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wrote toKay 綺羅dOwOb

2019/08/24 17:50

wrote toEdes

2019/08/24 16:55
It was a fun and informative lesson. I learned some slangs and their usages as well as the material from the text book. Thanks a lot.

wrote toJune

2019/08/24 12:09
June is amazing. She's very patient and encouraging. I've learned so many new words and very useful phrases to use when I go to China. Thank you so much and see you again soon!

wrote toJune

2019/08/24 09:13
June was very kind, patient and fun to talk to. She gave me a lot of useful suggestions and resources even just during my trial lesson, I would recommend her to any other Chinese students!

wrote toSissi

2019/08/23 21:07

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wrote toLilyan

2019/08/23 21:00

wrote toWinnie

2019/08/23 05:50
Getting used to making sentences, great progress

wrote toJune

2019/08/22 20:35
I like June's teaching style, very funny and relaxing. I learned a lot in today's lesson. I am looking forward to our future lessons.

wrote toLilyan

2019/08/22 17:34

wrote toKuan

2019/08/22 00:52
Kuan provided an introduction to Pinyin typing which is exactly what I needed for work. I picked up several tips in a short amount of time.

wrote toJune

2019/08/21 21:39
It was just a trail lesson but June actually taught me quite a lot about pronunciation. June is very funny and patient. I enjoyed my lesson with her. Can't wait to have next one.

wrote toAegean

2019/08/19 20:43

wrote toLilianne.LING

2019/08/18 19:58

wrote toSusan Fang

2019/08/18 00:20
unresponsive. no notes after class.

wrote toWinnie

2019/08/17 22:25

wrote toSissi

2019/08/17 11:00

wrote toJem

2019/08/15 20:59
My first class with teacher Fang Eliza is so amazing, she had a very well preparing of PPT and word files to help student having a better understanding. Moreover, she patiently helped student to correct some pronunciation. I highly recommend her to people who want to improve chinese speaking and listening skill.

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    Hello guys, I'm Winnie. I'm a full time Chinese teacher. I can tailor the courses that best fit your needs. If you have anything want to learn, just let me know. I'll personalize your own learning materials.Don’t be shy. Hope to see you soon.😊

    Diverse topics, Useful, Easy

    $22.44 / 50min

    SpeakEnglish, Chinese, Min Nan Chinese