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wrote toJulian 德語口說專家

2020/01/23 13:34
I learned lots of words related to baking today :) Julian is a patient teacher.

wrote toJulian 德語口說專家

2020/01/23 10:18
I learned many new vocabularies and useful sentences in this class, and I'm really thankful for Julian, because he always explained patiently in detail when I don't understand. Looking forward to next class!
This first session was great!! We covered important basics and Julian gave me tips that will save me time in the future. I can already tell that working on pronunciation will give me more confidence and I am really grateful for the help. I highly recommend him!

wrote toMax Tannchen

2020/01/21 14:28
Finally, I totally understand the adjective rule! Thank you very much. If I have article, my article have gender, I don't need gender morpheme in adjective. If I don't have gender morpheme in article, I need gender morpheme in adjective. (In nominative case, gender morpheme is RESE) The grammar is amazing, and thank you for clear explanation. Chinesisch neue Jahr kommt. Ich möchte mit meinen familien feiern. Danke schön. Bis nächstes Mal!

wrote toJulian 德語口說專家

2020/01/19 17:13
More clear to know German 👍🏻

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wrote toJonas Waldow

2020/01/19 13:52
I think because Jonas has learned several languages himself, he understands the process and struggles of learning a foreign language and really tries to know what the student needs. He is patient and explains things clear.

wrote toJulian 德語口說專家

2020/01/18 14:12
Today we studied ''praetaritum'' which is really common to see when reading. I am happy that I read some stories which Julian sent to me to read. It helps a lot for class today!! And reading german books has become one of my hobbies~ :)
Great class taking me to the next level

wrote toJonas Waldow

2020/01/17 09:06
Jonas is a nice teacher for children , my 7 year old daughter likes his lessons.

wrote toAndy

2020/01/17 03:24
Andy is really good at adjusting the path according to student's needs and learning progress. I was able to learn lots of new things apart from the matrial he provided, he's also very patient in providing additional notes and tips. Very pleasant learning experience!

wrote toJulian 德語口說專家

2020/01/15 16:14
Teacher is great and patient The best teacher I ve ever met
Although the trial class was only 25 minutes, I had opportunities to talk in German and learned some vocabs in the process, which is a great way to start learning a language I think. Julian is nice, very patient, and seemed passionate in teaching.

wrote togriesinger.jonathan16

2020/01/14 11:47
Today we had a short chat. Although I cannot answer by German, I found that I can understand some words during conversation so I can guess the meaning of sentences. We also did some practices from textbook. The listening part is difficult, so I will do it again and again after class. Danke schön.

wrote toJulian 德語口說專家

2020/01/14 01:48
I learned a great deal today, especially about the sentence structure and question words. With question words, I am able to ask different types of questions. Now that Julian taught me how to identify the difference between main and subordinate clauses today, I can start making more complexed sentences. Julian is very patient because I ask a lot of questions in lesson; he’s encouraging; even if I didn’t pronounce as naturally as native speakers do, Julian would say the sentence so that I could hear the correct pronunciation. I got the homework assignment, and I can’t wait to get started!
I like to have German conversation with Tr. Meera because she always teaches me extra vocabulary and phrases as well as pointing out my grammar mistakes.

wrote toJulian 德語口說專家

2020/01/11 14:18
The trial class went great! I was able to kind of relocate my ability and Julian is an amazing teacher. I really like his class.
Daniel correct our pronunciation and I have learned a lot.