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  • Pronunciation & Conversation

    Hello. My name is Ha. I am a Vietnamese native speaker. I live in Hanoi & speak Northern Accent. I have been teaching Vietnamese to foreigners for years. I studied English and Chinese educationally in university. So I know how to combine different methods to deliver effectively to students. Just tell me what you want, I know how to help you.

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  • Fun and effective lesson

    Hello, I am Mai. I was born and live in Ho Chi Minh City (Sài Gòn City). I work as professional Vietnamese teacher at the Vietnamese Language Center from 2017 to now. While working at the centre, I had the opportunity to attend many training courses at the company. I have taught many classes for students from many countries around the world.

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  • Simple, easy and enthusiastic

    Hello. My name is Chiem. I am a native Vietnamese teacher. I have more than 2 years to teach Vietnamese for foreigners and more than 3 years to teach English for younger learners and adults. My classes are designed to accommodate the needs and interests of the individual student. Welcome you to my world <3

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  • 🎉 各級小班制5折熱烈招生中

    🔥學生:「要下課了?怎麼這麼快?」,想要了解馬上報名體驗課程吧 👋來自越南南部但南、北或中部口音都會教👑教學經驗1️⃣2️⃣+年🏆臺師大PhD 中文精通 🏆大學越文講師🔥企業越文講師 🔥教過600+位學生 💋不僅教你越文還教你【策略】讓你在輕鬆無壓力的情境下【習得越文】🏖有趣又高互動課程🌸精美自製講義🛎越文檢定、商務越文、生活會話我幫你搞定

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  • 5yrs+ in teaching, TOEIC 850

    - Focus on practicing speaking and listening instantly - Understand Vietnamese people and culture, share cultural points in the lessons - Use story-telling method, conversational and communication to teach. - Have a Youtube channel for VSL learners named Let's go Vietnamese - Support outside class time via social media.

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  • Grow your Vietnamese love❤️

    ☑️ 3-year teaching experience of Vietnamese for foreigners (English and French) ☑️ Vietnamese culture and people explained ☑️ Comprehensive, fun and interactive lessons adapting to your Vietnamese level ☑️ Personal progress tracking and adaptive advices

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  • 輕鬆學越文 限時優惠中!

    🍀 我的所有學生都進步很快很努力謝謝你已經讓我有機會教你。 🍀讓我思想可實現:“當老師是為了分享知識” 🍀對於每位學生🌻我都會研究🌹並提供最合適的教材和講課方法讓他們 在上課中 增加學習興趣 🍀我很喜歡教學這項工作🪐。我一直在學習和改進教學方法,讓學生取得更好的效果。

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  • Tutor-medical degree

    I was born in Saigon, Vietnam, a Native Vietnamese speaker. I graduated from Medical school with a medical doctor degree but I have 4 years of experience teaching Vietnamese. I have been to 26 countries, studied & lived in USA, Japan, Europe. Now I am living in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), Vietnam.

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  • Study in the most simple way

    • Work as full-time tutor • Have a northern accent • Focus on daily conversation. Through language courses, I can help you understand more about Vietnamese culture and history as well as support your work there. I hope to see you in my class soon.

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  • 🌱Kid🌱Test🌱Bussiness

    ☑️ 12+ years of teaching ☑️ YOU can speak a lot in every lesson. ☑️ Ph.D. of General Linguistics ☑️ I take care of your learning process and always tell you what you should do. I have been teaching Vietnamese for students from 3 to 70 years old,

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  • Travel👜Business💖Dating

    Full-time tutor. Experience in Vietnamese Teaching ✨ 9 years working in a Vietnamese company 🎓 Double Bachelor Degree 💼 Vietnamese Culture 🤩 Daily Vietnamese 😎 Travel 🏖 Business 👜 Dating ❤ Learn to read, write, listen and speak so quick! 🥳🥳 Designed to accommodate the needs and interests of the individual student! 📒

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  • Level up your Vietnamese

    What is your motivation to learn Vietnamese? Share it with me. The more I understand, the better I will be able to provide you with the learning experience that you need. I am a well-prepared and enthusiastic native Vietnamese speaker. Just let me help you make your learning process more enjoyable and practical.

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  • Học tiếng Việt cùng Cherry

    Xin chào! Học tiếng Việt cùng Cherry nào. Học tiếng Việt cùng Cherry bạn sẽ thấy: - hệ thống bài giảng khoa học - nội dung phong phú - ngữ pháp rõ ràng - nội dung và phương pháp dạy linh hoạt từng đối tượng học sinh

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  • Let's see what I have for you

    Hi, I'm Emily. I'm a native vietnamese speaker. Now I'm studying master in China. I can teach vietnamese in english or chinese. No matter how your Vietnamese level now, you can learn Vietnamese easily and have a lot of fun with my lesson. I will help you increase confidence in speaking and listening skills. Welcome to my class 🥰

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  • 📙group lessons now open🧒

    Hello everyone, Are you looking for a fun and professional Vietnamese class? Welcome to my world.

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  • 💎團體班六折優惠🔥

    會說:越南語、中文、粵語 🎯 臺師大華語文博士生 🎯完課數千堂,幫助過數百名學生從0到開口說越南語 🎯 5年以上教學經驗 🎯 曾在大學越南文講師 🎯已幫助學生從越南文0基礎考上移民署越南文組 🎯非常理解台灣學生發音困難 🎯根據學生程度客製化簡報、講義、課外教材 【為了快速收到老師的回復請加老師的 Line ID : alice-89 】

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  • Vietnamese certification

    I got level 4 of Vietnamese proficiency test hold by Vietnam National University. I am now cooperating with a Vietnamese language teaching center. That is why I understand Vietnamese culture very much. I am good at comparing the difference of pronunciation and grammar between Vietnamese, English and Chinese.

