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wrote toArmin Fässler

2019/09/21 15:46
I had a Swiss German trial course with Armin. What I appreciate the most about Armin's teaching style is his flexibility of customizing his teachign contents. He's very nice to talk to as well, so I would definitely recommend him!

wrote toManuel Soriat

2019/09/20 20:03
good, fun class.

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wrote toIana Kozlowa

2019/08/24 04:22
explain very clearly!

wrote toMargarita Tavkazakova

2019/08/22 23:39
Eva helps me a lot in my writing grammar and structure.

wrote to莉婭 (Leah)

2019/08/14 15:56
In this lesson, I have learnt the colors, 12 vocabularies and we had reviewed the words that I have learnt last lesson. Thanks for teaching !!!

wrote toSabrina

2019/08/13 16:57
Sabrina lets me practise a lot of speaking and listening, I have improved so much. Vielen Dank Sabrina!
I forget all my German but Daniel is really patient. There are many speaking chances!

wrote toMohamed Nadir

2019/07/25 14:12
Very patient with students who are beginners

wrote toFederico Cincinelli

2019/07/21 16:04
Very very good teacher!

wrote toEva Pichler

2019/07/20 04:35
Thank you for your caring about the exam. Being so positive to move forward and make me progress

wrote toEva Pichler

2019/07/06 08:22
Eva is really nice and patient, quickly understand the level of student.:)

wrote toErika Tomljenovic

2019/06/27 14:06
Very patient and lively lesson:)

wrote to吳至城Jay

2019/06/17 01:01
Jay is a good teacher with passion and patient. Look forward to the next class.

wrote toStefan

2019/06/13 12:03

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