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Estimate your potential earnings

Potential monthly income

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Potential income from teaching Languages
Potential monthly income

Become an online Chinese teacher

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Set your own prices

You choose what tutoring fees to charge. Courses are divided into 25-minute trial lessons and 50-minute standard lessons.

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There are no minimum work hours—choose the schedule you want. Input your weekly availability and students can choose time slots that work for them.

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To get started, you'll just need a webcam and microphone equipped on your computer. Start earning more and helping students around the world.

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1. You're fluent in Chinese

You have a degree in Chinese or a similar degree, or are a native Chinese speaker yourself.

2. You have Chinese teaching experience

You have experience in 1-on-1 Chinese tutoring or related classroom experience.

3. You want to be your own boss

You want to work on your own schedule!

4. You're passionate about teaching

As a tutor with AmazingTalker, you can work with students of all ages and from all over. Join us and start sharing your knowledge today!

Job vacancies: Chinese teachers
There are currently openings for online tutors of 96 languages and other subjects
    How do I teach online with AmazingTalker?
    Get matched with students by our platform

    Tutors will automatically be messaged when they're matched with students. From there you can get in touch with the student.

    Connect with students before the lesson

    Using our website's messaging feature, tutors contact students to understand their learning goals and what learning materials will be needed for class.

    Log on and start teaching

    At the time of the lesson, you can log into your 1-on-1 virtual classroom via Zoom.

    Students' tutoring requests
    Students submit a request outlining their learning goals. From there, the learners get matched with tutors who best fit their needs. See sample requests below.

    Looking for Chinese tutors - Kids

    提升普通話溝通能力。認字和中文造句能力Incorporate challenging instructional strategies.Assisting students reach their study goals by guiding them in their study.Use diversified tutoring methods to ensure student's engagement.

    Kids (3-5)

    Looking for Chinese tutors - Adults

    1. 您的學習狀況 2.想要加強哪些部分Plan, prepare and deliver lessons on a one-to-one basis.Encouraging the students in their study process.Encouraging the students in their study process. Be able to implement interesting learning strategies.


    Looking for Chinese tutors - Fundamental

    Explain topics with relatable examples for quick grasping of the topics being discussed.Draft a schedule that will most effectively improved student's knowledge and understanding of Chinese.Assisting students reach their study goals by guiding them in their study.


    Looking for Chinese tutors - Adults

    Planning lessons with achievable targets.Schedule and carry out customized lessons in Chinese.Explain material to students utilizing a variety of learning strategies.


    Looking for Chinese tutors - Adults

    Scheduling lessons with individual students or small study groups. Tutoring students Chinese.Share your knowledge and expertise in Chinese.Explain topics with relatable examples for quick grasping of the topics being discussed.

