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老師會依照我的進度和興趣設計對話讓我練習~ 學習很有效率!

wrote toAmal (HOPE)

2019/08/21 22:31
Good Teacher for beginners. Well time management.

wrote toChing Ching

2019/08/21 16:48
不會死死的教學 上課沒有壓力~

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wrote toXiaoxi

2019/08/21 16:06

wrote toPatricia

2019/08/21 14:10

wrote toPatricia

2019/08/21 10:58
finished with the storytelling exercise, and it was very useful in understanding how to use the two different past tenses.

wrote toChing Ching

2019/08/20 22:00
還學了餐廳裡的一些對話, 老師很關心有沒有不懂的誤區, 讚!!!

wrote toChing Ching

2019/08/20 13:54

wrote toChing Ching

2019/08/20 10:33

wrote toChing Ching

2019/08/19 20:42
grammaire 跟 delf 的部分老師講解得很清楚哦,謝謝老師

wrote toChing Ching

2019/08/19 09:32
老師人很好 也很專業

wrote toDelphine

2019/08/17 07:21
第一次在Amazing Talker上課也是第一次使用線上上課的方式,老師非常親切、認真教導,課堂當中給學生有許多口說的機會,搭配自製的教材,非常棒!

wrote toNicolas

2019/08/14 22:53
Wonderful lesson with all the useful grammars

wrote toXiaoxi

2019/08/14 20:57

wrote toLilianne.LING

2019/08/14 17:21
課後有許多練習題材 並連結下一堂的課程 很用心的教材

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