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wrote toCERTIFIED TEACHER ✨Aurélie 海莉✨ Start and Improve NOW !

2022/08/15 23:47
Strongly recommend studying french with aurelie She teaches in 100%french yet she will make sure i understand completely and will provide customised homework after Her lesson is fun casual and really useful I have been learning from her for more than a year and i can feel that i have improved a lot!!❤️

wrote toBen 🌟 enthusiastic and innovative teacher🎯train your brain to think in French

2022/08/14 21:13
I have had my first trial session with Ben and I am very excited to begin the actual lessons with him. I felt very relaxed and I was able to speak well and ask all of my questions. Ben is very enthusiastic and passionate, he made me feel at ease even though I was very nervous about the conversation and he explained things to me clearly. We have put together a plan and I am excited to see myself progress in French with his help.

wrote to🔥 Yasmine 🎉30%kid conv🥇translat💪 exam preparation specialist ✈️ travel conv

2022/08/14 17:27
Teacher Yasmine Baradii taught me about some self interview ways to introduce myself, it is really useful in my IGCSE exams and IB diplomas, I am really looking forward to having her classes again!


2022/08/14 15:11
Enjoy learning new things from Julien each lesson. He provides exercise to you that related to the topic / grammar he taught for your revision after class so you could memorise everything better.

wrote toLéa 🏹 Polyglot Teacher💭 — No time wasting ✨𝟕𝟎% 𝐎𝐅𝐅 STUDY GROUP ✨

2022/08/14 12:18
Lea is super patient !! She always understands what I need 💙💙💙 She can adjust the class for me and explain it well~ It’s a nice time to talk and study with Lea today:) I will continue learning with Lea! If I have more time, I rather spend more time in her class

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wrote toPaul, Native speaker🤵

2022/08/13 03:30
As always our conversation is varied and full of interesting information. Thank you for class. I think I need to start going over the textbook to revise some of the grammar and vocabulary I have forgotten from my past. I am looking forward to our next lesson

wrote to⭐️Teacher Sophie ⭐️French KIDS⚡️ 🌹Fun speaking activities & cultural discovery🌹

2022/08/12 21:27
My kids were very happy and excited in the trial class! They urge me to buy more lessons as Ms Sophie is very kind and nice 😊 they look forward to having more classes with Ms Sophie~

wrote to Lily: Master in Francophone Literature 😉 Conversation Expert 😍 Grammar 😎

2022/08/12 16:55
Today the teacher Lily helped me prepare for my university speaking exam! She was very kind and did her best in order to make me talk as much as I could, I feel like it's easier to speak now and every time I needed help with a word, she would help me with the pronunciation, spelling, and would encourage me to repeat the statement using the new vocabulary, I truly appreciate that!

wrote to🌍 Amandine ​🇫🇷 Learn French with a native! 💕

2022/08/09 21:54
Merci Amandine ~ excellent teacher! Extremely supportive and provides excellent communication and learning skills!! She is the support I’ve been missing on my journey to learning to speak French ❤️

wrote to🌺 Dina | Speak with a native! 🥐 Certified teacher 🎓 A1-C2 ✨DELF/DALF

2022/08/08 23:06
After a small talk in the beginning, we worked on passé composé. During the small talk, Dina wrote down every sentence I said, and supplemented relevant vocabulary. We also worked on passé composé exercises. Overall, this was a great lesson with a supportive and friendly teacher.

wrote toDaniel 📜CERTIFIED in FLE 💼 5 Years Experience✨Beginners (A1) to Intermediate+ (B2)

2022/08/05 22:07
After several months of being occupied with school my son took a lesson with Daniel again. Daniel was able to focus the lesson in revising already acquired knowledge giving my son a chance to get back up to level where he left off last time. Excellent planning.

wrote toDaniel 📜CERTIFIED in FLE 💼 5 Years Experience✨Beginners (A1) to Intermediate+ (B2)

2022/08/05 17:58
Daniel quickly adapted to my needs for the French AP exam and had access to the textbooks needed. He provided a very detailed summary of our chat and gave some excellent feedback on our conversation.

wrote toEmilie 🥐 Culture and conversational french 🇫🇷

2022/08/01 22:24
We had a good conversation together in the lesson tonight. Emilie chose a video of Bretagne for showing me the culture and gastronomy. It was interesting to learn a lot of words in the video. I look forward to getting more information and knowledge of Bretagne, a place that I really like to visit one day :)

wrote toDayo 🇺🇸 Best Native Teacher 👔 For IELTS|Conversation|Grammar 🌎14+ Years of Success 🏆

2022/07/30 15:12
Dayo is a great teacher! A lot of things about French language are m pretty challenging. However, Dayo is very patient and he takes the time to explain and answer any questions I have. I don’t feel like a complete moron when I make a mistake either! He is very encouraging. I can’t believe how much I learned in a short amount of time. The teacher is Amazing! 😇😇😇

wrote toBruce, Specialization in conversation & tests

2022/07/30 14:20
Always good to know my mistake by answering Bruce's questions. the lesson is really fun! He is patient and willing to explain as well. Highly recommended to beginner or those who already got basic knowledge and want to pick up French again.

wrote toSarah🌎❤️ 3YEARS experience ➡️FRENCH & ENGLISH Teaching👍 French teacher🥖

2022/07/29 17:03
Exciting to learn about sharing my likes, more about colours, revisiting verbs, and how to describe positions. All very handy ways to communicate - not just for travel but in general. Merci!!!

wrote to🌍 Amandine ​🇫🇷 Learn French with a native! 💕

2022/07/28 00:49
I love learning the French language with Amandine. She has been extraordinarily patient and goes at my pace of learning. Amandine doesn't mind when I ask questions during each lesson. I plan on taking courses with her until I am fluent in French.

wrote to✨Juliette ✨ French teacher & Speech therapist 📕🗣

2022/07/27 19:05
Juliette is a very patient and friendly teacher. She is professional and the lessons are prepared well. My 10 year old daughter is learning beginners French, she is excited for each class and is retaining what she learns. Juliette is wonderful with my daughter. I highly recommend her as a teacher!

wrote toSarah ✨ French teacher

2022/07/22 16:23
There are a lot of chance to practise speaking with help on vocabulary. Sarah is very patient and nice! and it's very kind of her to provide detailed notes after the lesson for consolidation!

wrote toJulia🌸 🇫🇷 🇪🇸 🇬🇧 ✨ Creative🤸 Interactive Classes ✨ 🎯 A1 to C2 🎯💯

2022/07/20 22:59
Today I learned how to say "I would like" and " Where is" and some new words which related to food and clothes in French, it's so useful that I can use it for so many conditions! Love the class, always have fun!

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