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  • Why should you choose me?

    😎 I have studied abroad in Japan. 😎 I learned Japanese in Tokyo so my Japanese is standard Japanese. 😎 I learned from Japanese characters, so I understand the difficulties when you are studying Japanese. 😎 I can share many things about Japan as I lived in Tokyo for 2 and a half years. 😎 I have obtained a JLPT N1.

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  • 楽しく授業しましょう


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  • Life style Designer

    Hello everyone, My name is Tinny. So glad that you're watching my profile. My hobby is cooking,taking pictures, and traveling. I have been talking Japanese about 10 more years. I can being help if you're a student who wants to practice Japanese speaking skills, grammar skills, or any other about Japanese language.

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  • 5 stars tutor! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    I'm Yumi and have taught Japanese since 2017. A lot of my students describe me friendly and patient. The most important but difficult thing to study language is keeping practice. I can help you to keep practice and find to study Japanese is pretty fun!

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  • Japanese Fun Conversation🙌

    With 8 years worth of licensed local and international experience in teaching English and Japanese, Mio will be able to take care of your needs without fail. -Completed the 420 hour Advanced Japanese Teacher Training Course -TESOL -Senior High School Teachers License in Japan

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  • Business / Writing

    Goal-oriented. I'm a Tutor / Sustainable life hack writer / Eco-friendly eventer. HAPPY VEGAN originally from 北海道. ▼When booking our 1st lesson (1) Kindly briefly tell me your study goal *Or any request will be rejected without any notice ▼Course ① Business ② Daily conversation ③ Japanese travel conversation for Vegan ④ JLPT

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  • 日本に10年間留学する、国立海洋大学博士


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  • 関西弁を話したい人and初心者!!

    関西弁を聞きたい人や話してみたい人は是非来てください!教える発音は標準語です! 教材はなくてもいいですがあった方がいいです。もちろんN5〜N1のことも教えます! また、初心者の方も大歓迎!なぜなら、日本語も中国語も話せるから言語の心配はいらないからだよ!授業で会えることを楽しみにしているよ!

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  • ゆうじ (Yuji) ✈︎ Traveler

    Teaching around the world🌍

    I just finished my world travel. I visited 35 countries. I teach in Japanese conversation class in Myanmar before. Very important thing to learn Japanese is to keep using and talking in Japanese. Hope I can see you soon. Please feel free to message me!! 中文(一點點可以) You can see my travel life ♪ ↓ Instagram: ug_traveler

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  • 教育大学出身、イタリア在住20年


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  • Native Japanese speaker🌺

    I was born and raised in Tokyo Japan. I am Japanease native speaker. my accent is Tokyo. I teach Japanese to foreigners between ages of 20 and 65 at home. i enjoy meeting new peaple and learning about new cultres. we can work pronanciaion, basic grammar and conversation skills. le'ts have fun. I look forward to meeting you soon.

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  • #日常会話#理解しやすい#猫

      こんにちは、私は念です。日本語先生は3年ぐらいしています。 。   みなさんのレベルと興味に合わせて授業を用意します。授業はリラックスした雰囲気です。