    Support and resources for our tutors
    How AmazingTalker supports tutors
    Automatic matching with students
    AmazingTalker provides an automated matchmaking service that matches students with suitable tutors according to the teacher’s background and the student’s learning needs. When students browse tutors, your tutor profile will also appear in the search results at no cost.
    A variety of training resources
    As a tutor, you'll receive a full range of video training resources to help familiarize you with how our platform works and ways to attract more students.
    Join a teacher's group or create your own
    AmazingTalker is dedicated to fostering a caring and supportive platform for tutors. New tutors can express interest in joining a teacher’s group, and get support in dealing with any obstacles in their path and help in achieving their goals.
    AmazingTalker tutor testimonials
    Explore the possibilities of teaching
    French Tutor
    "I'm developing my own business in online teaching!" For Lionel, it’s important to have independence in teaching, design classes the way he wants, and have the flexibility to take on more or fewer classes depending on his schedule.
    English Teacher
    ”What I love about teaching is meeting new, interesting people every day… and helping them as much as I can.” For Alex, AmazingTalker allows him to see the results of his work and teach with greater freedom than other online teaching platforms. “Seeing students so appreciative and grateful of the advice and help you’ve given to them—it’s a fantastic feeling when they achieve the goal they have, and send you a message saying, ‘Hey I passed my IELTS and got the grade I wanted-thank you so much!’”
    English teacher and Youtuber
    "AT gives me the opportunity to do the things I love and turn it into my career." Ricky was a well-known cram school teacher, but he didn't want his career and personal life being restricted by the cram school schedule. "I think AmazingTalker is a fantastic platform because it lets me do the things I love and turn it into a career."
    AmazingTalker online Chinese teachers
    • oral language
      As a Chinese teacher in training institutions, I teach students aged 6-30 to learn HSK courses and daily communication. I have the qualification certificate of teaching Chinese as a foreign language, have some experience in Chinese grammar teaching, and can set the course content correctly.
      Read More
    • 😊 native Madarin speaker
      😊get 100% praise from students and their parents 😊design indicidual plan to move forward based on kid's needs and goals 😊interactive teaching with story books, interesting games , cute toys and so on 😊give feedback after each class
      Read More
    • 师范毕业,二十年教学经验
      我的课程包括拼音,汉字,词汇,句型,日常用语,YCT,快乐汉语,轻松学中文以及HSK备考课程。当然,我也可以按照你自己的需求,为你设置最适合你的课程。 在课堂上我注重精讲多练,确保你能理解和掌握课堂上所学的内容,在听、说、读、写方面全面提高,也确保你可以把所学内容应用于工作,生活和考试中。
      Read More
    • class for kids or beginners
      1/2 yeaars working experience as bilingual translator 2/abundant experience in teaching kids and daults 3/FUN learning ,let the study become a habit 4/teaching kids and adults for 3 years , know the basic theory of teaching and processes 5/will help you speak Chinese more fluently and politely
      Read More
    • conversation|vocabulary|hsk
      I have four years of home-schooling experience,And I have 100 hours of teaching experience in Chinese as a foreign language 。I can do a good job of customizing courses for students,Try to teach students according to their aptitude。I believe I can eliminate students' fear of Chinese as much as possible。
      Read More
    • Good at teaching the kids
      I am Wallis come from China.I am an online tutor for teaching Chinese. I am here to help you learn and improve your Chinese communication skills. I am patient,confident and helpful.If you want to learn Chinese culture, I would like to introduce to you.Hope to see you soon,bye.
      Read More
    • 口语/面试/儿童教育
      😀毕业于南京邮电大学行政管理 😀雅思6.5,已拿到香港城市大学、谢菲大学传媒专业录取 😀电视台、广告公司工作经验丰富,多年播音主持经验 😀多年儿童家教经验,一对一教育经验丰富 😀模拟面试,商业会话,面试用语熟练掌握,带你快速熟悉常用中文 😀三天迅速熟悉所有汉字读音,能让你读懂句子
      Read More
    • Five years of teaching🍀
      I am cheerful, have a good teaching concept, good at enlightening teaching.I tutored an adult Chinese Mandarin,two months later he got the certificate of Grade 2 in Mandarin.I tutored a student in composition writing,improved his grades by 20% - 30%. He accumulated more than one thousand idioms.
      Read More
    • 香港老師🍣小朋友首選
      Read More
    • Daily conversation /HSK
      20+years teaching experience 🔥Speaking perfect Chinese, Japanese and also a little English.🔥Friendly, passionate and have a strong sense of responsibility 🔥
      Read More

    AI Tutor Matching

    Tell us your needs and we will match you with 3 ideal tutors in 30 seconds!
    Q1:What are the requirements to be an online Chinese tutor on AmazingTalker? Can it be my part-time job?

    If you have Chinese teaching experience, we encourage you to apply as a tutor on AmazingTalker. Even if you have a full-time job or other obligations, you can take on lessons and earn additional income according to your schedule and availability.
    Q2:Do I need to prepare my own teaching materials?

    Yes. At AmazingTalker we believe that tutoring is most effective when it is customized for students' learning goals. Hence, teachers prepare their own teaching materials.
    Q3:After becoming a tutor of Chinese on AmazingTalker, how do I decide on prices for my lessons?

    Our Chinese teachers have different approaches to setting their tutoring fees. According to our data, most Chinese teachers charge US$15–28 per 50 minute private lesson, and US$6–10 per 25 minute trial lesson. If you're accepted as a tutor at AmazingTalker, we will provide you with additional guidance on how to set your tutoring fees.
    Q4:How do I apply for leave? And how is it granted?

    Students can generally book lessons up to 24 hours in advance. If you or your student wishes to cancel a scheduled lesson, cancellations need to be made at least 12 hours in advance.
    Q5:How does payment work, and how do I receive payment?

    All tutors with AmazingTalker are paid on a monthly basis.
    Once a lesson is successfully completed, your tutoring fees will be accrued to your income balance. Payments are made on the 2nd of every month, and you have the option of using PayPal, TransferWise or Payoneer to receive payment.
    Q6:What costs apply to my tutoring earnings?

    A variable fee applies to the hourly rates you set, which helps support the cost of running the platform and attracting new students. Please note that the fee decreases as you earn more. Please refer to our income calculation guidelines for more details.
    Q7:What if I have more questions?

    Our help center page linked here should have answers to most of your questions. If you can't find the answer to your question via the help center, you can contact us here using the red question mark (?) icon on the bottom right of your screen.

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