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wrote tojing xing 理解学生,因材施教,换位思考,因材施教,学生是课堂的主人,老师是学生的引导者

2023/09/23 15:06
She is very kind and easy to talk with. She encourges me a lot to speak more and her smiles and laughs make me feel confident. But, I think she's busy normally, so it was hard to contact with her.

wrote toSabrina, Native speakers, understanding students' learning difficulties

2023/09/23 00:53
Wonderful person and have no issue with her as an individual. I honestly think though that if she really cares about helping her students; then should make a conscious effort about how to actually address students needs. Maybe taking a class in phonetics might help. She provided zero assistance to actually addressing my issues and instead just said 多說 多聽. I don’t think she actually understands how to help which honestly is frustrating itself. Not to mention the continuous comparison of other foreigners Chinese to mine to make me feel better was just disgusting. Do not recommend her if you’re trying to perfect your pronunciation. Overall she is a great person and is very patient so if you don’t have any pronunciation issues then she might be a fit.

wrote toNita🔥Registered Teacher🏅in HK and Australia🔥10 years experience🌟PSC highest level

2023/09/21 23:43
The trial session was really fun ! Ms. Anita was very friendly and had taken her time to figure out where my level of Chinese was at the moment. Ms. Anita had prepared good materials for my first trial lesson. Thank you for this wonderful session and this opportunity of learning ! Recommended to beginners learning Chinese.

wrote toAngela ❤️The first choice for overseas children ❤️Highly interactive conversation class for adults

2023/09/20 07:01
I have seen amazing results with Angela. She is hands down the best teacher out there. Her methods are innovative and helpful. I came to her knowing no mandarin and I can now have a conversation, convey my thoughts, and read about 50 characters. She makes every lesson fun and engaging. If you're feeling shy about learning a new language as an adult then you should go to Angela because she's very good at making you feel comfortable without making you feel like a kid!

wrote toLili🙌15 years international trade experiences , many years tutor expenrienes🙌professional knowledge

2023/09/10 22:22
Lilly is a very dedicated teacher. She is a very ethusiastic, knowledgable teacher. I improved quickly with her teaching, and her lesson is very interesting, I always looking forward to her lesson.

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wrote toTingting teacher🏆 Mandarin for children aged 3-15, Mandarin for adults🌈

2023/09/10 22:03
Ting Ting teacher has always been very patient to my daughter which is quite reluctant to have online class. Teacher will have her own way to cheer her up and making the lesson more interesting. Appreciate all the efforts of Ting Ting's teacher!! Many thanks~

wrote toYeatz👑 Chinese Mandarin|Businese|HSK|Conversation Chinese Introduction

2023/09/08 22:37
I have learned a lot from Yeatz, she is a very caring teacher, who is very patient and considerate even though my Chinese pronunciations are not on point. I highly suggest this teacher, her teachings are second to none.

wrote toTingting teacher🏆 Mandarin for children aged 3-15, Mandarin for adults🌈

2023/09/07 22:04
Ms. TingTing is sensitive, patient and encouraging. She demonstrates that she has experience in teaching kids and I could tell that she likes children! She knows how to communicate with my 4 years old boy and cater to his needs. She is able to gain his attention even though he is not in good mood sometimes. She prepares well for the classes and her teaching materials is professional, interactive and have different variety. And she writes feedback after every lessons so we know about the learning progress. My son doesn’t like Mandarin at first but now he shows more interest in the language. He loves Ms. TingTing’s stories telling time and he will repeat after her and be able to speak a complete sentence in Mandarin sometimes. I appreciate that Ms. TingTing not only teaches the language but she likes to establish relationship with her student.

wrote to👑Elka👑6+years experience in Canada👨🏻‍🎓University of Toronto MBA🎖️IELTS 8🦄2+ years online tutoring

2023/09/07 15:02
If you're looking for a tutor who can speak good English and can cater to your needs easily, I highly recommend Elka. I'm a basic-intermediate Chinese speaker and I can say that I'm becoming more confident in learning the language through Elka's guidance. Her classes have been organised and easy to follow with opportunity to learn conversational Chinese. She's always on time and is flexible when it comes to scheduling. I highly rate her!

