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  • Expert in B1 - B2 - C1

    Certified teacher, friendly and patient 📖 10 years of experience teaching French and Literature 📖 ➀ Are you intermediate or advanced level? ➁ Do you have a good foundation? ➂ My course is about: 🔆 EXPRESSING YOURSELF 🔆 Together, we will be: 🎯 Writing 🎯 Listening 🎯 Speaking

  • For beginners & more advanced

    ⭐️ Can speak French, English and Chinese ⭐️ 📖 Formation DAEFLE, French teaching to foreigners 📖 Graduated from the ENSEA 📖 Master in Science 📖 HSK 4 in Chinese Hi ! Nice to meet you~ I'm Victor, native from Normandy in France ! I'm passionate teacher, patient and looking forward to help you learning beautiful language !

  • conversational | interview

    🎓 Student in international law in France 📋 Teaching of different subjects in French 📖 Spelling and grammar help at university 🎙 Conversational French, interview, tourism, exam, pronunciation ... Total immersion with classes entirely in French (I can speak English if necessary)

  • All levels 🇫🇷

    🥖 Mother tongue 👩‍🏫 French teacher for 3 years 👩‍🎓Two master degrees in marketing and management, specialized in Luxury sector 👩‍💻 8 years in Paris working for luxury brands 🌏 Travel enthusiast (more than 40 countries) 🤓 Speaks French, English and Spanish 📌 Mexico

  • $22=25mins & $31=50mins

    🐥 KIDS from 5 yo: Games and Fun Lessons 💥 POKEMON BOARDGAME/French Group (6yo to 11yo) 📧 NEW: French Pen Pal for KIDS ⚡ 25 minute lessons ($20) 🎯 DELF 96% success rate 🏅I am a certified native French teacher 📚Provide ALL Teaching Materials and Lesson refreshers are available on my YouTube Channel

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  • 🚀 20% OFF DISCOUNT 🚀

    🎊 20% OFF DISCOUNT : LIMITED PLACES 🎊 🔥 1000+ lessons on AT, 3000+ total 🔥 SPEAK LIKE A NATIVE! 🗣️🔥 From BEGINNER to EXPERT 📈 DELF exam Prep 💥 NATIVE French teacher and translator from Paris 🇫🇷 Fluent in ENGLISH - Lived in the UK for 11 years 🇬🇧 Start learning TODAY 🥳 💥像法国人一样说话💥

  • Learning through play!

    💥Taught more than 1000+ students🔸Native English teacher from Canada🔸Speaks French and Spanish 🔸Taught both kids and adults✨Courses ✨🐱English for kids🐱Phonics🐱Reading🐱Writing✍️Adult Conversation✍️✨Come learn English!✨

  • Native💥Top 7% Teacher 🤩

    Grew up in France 🇫🇷 Multilingual 🇵🇹🇫🇷🇬🇧🇪🇸🇹🇼 3+ years of experience 😍I will teach you the French THAT MATTERS 🌟 Impress your French friends🔥 Learn idioms, slang, learn from MOVIES 🎥 Grammar like you have never learned it before 🤩 French grammar does not have to be difficult

  • Beginners ✨ conversation

    🥇 Graduated from a FLE Master's at the University of Poitiers 🥈 I currently in South Africa 🥉I have experience both online and face-to-face (sometimes both at the same time) with all levels and all audiences 4️⃣I love to create material that fits your needs 5️⃣My main motivation is your success🏆

  • Tourism&Hospitality/Child/TCF

    🇫🇷 Bonjour, I'm Flore! Your native French teacher 🇫🇷 Tailor-made lessons, 100% personalized! 🇫🇷 Interactive, playful & stress-free 🇫🇷 French degree - University Nice Côte d'Azur 🇫🇷 5years + experience in luxury tourism & hospitality 🇫🇷 Connect with me via LINE : floteachingpro

  • Engaging French and English

    Hello and welcome! It's time to start your French journey! In my lessons, we have fun learning new vocabulary, grammar and tenses. We explore the world of different subjects. I have been teaching French for 4 years. I love meeting new students! Let's go! The French adventure begins!

  • Adults|Business|Children

    I am Jeanne and I'm from Taiwan🇹🇼 ☀️Speak Chinese, English, French, Italian, Spanish and Japanese💃💃🏻 ☀️More than 7 years of foreign language teaching experiences ☀️I have lived in Europe for two years and know the most authentic terms ☀️Now I am a full-time online French, Italian, and Chinese teacher👩‍🏫👩‍💻

  • Beginners/Conversation/DELF

    Bonjour! ✨ 3 years experience ✨ Fluent in English ✨ My native language is French 🎯 Children and Adults 🎯 Beginners to intermediate 📚 All the lessons are provided and personalized 📚 Focus on conversation and pronunciation 📍 Lisbon

  • French / English Teacher

    Hello, 👱‍♀️I am Carole from Paris, bilingual French🇫🇷English🇬🇧, speak Thaï. Classes for all ages / levels, 20+yrs teaching experience in France & Asia. Objective: for students to speak with confidence like my former students.🤗😎 French/English, degree holder/certified teacher in France & US🇫🇷🇺🇸

  • Professional/9 years exp

    I've been teaching french for 9 years. (high school, and language school). I come from Paris, France, so i'm qualified to teach you the pronunciation. Professional teacher 🏆 beginners, advanced levels, DELF A1/A2, B1/B2, C1/C2🏆🥇, french for kids👨‍👨‍👧‍👦 and french for travel🥐🥖🍷.I can speak english, spanish, thai.

  • 🗣 Speaking 🤓 Grammar

    🇫🇷 Learn French with a native speaker 🦄 Lessons & material are tailored to your needs and preferred methods 🌍 I have excellent command of 4 languages - French, English, Spanish, Malagasy. 🌟 All students I have taught have seen their school grades (high school & university), increase by at least 17.5% in only 3 months.

  • Business or Casual

    🔥 WILL MAKE YOU TALK LIKE A NATIVE 🔥 Discount on trial upon request! Get in touch! From the simple conversation to the sales negotiation on professional context! My mission is to make you able to handle these situations and to reach your goals in this very complicated but beautiful language! 🙌

  • conversation, test, culture

    ✨ Certified French teacher: 💥 Sorbonne University - Paris 1 Diploma 💥 + 5 years of experience teaching French. 💥 Preparation for TCF / DELF / DALF tests - University entrance 💥 Private lessons for teens and adults (A1-C2) 💥 Conversational emphasis in pronunciation 💥 CV workshop, job interview preparation 💥French culture

  • Conversational

    Specialize in conversational French 🤓 I can help you build confidence to use French during your travels ✈️ learn to introduce yourself 🤠talk about what you love ❤️ and your hobbies 🤸‍♀ 👄 Speak French naturally and comfortably 🤓

  • Full adapted courses A0 to B2

    --- Hi I am Jérôme 😉 - Native from France. 🇫🇷 - Certified TESOL teacher. 👨‍🏫 - 2 years of experience. 🤙 - Background : Bar and restaurant manager 🍽 - Guitarist 🎸 - Scuba Diving Instructor. 🐢 - Patient, flexible and adaptive. 🌈


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