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I feel confident that I will reach my goals with Sky. Recommended!

wrote toSICAI LIN

2020/03/28 13:51
Ms. Lin is a great teacher. Thank you

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wrote toEmma Chen

2020/03/27 21:22
Emma was great at explaining the different ways to count 1-10,000. She is also great at focusing and correcting my pronunciation.

wrote toAvelyn

2020/03/27 15:39
The teacher is nice and patient. My son enjoyed the lesson very much. Can give him more challenge next time. See you.

wrote toVanessa Chen

2020/03/27 14:48
Vanessa is a good Mandarin teacher, especially for English and Cantonese speaker. She is patient and passionate, more importantly, she know how to imporove my skill set.

wrote toLoy.yue

2020/03/27 14:06
The teacher has prepared well for the class, girls are enjoyed very much and attentive enough to listen/learn. Thanks Teacher =)

wrote toJamie

2020/03/27 14:04
Jaime was very nice and patient with me. I'm a complete beginner and she was able to explain everything at a level that I could understand.

wrote toJamie

2020/03/27 11:43
We had a wonderful lesson!!! Jamie also gives us homework to remember all the materials we `ve studied in the class.

wrote toLoy.yue

2020/03/27 05:27
Teacher Lou. yue has trained me to be more confident to speak Chinese and I can learn a lot from her. Thank you Teacher Lou. yue.

wrote toAvelyn

2020/03/26 13:36
Avelyn is a great teacher for beginners. ven though she might focus more on teaching children, I think her ways are also applicable to adults learning for the first time. She makes it easy to remember, gives background info and insight and explains grammatic (which usually has me totally confused) in a very easy to understand way. Although she said she doesn´t know english very well, I think she was amazing a great to understand without any problems! A very humble, polite and open minded person that I would love to study with again in the future. :)

wrote toPinPin Mandarin 🌞

2020/03/26 13:30
Thanks Pin Pin, my son enjoyed the lesson and he’s looking forward to the next one.
Thanks for letting me know whether my son performs well in class.

wrote to郭蕙瑜

2020/03/26 12:05
Very friendly and easy to talk to. I started a conversation in Chinese very quickly, thank you!

wrote toWinnie

2020/03/26 11:43
Winnie is a wonderful teacher, she can let the kids get interested in the Chinese and have fun in the class that's why my kid loves her class.

wrote to陳蘭芬

2020/03/26 09:05
She’s a serious and well prepared teacher.

wrote toLoy.yue

2020/03/26 09:04
A good teacher indeed.