Find the Best Conversational English Tutor Near Hong Kong

Find the Best English Tutor Near Hong Kong

We helped over 1,000+ students in Hong Kong and hold 10,000+ lessons every month.


    ⚪ TOEIC, IELTS, & TOEFL EXPERT ⚪ FREE TALKING/FREE CONVERSATION ⚪I teach KIDS and ADULTS ⚪600+ materials that match your level ⚪I am a very patient and friendly tutor ⚪I can speak English, Tagalog, and basic Korean.

  • Rhona ✒️🌸

    Teacher / WSC Tutor

    This is YOUR learning journey ✒️🧭 and YOU must design the path you take. Your teacher is just there to pave the way 📚✏️ If you want a fun, dynamic classroom and a teacher willing to expand their knowledge to best help you learn, then please, choose to study with me!


    ⭐️8+ years of teaching experience with adults and children! 🏆 Successfully helped thousands of students improve their English skill. 🔥Improved the IELTS score of many people. 🥇CAN SPEAK CHINESE 🔥TOEIC score need improving? Speak to me! 🎯 Created and actioned great techniques in learning.

  • Niamh Morgan

    Fun and Educational!

    Know the grammar but can't use it in a conversation? Scared of talking to native speakers? Need English for work or to move country? I am here to help - I tailor my lessons for each student so we focus on things that are important and interesting to you. Films, technology, politics, economy, travel. Let's learn and have fun at the same time!

  • Speak English Fluently!

    ✔Native English Speaker ✔120 Hour TEFL Certificate ✔ 3 years teaching experience ✔ Bachelors Degree from english speaking country ✔ Become a more fluent english speaker in 3 months ✔ Improve pronunciation in 2 months ✔Free after-class help on LINE

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  • IELTS and Interview Expert

    I provide the following courses: Free talking Business English IELTS Speaking Daily News Article Daily Conversation Beginner course Kids courses IPA (British and American accent) Travel English 1&2 and others

  • Professional + native speaker!

    Hello! My name is Noah, and I’m a professional english tutor and native speaker from Melbourne, Australia. I want to help YOU learn English!

  • Kids Expert 👦🏻👧🏻

    ⭐ Customized Lessons ⭐ Phonics and Grammar ⭐ Help your child improve Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking ⭐ Kids-Friendly & Fun Teaching Style ⭐ Free PDF Notes after class ⭐ Learning English is no longer difficult and stressful! 💪🏻😉

  • Flash Sale for NEW Students!

    10+ years of professional teaching experience 😎 Fluent English to open up the world 🌏 Customized lessons to make you sound more natural ⭐️ Pass your next business interview 💼 Improve on TOEIC, IELTS or TOEFL 🔥 Let’s have fun learning today 🤩


    🌠I am a 100% Native English Speaker from the United States. 🌠 I am a TEFL and IELTS Certified Teacher. 🌠 I have 22 Years Experience Teaching English as a Second Language. 🌠 I have taught over 3000 classes online. 🌠 I can help you gain confidence with your speaking 🎤and listening skills 👂 in a friendly atmosphere😊.

  • Translator&English Teacher🔥

    👩‍🏫 I've been an English teacher for 7 years and I have lots of experience teaching kids from 4 to 12 years old, as well as teenagers. Fun materials and energetic grammar and conversation classes. I also have trained students for TOEIC for two years now and I have some useful tips to help you.

  • English Professional ✨✔💖

    Hello! I am Cameron! I love languages and love to teach English and other languages. I speak 7 languages fluently and would love to be your English teacher! I use many different resources to teach you English and will also be willing to adapt to your learning needs. Thank you for your time! Hope to see you in a lesson soon!