wrote to🏅青青(Gina)老師🔥.註冊幼稚園老師🔥,母語普通話(二甲證書)🤗寫作/拼音/繪本/會話/GAPSK✨,

2023/09/06 19:00
Teacher Gina is terrific and my little one loves her so much. She can always arouse my LO's interest to stay focused throughout the class. Her pinying and pronunciation have improved a lot.

wrote toAjie🥇The magician in the Mandarin world, the holder of the second-class certificate in Mandarin

2023/09/02 19:53
His English was not good at all. Spoke English all the time as if this is an English class, not Chinese. His teaching was limited to 2 or 3 words only. He is not a good teacher for kids for sure

wrote to👑 Newscaster Tina 🥇 National Mandarin Level 1 Mandarin for adults + Mandarin for

2023/09/02 12:14
Tina is a great teacher! She is enthusiastic about teaching, great at finding materials that are relevant and catered to you, and also very easy to talk to for you to improve your conversational skills.

wrote toGrace 幼兒/兒童/蒙特梭利美語美語教學十餘年, 具有豐富經驗

2023/09/02 06:30
Highly recommend Grace for Children lesson. She makes the class so much fun and keeps encouraging children in the class. My two kids don't speak Mandarin at all, but after first lesson with Grace, they are excited to learn a new language with her. As a parent, I am happy to find her. She is easy to communicate and providing a good study plan for each child's needed and their learning method.

wrote to🏮🔆Chloe🌠🏮specialize in listening|speaking|reading|writing🎯mandarin certificate(level 1)🌷🥇CTCSOL🌷 🏅

2023/09/01 23:37
Chloe is an excellent teacher! I was nervous about starting to learn Chinese at first, but I'm glad I found her. She's very knowledgeable, patient and kind. She truly wants her students to improve and succeed. She's simply the best! ☺️

wrote toZhouzhou 🏅️5years🏅️Full-time🏅️HSK🏅️GAPSK🏅️YCT🏅️Pinyin

2023/08/31 06:09
Good teacher. My son likes the lesson. Maybe try focusing more on speaking and more practice on using new words and sentence structures. Some interactive games would be fun for young learners. Thanks!

wrote toGabriel✨contact me for FREE trial lesson now✨

2023/08/31 00:09
I had a trial lesson with Gabriel. I think he might be a very good teacher as - he is not switching to English during the lesson - his lesson is dynamic and balanced between all aspects of language

wrote to10 years of tutoring experience with students of all levels, all ages

2023/08/28 13:47
My son enjoys learning from her. It is most important for us that my son enjoys leaning chinese and keep learning for a long period of time. I like her positive way to encourage my son to learn Chinese.

wrote toXian’s Chinese Wonderland🌈various topics 🌱Basic-Intermediate-Advanced

2023/08/27 22:49
Teacher Xian's lesson is both fun and informative. My girls' Chinese writing skills have improved significantly since taking Teacher Xian's classes. I highly recommend Teacher Xian to anyone who is looking for a professional Chinese writing tutor! A+

wrote toEllen wang

2023/08/27 09:42
Ellen was very organized and gave me lots of opportunities to speak. She is very professional and I'm very happy to meet her on this platform. I trust her as my Chinese teacher. 艾伦非常有条理,给了我很多发言的机会。 她非常专业,我很高兴在这个平台上认识她。 我相信她是我的语文老师。

wrote toTeacher Yang/ Chinese Enlightenment / Reading and Writing/Correcting Pronunciation/GAPSK️HSK Test

2023/08/26 10:12
ms yang is dedicated to helping me speak better. her class is always fun. she has a systematic way of detecting and correcting pronunciation issues, complete with tongue-twister practice. she could tell when my tongue isn't exactly where it's supposed to be or when a certain combination of sound hasn't yet gotten to my muscle memory. 很好, she would say when i finally got them. then she'd check again the following class. to anyone who's serious about learning to speak well, i cannot recommend her highly enough.

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