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  • Qualified Eng/VN/CH teacher

    I'm a native Mandarin speaker, and I speak English, Vietnamese, and Taiwanese, too. I've lived in HCMC for 3 years. I studied Vietnamese at VNUHCM. I'm a qualified Chinese teacher and a Vietnamese teacher in Taiwan. I know how to learn a new language easily and fun.

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  • Study📚 Connect🌐 Share

    Hi! I'm Glenda from Viet Nam. I already help more than 100 students from in the world improve Vietnamese as : USA, Australia, Taiwan,...Therefore, I know that the ultimate goal of learning a new language is to be able to communicate with native speakers. So don't hesitate to contact me. Because I'm here to help you. Thank you so much 🌹🌹

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  • Best teacher for beginners

    ✓ I am a native Vietnamese tutor ✓ I have over 2 year experience teaching Vietnamese to my friends from Korea, America. Vietnamese teaching assistant for students from 7-15 ✓ After my course, you can understand and confidently communicate with Vietnamese people ✓ I always support you whenever you need

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Online Conversational Vietnamese Tutor FAQ

Why should I learn Conversational Vietnamese on AmazingTalker?

AmazingTalker’s one-on-one Conversational Vietnamese tutors are suitable for everyone who wants to learn Conversational Vietnamese efficiently and effectively. We have professional Conversational Vietnamese tutors for toddlers, small children, older kids, middle and high school students, and adults of all levels, including tutors for beginner, intermediate and advanced Conversational Vietnamese language classes.

Our Conversational Vietnamese tutoring services can help you to improve in all aspects of the language - listening, writing, reading, speaking, pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary. You can also customize your study focus (for example, a business Conversational Vietnamese program). Whether your goal is to improve your Conversational Vietnamese conversation skills for fun, prepare for a test or speak more fluently at work, AmazingTalker’s Conversational Vietnamese tutors are here to help.

Who are our Conversational Vietnamese tutors?

AmazingTalker handpicks only the best local and international Conversational Vietnamese tutors.

Each prospective instructor must undergo a rigorous selection process before becoming an AT Conversational Vietnamese tutor, after which their performance is constantly monitored. Try a class and start learning today.

How do I find a Conversational Vietnamese tutor?

If you want to find a Conversational Vietnamese tutor near you and you have a clear idea of your criteria for choosing one - such as any learning objectives, target cost for Conversational Vietnamese tutoring, etc. - you can use the search function to find a Conversational Vietnamese tutor near you who suits your needs. You can then contact the tutor or book a trial class to start your learning adventure.

However, if you're not sure where to start, we're here to help. Try using our tutor recommendation system, and you'll automatically get matched with Conversational Vietnamese tutors who fit your criteria!

What's the best learning environment for me? Should I choose a native speaker as my Conversational Vietnamese tutor?

One of the best ways to learn Conversational Vietnamese is to immerse yourself in an environment where you try to use only Conversational Vietnamese.

However, if you do not currently have a solid base in spelling and/or vocabulary, we recommend you choose a bilingual tutor who speaks your target language and your native language, as you will likely have a better learning experience during your one-on-one private tutoring.

If you have a good range of vocabulary but lack the opportunity to practice, then we recommend you choose a native Conversational Vietnamese coach.

Where can I learn Conversational Vietnamese near me?

You can start learning Conversational Vietnamese with an online Conversational Vietnamese tutor from home now! For local instructors, our platform makes it easy to find Conversational Vietnamese tutors serving your area.

When can I learn Conversational Vietnamese with Conversational Vietnamese tutors online?

In terms of scheduling, you can set up your lessons for whenever is convenient. You can set up classes with your private Conversational Vietnamese tutor for the morning, afternoon, evening or late night in your time zone. If you don't have much availability during the week, we have Conversational Vietnamese tutors available on weekends as well.

How much is the cost per hour?

All fees and tuition are set by the Conversational Vietnamese tutors themselves, not by AT. For reference, most of our tutors charge roughly USD$10-30 per hour.

How do I pay for the cost of learning Conversational Vietnamese?

You can pay with PayPal or credit card (American Express, Mastercard, or Visa). For certain international markets (e.g. Taiwan), we also accept local methods of payment, such as payment via ATM or convenience store.

What makes AmazingTalker unique?

With AmazingTalker, you can work with high-quality Conversational Vietnamese tutors at affordable prices from the convenience of your own home, while getting customized learning plans and 1-on-1 attention.

Unlike many other online language learning platforms, AmazingTalker believes that the best way to learn Conversational Vietnamese is by working with real native speakers and tutors. Regardless of which of our 60+ languages or topics you want to focus on, we believe that the way you learn should be designed for your needs and goals.

What if I want to become an online Conversational Vietnamese teacher at AmazingTalker?

If you're interested in becoming an online Conversational Vietnamese teacher, please visit our "apply to teach" page. At AmazingTalker, you can teach on your own schedule and set your own rates.

What if I have more questions?

Our FAQs section here should have answers to most of your questions. If you can't find answers to your question in the FAQs, you can find more information or contact us by clicking the red question mark icon on the bottom right of your screen.

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