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wrote to🌸Hua🌸🏅(Master)Yonsei Univ.👩‍🎓 Multilingual EN-KR-CN 🏫+6yrs Exp 💖KR Hyundai Motor🥇CN-KR Joint Venture

2024/04/21 15:44
Today during the lesson, I realised how much Chinese I have learnt so far within a last month studying with hua. I was impressed with the progress and proud of myself. It was all possible because hua is an amazing tutor. I always appreciate your work. Thank you for fun and highly educational lessons! :)

wrote toYOUYOU【汉语国际教育专业硕士,超過6000個小時中文教學】

2024/04/21 10:04
YouYou is a very friendly and good teacher. Help me to understand when I get lost, but using Chinese, so I have a lot of chances to practice my listening and speaking. I recommend her class.

wrote toXiaoxiao ✍️Kids&Adults✍️ 5yrs Chinese teacher✍️Picture book ✍️ School auxiliary ✍️Business

2024/04/20 22:42
Xiao Xiao always well prepares the lesson and provides me with strategies to reinforce my strengths and weaknesses.I really appreciate the methods she guided me step by step to improve my writing skills.

wrote toMiss Eva /Totally Beginner to Intermediate LEARNER

2024/04/18 20:35
I haven’t seen Eva since four months ago and I’m so glad that I saw her again to catch up with natural speaking. She uses a new system to show the characters and pinyin at the same time. Very useful. She also helped me to correct my writing. I found that I make a very common mistake about Not knowing how to use 回/到/來。Thank you so much Eva for helping me see my common mistake.😍🤘

wrote to 🌿WEN【 Former Confucius Institute Teacher | Specialize in Teaching Chinese 】

2024/04/18 13:39
I recently started to have classes with Wen. As a beginner I thought that learning Chinese is hard but she made it very easy for me. She is very friendly and outgoing, helping you out when you need it. She gives enough time for you to speak and practice, as well as teaching you really on-point topics. The materials she provided also proved good use to me. Cannot wait to have more classes!

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wrote to 🌿WEN【 Former Confucius Institute Teacher | Specialize in Teaching Chinese 】

2024/04/18 11:40
Wen is literally one of the best Chinese teachers I have ever had. Although we have only had 2 lessons, she is super nice and every class is really fun. We also talk about my personal goals outside of language learning, and Wen is helping me to find a Chinese institute to attend in China. She also has it so that if I ever need help with Chinese, that I can always text her. If you want a teacher who is really nice, truly listens to the needs of her students, and will help you grow in and out of the classroom, pick Wen. You literally won't regret it. ^^

wrote toMiss Eva /Totally Beginner to Intermediate LEARNER

2024/04/16 12:54
I learned a lot this lesson and it was great. It was stuff I could apply to the real world like restaurants and how to pick up phone calls. I also like how structured Eva's class is! Overall, I am learning a lot and it is easy to understand her. My Chinese is definitely getting a lot better thanks to Eva!

wrote toLiu😍 Adults😀Oral🔥Conversation😀

2024/04/14 01:05
Liu is a great teacher. He’s very easy to talk to and the classes are well structured. I learn a lot every class. He is very passionate and knowledgeable too. Can’t wait to learn even more about Chinese culture with him.

wrote toClaire⭐你中文的好朋友👐開口說中文不再是難事✏️

2024/04/13 06:06
Amazing teacher! My son is with her for few years, he had fun, and continue keep the conversation with her, since USA don’t have environmental talk Chinese. Always prepared before class and is using flexible material.

wrote toLeona✨University Tutor✨Pass EXAMS easily

2024/04/12 10:49
Leona offers an extraordinary learning experience. She made the lesson really fun and enjoyable. She offers great feedback to the student when the lesson is finished. The classroom is really interactive and she made it pretty laid back. I highly recommend her course to anyone interested in learning another language.

wrote toWhat you need is just 5 Sentences a day!!Grow up fast with Tr.Ann🤩

2024/04/11 02:04
Jia En is a professional Chinese Laoshi. She is very friendly, patient, and understandable. Since I'm a beginner of Chinese, her method of teaching is easy to understand. Also, she covers lots of useful materials. I’m learning grammar, speaking, and writing with her. 謝謝 laoshi, it’s nice to learn with you.

