What is the meaning of "WTM"? How to use it?

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What did you mean when you said wtm?!?🤔🤔🤔

The abbreviation "wtm" has three different meanings and each of them can be used in a completely different situation. Most of the time wtm would be used in text messages, not in a formal conversation at work or an event.💬

1. What's the matter?😥

First of all, "wtm" can mean "what's the matter?" In other words, you are asking the person what's wrong or what the reason for their sadness or frustration is.


When Claire sent John a message saying: "Ugh, I just need a break today"😥

John messaged back: "Oh no Claire, wtm?"😅

2. What's the move?😄

Let's say you want to know what your friends are planning to do for the weekend or on a specific day. A very cool way to ask them this would be with the phrase "what's the move?"🤩


If you are bored on a Friday afternoon, you can send a message on your friends' group chat that says: "Hey guys, wtm?"

3. Whatever that means.🤨

The last way that you can use "wtm" would be if someone tried explaining something to you and you still don't understand, but you don't really care to understand what they mean. You can just say "whatever that means" and be free of listening to them fail to explain it to you.


When somebody is trying to explain to you how rocket science works, you can say "Oh okay, wtm!😂"

So how do I use it?

You can use wtm if:

  1. Something is wrong with someone or they look upset.😥

  2. You want to know what your friends are planning or you want to start making plans with them.😄

  3. You don't understand what somebody is saying and you want them to stop explaining.🤨

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"WTM" is an abbreviation that stands for "What the heck/hell/damn" and is used as a slang interjection to express surprise or confusion.

Here is a more detailed answer:

"WTM" is an abbreviation that stands for "What the heck/hell/damn." It is a slang term that is often used as an interjection to express surprise or confusion, similar to how one might say "what the heck?" or "what the hell?" The term is often used in text messages, social media posts, or informal speech.

Here are examples how this expression is used:

  • "I just got a speeding ticket. WTM?!"

  • "I can't believe I forgot my keys. WTM?!"

  • "Did you see what happened on the news? WTM?!"

Here are a few multiple choice questions to help you practice usage of this expression:

  1. What does "WTM" stand for?

  • A: What the mind

  • B: What the matter

  • C: What the heck/hell/damn

  • D: What the media

Answer: C: What the heck/hell/damn

  1. How is "WTM" used?

  • A: As a slang term to express surprise or confusion

  • B: As a greeting

  • C: As a farewell

  • D: As a question

Answer: A: As a slang term to express surprise or confusion

  1. In what context is "WTM" commonly used?

  • A: In formal speech

  • B: In text messages and social media posts

  • C: In academic writing

  • D: In formal emails

Answer: B: In text messages and social media posts

  1. How might "WTM" be similar to other phrases?

  • A: "What the heck?"

  • B: "Hello"

  • C: "Goodbye"

  • D: "What's up?"

Answer: A: "What the heck?"


In conclusion, "WTM" is an abbreviation that stands for "What the heck/hell/damn." It is a slang term that is often used as an interjection to express surprise or confusion. It is commonly used in text messages and social media posts, and is similar in meaning to phrases like "what the heck?" or "what the hell?"


The internet slang "WTM" is most commonly used in text messages and has three(3) different meanings.

  1. WTM is most frequently used to stand for “what’s the move?”, which means "what's the plan?" or "what are we going to do?"

  2. WTM can also be short for “what’s the matter?” — and in this context, it can indicate genuine concern.

  3. Finally, the acronym WTM can be used to represent “whatever that means”. This shows that the person sending it did not understand the previous message or doesn't want to.


  1. Hey, I’m down for dinner later if you guys are still up for it. WTM? (In this case, WTM means “what’s the move?”.)

  2. You’ve been looking super depressed all day sis, I’m getting worried. Please tell me WTM? (The context indicates that WTM means “what’s the matter?” in this message.)

  3. In response to a message like “you obviously don’t wanna be friends with me anymore so you’re not invited to my birthday party”, a completely puzzled but angry friend might reply WTM, meaning “whatever that means”.

The text slang WTM has only started becoming widespread since around 2017, when an increasing number of people also began uploading the abbreviation, with the definition “what’s the move?” to Urban Dictionary. The full phrase “what’s the move?” appears to have risen in popularity at around the same time.


