Michelle Gist
Michelle Gist

Michelle Gist

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Michelle Gist
Michelle Gist

Michelle Gist

  • English tutor

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    United States of America

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我在美国出生和长大,在加利福尼亚度过了大部分时间。我在几个不同的行业工作,包括:保险,教育,医疗和金融。我可以帮助您在商业环境以及随便的时候达到您的流利说话和理解英语的目标。我了解学习语言的障碍,因为我有多种语言的技能水平不同。 我尝试使每个学生的教学自定义,使用感兴趣的东西。我一直喜欢学习和阅读,所以我有很好的语法和拼写技巧,我喜欢与他人分享。 I was born and raised in the United States, spending most of my life in California. I have worked in several different industries, including the following : insurance, education, medical and finance. I can help you to reach your goals of speaking and understanding English fluently, both in a business environment as well as more casually. I have an understanding of the obstacles of learning languages, because I have varying levels of skill in several languages. I try to customize my teaching to each student, using things that interest them. I have always loved learning and reading, so I have excellent grammar and spelling skills that I enjoy sharing with others.

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  • Li Li Lu

    Thank Michelle~ Give me an incentive to study more.

  • sunvivian



USAA Insurance

Handled home and auto claims. Assisted in uncovering fraudulent claims. Customer service skills.

Dignity Health

Payroll Specialist. Handled accounting functions and phone calls regarding payroll issues.

Massage Therapy

Gave appropriate therapy based on medical conditions.


Teaching English language skills to various levels of learners, preparing my own lesson plans.


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