的,覺得很幸運遇見Haru老師,我已經向朋友推薦他了” “今天通過請老師幫我改作文,對我的幫助非常大。之前從未認識到的、認為是理所應當的用法其實都是不自然的。Haru老師會循循善誘地幫助學生掌握正確、自然的日文,非常棒!” I am a native Japanese speaker from Japan and a professional teacher. I am a very patient and encouraging teacher, and I try to make every session relaxing and enjoyable. I am also a language learner, so I understand the challenges and frustrations of learning a foreign language. I like working one-on-one with students because each lesson is different and dynamic. I believe that practice is the key to becoming an advanced speaker. You can practice with anyone, but a trained teacher is the best partner. Because I provide conversation practice with integrated grammar. I can also give you grammar and vocabulary corrections. My lessons are always 100% adapted to your needs. No matter what your goal is or how difficult it might be to reach, I can work with you every step of the way until you pass your exam, speak like a native, understand the book, have the best possible application or anything else. Finally, I have worked with many complete beginner students. If you are a beginner, I welcome you to take my lessons. I have received excellent feedback, for example, “I feel that I have continued to learn with Haru consistently since the beginning. What's really great is that because he is responsive to my specific learning goals, I am able to ask him questions about what I learn on my own to progress forward with my studies. In this way, our sessions feel more structured. This, I feel, is good in terms of our compatibility, and the ability to work together is a much bigger component to success for me personally. I also appreciate that he is not very intrusive regarding my private life. Thanks, Haru!” “A lesson with Haru-san is like a visit in a Japanese friend's home. He is so easygoing that I forget my fear about making mistakes and find myself conversing enthusiastically.”

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  • ShiBi Yan

    謝謝Haru老師,上課如此愉快~又給予人鼓勵 教我說出很多日文句子

  • ShiBi Yan

    Haru先生は日本語を教えてくれて どうも ありがとうございました 私はも日本語を勉強し続けます 沒有像老師說的那麼好,還有很大進步空間 お疲れ様でした

  • Benfang Wang

    Haru老师非常专业,上课氛围轻松愉快,可以按照我的需求为我制定课程,我非常享受与Haru上课! 谢谢你!


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・Use textbook to practice conversation and to make sure students have understood the concepts. ・Prepare JLPT with conversation practice and grammar explanations. ・Use articles that students are interested in for discussion, grammar points, and useful expressions. ・Focus on real life situations and learn and practice natural Japanese conversations. ・Choose topics that students are interested in to practice speaking. ・Correct students writing In the class.


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