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  • 👩‍🏫9+years teaching XP
    ❣️DM for better schedule 👨‍🎓Korean Language&Literature 👨‍🎓 English Interpretation&Translation 🌻Fluent in English&Korean, Pre-Intermediate Vietnamese 🌈2 yrs in South Africa🍁6 yrs in Korea🌼5 yrs in Vietnam 🌸Taught 50+ students (15 countries.) 💁HSK& HSKK📝Chinese Made Easy for Kids&Youth📝YCT✍️AP
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  • Conversation/writing/HSK exam
    🔥Ph.D of USTB 📌7+ years of experience📌Chinese/English/Spanish are available📌 Be skilled in Business Chinese📌Preparing for HSK1- 6, 100% approved.📌Elementary practical Chinese for Adult and Child 📌All students speak standard Chinese📌 / study in Chinese famous University/working in Chinese Company
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  • HSK|Conversation|Customize
    👏Adult & Children Beginner-friendly Improve your power of expression~ Specialized in PRONUNCIATION & INTERCULTURAL COMMUNICATION 🇬🇧Overseas Experience👩🏻‍🎓Master's degree(UK)📌 Ph.D. offer( UK) 🌈 National English Teacher Certificate 🌈 Mandarin Certificate 🌟Practical teaching help, such as HSK, Pronunciation, and Customized Course
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  • Correct pronunciation👩🏻
    ❗Establish a standard accent and speak Mandarin fluently? gathered students from all over the world Children, children and adults teach👑Children's Chinese👑 Pronunciation practice👑HSK training👑Adult Chinese👑Patience, friendliness and enthusiasm🎉Successfully helped students achieve their Goal💪🏻 Tailored courses🎉
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    🔱1000h+ experience in teaching foreigners Mandarin (online+offline) 🔱Qualified Mandarin teacher for Foreighters(CTCSOL certificate ) 🔱I'm new here but not a greenhorn. 🔱Phonetic expert ,Native speacker (Mainland) 🔱always keeping an eye on your pronunciation and being patient, helpful😀😀😀
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  • ❤️New online discount❤️
    🌈I'm from China and Mandarin is my mother tongue 🌈Five years of online and offline teaching experience 🌈National Primary School Chinese Teacher qualification certificate 🌈The teacher is very patient 🌈Use body movements, pictures and other ways to teach 🌈Students with zero foundation can learn Mandarin easily
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  • 1000+✨Certificated Teacher
    I'm a teacher of Confucius Institute🌍. 👩🏻‍🏫👩🏻‍🏫 I offer both adults&kids mandarin courses. I can customize the learning content according to your interests, such as daily life✨, traveling✨, business✨ and so on. In my teaching, I will prepare all teaching materials. 💁🏻‍♀️💓💓
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  • Practical Chinese
    🏆 PSC Level A 🌟Pronunciation Expert 🇯🇵Studying in Japan 🌷25min for Kids 🌍Daily Conversation 🌍Business Chinese 🌍HSK/PSC 🌟Movies/ Newspapers/ Magazines.. ✅ Pronunciation Correction ✅ Exclusive Customized Courses
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  • HSK· Kids· Adults
    ✅ Majored in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language ✅ Official Certificate for Mandarin & Teacher Qualification Certificate ✅ Fluent in English ✅ Over 10,000 hours of teaching; rich in experience ✅ Students are from US, UK, Spain, Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Brazil etc. ✅ Experienced in teaching HSK1-6; a passing rate over 95%
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  • Chinese Mandarin/ business
    🔥🔥Discount for Thanksgiving!!👑Native Mandarin Speaker with Mandarin certificate 2A👑3 years online teaching experience, with Chinese Teacher’ Certificat👑Has a double degree in Translation & Chinese language and literature. 👑 switching between Chinese and English freely.👑Teaching materials are customized for your needs.
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  • Explore Chinese together
    · Personalized class · HSK/YCT/TOCFL Kids Teaching experience & diversity materials, conversation in real life, creative games.. · Explore new about Chinese architecture, culture, poetry, modern life.. together · Architecture Shanghai/Service design Taiwan/Design,innovation and technology Barcelona background, now Barcelona
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  • Speak Mandarin in ONE MONTH
    😍Learn Chinese Every Day in a Fun Way💥Special Price for Beginner Mandarin🗣️Conversational Mandarin⏳Beginner to Advanced Mandarin📝Customized syllabus for zero basic learners🗣️HSK Preparation💼Corporate training🎖Int Language Trainer/TCSOL
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  • Chinese conversation&spoken
    1.Mother tongue is Mandarin, and I have obtained a Level 2 Certificate 2.1 on 1 teaching kid's Chinese,spoken Chinese, and business Chinese, etc 3. Worked in a US company for one year in Chinese and English translation work 4.Being seriously and responsibly to every students, talking with students about Chinese songs, Chinese film and television
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  • 10Yrs Exp🥇RealLife Chinese
    FUN EASY PRACTIAL WAY to Learn Real Mandarin⭐Boost your vocabulary from movies⭐Certified Teacher in Confucius Institue⭐10 years Experience | over 2000 students Expert for Beginners⭐Tailored Courses for Beginners ⭐Native Chinese speaker with a clear, standard accent
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    🏆I am able to speak English and mandarin. 🏆I have got Level I of Mandarin Test Certification of China. 🏆I have worked as a teacher for 15 years in Beijing. 🏆The course includes: pinyin, vocabulary, daily conversation, listening, speaking, reading, writing, poetry, Chinese traditional culture, etc.
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  • Preschool (Mandarin )teacher
    Mother tongue, no accent 🔅 Learned English online for 5 years, well aware of language learning difficulties and students' needs 🔅 Worked in children's Hospital for 8 years, experienced in getting along with children AND taught Chinese online for 2 years. I can help you correct pronunciation, improve listening, reading and writing
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  • 少儿和成人教学经验丰富的老师
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  • 💖Beginner, HSK, Advanced
    🌟Chinese Native Speaker 🌟Online teaching experience 🌟Well prepared custom materials 🌟Teaching resources 🌟Class interesting to treat children have the patience to grab more interactive 🌟encourage enlightenment children's interest in learning 🌟combination interesting one-on-one interaction game
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  • 15年以上对韩汉语教学经验
    我从2003年开始教授汉语。教学经验丰富。我注重学生的综合能力,做到听、说、读、写全方位提升,同时也注意因人而异,针对不同学生设计不同的教学方案。但是我上课的原则是课上尽量不使用中介语,学生可以说错,但不能不说,从而保证最大程度上为学生提供语言环境。 加入我的课堂,我的实力加上你的自信,就是成功的开始。
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  • BAC and HSK preparation
    15 years of teaching in French institutions and companies🌸 interpreter and translator🌸Standard Mandarin🌸Specialized in HSK and BAC🌸Business Chinese🌸Courses all levels 🌸Initiation for children🐼Emphasis on classroom interaction and student participation Welcome to my page for more information about the courses!
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