wrote toGabriel✨contact me for FREE trial lesson now✨

2024/04/10 15:37
Today's trial lesson, led by Teacher Gabriel, was the epitome of professionalism and efficiency. I was given ample opportunities to speak, read, and listen to Chinese, which made the experience truly enriching. Teacher Gabriel has crafted a uniquely effective methodology for teaching beginners, showcasing his ingenuity and deep understanding of language learning. His approach instills confidence in his abilities as a seasoned instructor. I am wholeheartedly committed to following his learning strategy, and I'm optimistic about making significant progress in my Chinese language journey. I'm sure if I stick to a good routine of learning with Teacher Gabriel, I will be able to help my Taiwanese students in Chinese for my English lessons in no time. 加百列老師,今天的體驗課程非常感謝您。以後也請多多指教。 감사합니다~!

wrote to🏆 A-JIE🏆 | Certified Mandarin Instructor | Project Manager | English Tutor 🌟

2024/04/09 19:50
Teacher is very patient and makes the children more interested in attending class. The atmosphere in class is relaxed and interesting. very good. Recommended. 老師很有耐心,認真教導,上堂氣氛輕鬆。會比孩子很多說話的機會。

wrote to$0👑text me to get the free trail lesson👑Dr. Shih Ting🌟Language Lover & Friend Maker

2024/04/08 22:27
Dr. Ting had another excellent lesson prepared for me today. The first part was review so I could practice what I had learned the previous class. We practiced singing a song that helped me to memorize the vocabulary. She is patient and gives lots of feedback. She makes me feel comfortable to try speaking. Then, when we finished the activity, she had a more challenging activity that was good for me to try to improve my listening skills. Thanks, teacher! I'm excited for the next class. I think I am making good practice with Dr. Ting.

wrote to🏅️Phoebe🏅️TOP TEACHER💥10000+ Classes💥HSK1-6💥Exam Preps

2024/04/07 18:04
The class is fun, pleasant, and interesting. I was stuck at a B2 level for a long time, but now there's an opportunity to really improve. I can use the audio, notes, and videos. Also, the lesson requests are accepted quite quickly, making it easier to book a lesson. Looking forward to the next class. Thanks!

wrote to 🌿WEN【 Former Confucius Institute Teacher | Specialize in Teaching Chinese 】

2024/04/07 13:59
I recently had a trial class with 王雯 on AmazingTalker, and it was a positive experience. Her understanding of Chinese language nuances was evident, and she provided clear explanations. I left the class feeling motivated to continue learning with her guidance. Overall, I recommend 王雯 as a competent Chinese teacher for those seeking to improve their language skills.

wrote to乔乔🎓Certified Chinese Teacher📚Focus on spoken Chinese🔥

2024/04/06 22:31
Caroline is very skillful with kids especially beginners she gives my daughter adequate opportunities to speak and practice In addition she gives her homework to practice before next class.

wrote toMiss Eva /Totally Beginner to Intermediate LEARNER

2024/04/04 21:59
Eva is a very competent and patient teacher. I looked through many profiles and knew immediately she was the one for a total beginner. Learning useful conversational mandarin and so far so good! Looking forward to future lessons, thanks Eva 🙏🏻

wrote toNita🔥Registered Teacher🏅in HK and Australia🔥10 years experience🌟PSC highest level

2024/04/01 21:27
Nita is an amazing tutor. She is very knowledgeable and helped me alot in understanding complicated chinese lyrics and pronouncing them properly for singing. She is very smart and quick in giving great examples. 2 thumbs up!

wrote to🏅Wendy 😇oral mandarin😺interesting classes💜beginer

2024/03/26 10:08
Wendy is a nice, helpful teacher. My Mandarin level is very basic; Wendy explained things to me in English clearly and she had materials that were perfect for beginners. She asked questions to get to know my goals. It was my first class but I already learned many new words! She was patient and gave me encouragement that made me feel motivated to keep studying.

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