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wrote toNicolas

2020/02/22 08:57
Nicolas is a great teacher. He pays attention to students' needs and prepare teaching materials according to their progress.

wrote toMariana

2020/02/18 18:30
Amazing teacher!

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wrote toXiaoxi

2020/02/18 13:46

wrote toHugo

2020/02/17 15:09
Great lesson as usual

wrote toMariana

2020/02/17 14:12
Thank you!!!

wrote toAnissa中法混血兒

2020/02/17 10:36
We learnt about greetings today thx for your teaching comment ça va?

wrote toMarcio 馬爾修 M.

2020/02/15 13:44
Marcio is a very nice teacher. The teaching materials are useful and details. Highly recommend!

wrote toSoraya Ziou

2020/02/15 11:03
Soraya is a teacher of great patience, and I do enjoy the class.

wrote toStéphane

2020/02/14 15:52
Stephane is a nice, patient and well prepared teacher. His speaking speed is good for the beginners to listen and learn the French. He also provides and suggests the useful learning materials to me. I deeply appreciate his effort. Thanks Stephane

wrote toHugo

2020/02/09 08:05
good experience

wrote toEmilie Beffara

2020/02/08 12:09
I had a great class with Emilie! The article we read together was a bit challenging for my current level, but I learned so much and had a really good time. Looking forward to our next one!
My daughter likes the class with Jonathan greatly. He has useful and amazing visual materials for kids, which are very interactive and helpful for children to develop their speaking skills . Jonathan also explained in a good way the grammar and it was also interesting for my daughter. He is very friendly and polite.

wrote toSaloni Rastogi

2020/02/06 14:55
Saloni is really a nice teacher. She tried encourage and give advice in class. Recommend! ^_^

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