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wrote toMayte Galache

2017/09/21 15:28

wrote toAstrid Machado

2017/09/20 12:38
I enjoyed my trial lesson with Astrid. Her class was organized. She was very professional and friendly. Her pronunciation was clear, so it was easy to understand her. Most importantly, she gave me plenty of time to practice my speaking. If you are a beginner, I highly recommend Astrid's class. 老師很友善,很容易相處。她的英文西文發音都很清晰,上課也很有條理。不管你是初學者還是想要練習口語會話,我都很推薦 Astrid 老師。

wrote toAndrewColombia

2017/09/20 10:49

wrote toAna

2017/09/20 00:50
這堂課老師用自己的教材讓我練習了一日的作息,以及用圖片讓我學習或者複習單字,感覺老師的教材很豐富。並且語速比較慢,也很清晰,很適合初學者。 只是老師好像不太熟這個平台,所以訊息都沒回,對 zoom 是第一次用,不是很熟悉。

wrote toLeonardo Rei

2017/09/19 17:47

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wrote toWen

2017/09/19 09:27

wrote toWen

2017/09/15 11:50
第二次上Wen老師的課了,雖然只有30分鐘 但老師一直給我口說的機會也會讓我練習句型 ! 收穫滿滿 上你的課之後真得更喜歡西班牙文了 哈哈~ Gracias!!!!!

wrote toGustavo Yizreel

2017/09/01 21:32

wrote toDiego Saavedra

2017/08/27 23:06
Diego es muy paciente. Es una característica muy importante para ser un buen profesor!

wrote toLuisa

2017/08/13 22:11

wrote toMiguel

2017/08/08 23:00

wrote toLuisa

2017/08/07 07:43

wrote toElvis Caldera

2017/08/04 22:12
The teacher is awesome. We learnt some new vocabulary today. Tried to use those words to make sentences of questions and answers. It was so much fun.

wrote toJose Luis

2017/08/02 23:12
muy bien

wrote toGabriel Vasquez

2017/08/02 16:01
Gabriel is Great! 課堂上會修正學生句子的文法,讓整句文意更流暢,對於不熟悉的單字也能夠加以解釋,即使是體驗課程也受益良多;課程要結束前也會提供反饋,讓學生了解到優缺點以及未來可學習的目標,是個有教學經驗的老師~ 在中南美洲的西班牙文來說,口音是非常清晰易懂的,推薦給想要開始學習中南美西文的學生 :-)

wrote toLuisa

2017/08/02 12:44

wrote toLuisa

2017/07/21 22:32
Hasta luego. ~^^~

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    Spanish with good mood

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