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Thank you for giving me an opportunity to introduce myself. Dear all, My name is Lam Thi Ngoc Yen. I am a Vietnamese native speaker with Ha Noi voice, it's Vietnamese standard voice.. Now I am a manager assistant for a Korean Company in Binh Duong Province, Vietnam (Binh Duong Province near Ho Chi Minh City). During 4 years at University I was always a leader of my team and represent in front of my teachers and my classmates, i had 3 years working as a tutor and parents of my students absolutely appreciated my teaching because learning result of their kids was improved, i had specific materials for my students to teach effectively. I also taught aerobic for kids from 3 years old to 6 years old at preschool for 6 months. I stopped teaching 1 years ago to focus on my main job but i still like teaching. I've been joining Chinese Speaking club and English Speaking club. i helped some my foreign friends in there learning Vietnamese and English, they need learning them because they are working in Vietnam. They really like and feel interesting methods i gave them. If you are interested in learning Vienamese, let's have lessions with me :) That's all about me. Thank you!

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    We learned numbers in Vietnamese today. Katherine helped me to memorize numbers from 1 to a hundred in a few minutes!

  • Rohan

    Katherine messaged me to ask what I want to learn before the class started. She made her own handouts which you can tell that she has put a lot of efforts in! She's really friendly and easy to talk wi...

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* i was a tutor for children from primary school age to secondary school age: - Preparing materials before normal sessions, materials would be adjusted for each student. - To test students before teaching. - Teaching at least 3 sessions a week for each students. - Preparing materials before examinations and tests.

teacher for foreign co-workers in Vietnam

* Teaching foreign co-workers after office hours: - i teach general Vietnamese and for bussiness by English and Chinese. - making materials for each lesson. - plan well for my students.

English Speaking club, Chinese Speaking club

* i am a member of English Speaking club and Chinese Speaking club in Binh Duong Province. - i've been come there to speak English, Chinese and made friend with some foreigners who are working in Binh Duong Province, Vietnam. - i helped them to improve their Vietnamese and English.


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