WTM - means what's the matter? Which is asking what is wrong when someone is feeling sad or looks sad.



Mary: Hello Jayne, how are you today?

Jayne: Hello Mary, I am fine, and you?

Mary: I am good thanks, what's the matter? (WTM)

Jayne: I had a slight headache today, but I will be fine thank you for being a good friend and asking.

Whats the matter (WTM) is a good way to ask someone what is wrong when they look or feel sad.


WTM means Where's The Move

Asking about where the party is at. What's the Plan?

To join a party

WTM? at the riverbanks.

WTM? at the mall.

WTM? at the riverbanks.

WTM? We're going on a trip

It is simply another term for where are you going. and is usually asked if you want to know what is the plan of your friends or group.

It is a new lingo and jargon used mostly to chat


WTM is slang used in communication, especially across social media platforms.


📍The acronym stands for:

What's the move?

What's the matter?

Whatever that means.

The acronym varies its meaning depending on the context/message being used.

What's the move?

We have already prepared everything for the camping. So, WTM now?

Hey, ladies WTM? I'm ready to go!

WTM? You know we cannot stay here tonight.

What's the matter?
You have been so cold lately. WTM?
You seemed anxious. WTM?

WTM with you? You have been avoiding my calls.

Whatever that means.

She said that her purchase was reasonable WTM.

He said it was not about her but about him. WTM.

WTM, my friend said she is over it.

Another definition: WTM What They Meant (close to the meaning of "Whatever that means")

Other meanings of WTM which aren't Internet slang:

Winner Takes Most

World Travel Market

Windows Task Manager

World's Toughest Mother





What's the meaning of WTM and how to use it?

WTM simply stands for "What's the move?" - a short/chat way of asking other people about their plans and intentions.

Commonly used in messenger group chats of friends, to ask what's happening later, like plans for anything social like meet-ups, parties, events, you name it.


(Somewhere in a group chat)

You: Yoo, wtm y'all?

Some friend: The bar tonight

You: Cool, what time?


"WTM" is not a commonly used acronym, so it is difficult to say for sure what it might mean without more context. However, some possibilities could be:

  • "WTM" could be an abbreviation for "Want to Meet," as in "Do you WTM for coffee sometime?"

  • "WTM" could be a shortened version of "What the Matter," as in "WTM with you? You seem upset."

  • "WTM" could be an initialism for "What Time," as in "WTM is the meeting?"

Without knowing more about the context in which "WTM" is being used, it is difficult to say for sure what it means or how it might be used. It is always a good idea to clarify the meaning of any unfamiliar acronyms or abbreviations with the person who is using them to avoid misunderstandings.


“WTM” is usually short for “what’s the move?”If a friend of yours hits you up on a Friday or Saturday night with a text that just says “WTM?” it’s short for “what’s the move?” This is a laid-back way of asking “what are we doing tonight?” Notably, they’re also presuming that the two of you are automatically meeting, so this is for sure what they mean if the two of you discussed hanging out previously. Someone might say:

  • “Jimmy! WTM tonight?”

  • “WTM? We going to Sandy’s place, or what?”

  • “Hey, WTM tomorrow?”


wtm has 3 very distinct meaning on literally all social media platforms such as Snapchat, Facebook , Instagram etc. Firstly, wtm could mean ; " what's the next move". For example: hi colleagues, wtm? . Secondly, it could also mean: "what's the matter". For example: Your countenance has fallen today. Wtm? Lastly, wtm means : whatever that means? So next time you are to ever see wtm in a text, carefully understand the context in which it's being used to correctly assign any of the 3 meanings above

Meaning of wtm in text



What's The Matter

The three meanings for WTM are consistent across social media sites and informal texting conversations. Whether you're on Snapchat, Instagram, or TikTok, or having a casual text conversation, WTM will mean “What's The Move?,” “What's The Matter?,” or “Whatever That Means.”


"Wtm" is an abbreviation for "What's the matter?" These can be consistent across many social media platforms and informal texting conversations. It can also mean "Whatever that means," or "What's the move?"