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Afrikaans Beginners - do you have the following problems?

When you start learning a new language, probably you don’t know where to start with. There are a lot of basic Afrikaans classes in the market, which vary from quality, teacher qualifications and even reviews. And on top of that, the course schedule and location lack flexibility. So, how can Afrikaans newbies master foundation Afrikaans efficiently?

Fail to Find a Way to Accommodate Your Study Style

The market is stacked with a variety of foundation Afrikaans classes and traditional courses have time and place restrictions. It is hard to find a course that can match with your schedule & language ability.

Lack of Confidence

You are not confident for your Afrikaans pronunciation & grammar. There is no way for you to apply your Afrikaans in daily life, so you cannot communicate with others confidently and comfortably

Boring Lessons, No Fun!

Standardized teaching materials lack of practicability in daily lives. It is hard to recall the memory after classes.

Why is it so hard for you to master the basic Afrikaans?

Developing Afrikaans basis seems easy. However, if you adopt the wrong learning method at the very beginning and together with insufficient regular practices and application, you will then fail in building the Afrikaans foundation. And that's why you are not able to master the basic oral, writing, listening and reading Afrikaans skills.

3 Ways to Skyrocket Your Basic Afrikaans Ability
Find a Tailor-made Course
Find a Tailor-made Course
Traditional courses have fixed teaching framework and learning pattern, which fails to cater for students with different capabilities. This could be hard for those students to catch up with the class progress and finally they may not be able to grasp the Afrikaans foundation. On the contrary, online courses are relatively flexible, teachers professional background and comments are open and transparent. Students can choose their own teacher depending on their needs. And more importantly, they can request the teacher to customize course content depending on their own interests and ability, for instance, travel Afrikaans. Then, students will not be left behind the learning process.

Personalized courses gives students the power to control the course content. Along with flexible course arrangement, learning Afrikaans has never been easier.
One-on-One Professional Coaching
One-on-One Professional Coaching
There are very limited opportunities to apply Afrikaans. But whenever there is a chance, we always avoid to take the initiatives to speak in Afrikaans as we are afraid of pronunciation errors. As time passes, we lose our confidence in speaking Afrikaans.

To overcome this mental struggles, the most important thing to do is practice. Therefore, you may need a one-on-one coaching session. Under the professional guidance from experienced teachers, they will teach you the most accurate Afrikaans pronunciation, as well as your speaking tone. After continuous training, your confidence in Afrikaans can definitely enhance.
Interactive Learning Experience
Interactive Learning Experience
If the context that you studied is not applicable to daily lives, you may not memorize those conversations easily. One way teaching along with teaching materials that lack usability can definitely snuff out your interest and passion in learning Afrikaans. Afrikaans does not necessarily to be dull learning, the most effective way of learning Afrikaans is to immerse your language into your daily life. Through intimating different daily situations, such as buying tickets or asking for directions, it can deepen your impression and memory of the language usage. Since these context is highly applicable in our daily lives, your learning efficiency can also be strengthened.

Personalized Afrikaans courses

Achieve your new breakthrough of learning Afrikaans in 4 weeks!


Primary level

Study at least 30 minutes everyday

Low fluency

Not enough vocabulary

Do not know pronunciation


Stage 1
Learn grammar and basic sentence structures first
Stage 2
More practices and exercises. Try to speak more in Afrikaans
Stage 3
Learn vocabulary . Accumulate words and use them in writing.
Live tutor rates and prices
Choose your preferred topics, number of sessions and prices for your lessons
Afrikaans for Kids、Business Afrikaans
Conversational Afrikaans

R****t purchased 1 lessons from Melisna

2020/04/04$0.00 / Lesson
Afrikaans for Kids
Afrikaans for Kids

N****i purchased 1 lessons from Jamie-Lee

2020/03/28$0.00 / Lesson
Sabrina Cuerden
Basic Afrikaans、Afrikaans for Travel
Basic Afrikaans

A****a purchased 5 lessons from Sabrina Cuerden

2020/02/23$14.25 / Lesson
Afrikaans Oral、Afrikaans for Kids
Afrikaans Oral

A****e purchased 1 lessons from Dellize

2020/01/19$7.00 / Lesson
Afrikaans for Kids、Afrikaans for Children
Basic Afrikaans

**** purchased 1 lessons from Mari

2020/01/05$0.00 / Lesson
Difference between AmazingTalker’s Afrikaans courses and other Afrikaans courses
Other Basic Afrikaans courses
AT Basic Afrikaans courses
Large class size
1-to-1 private tutoring. More Effective!
Learning material fees
Need to purchase teaching materials. (around US$25/material)
Tutors provide personalised teaching materials. Save More Money!
Courses schedule
Attend lessons in fixed schedule.
Arrange your schedule in your connivence. More Flexibility!
Course rates
Around US$ 1000 - 4000. (Purchase the course as a whole)
From US$10/lesson. Pay as many as you want!
The most professional online Basic Afrikaans course
Real-time interaction
Have high quality learning experience anywhere you want
1-on-1 private class, interactive ways of learning
  • - Strengthen reading, speaking, writing and listening skills.

  • - Learn in your own pace, get professional guidance from IELTS tutors.

  • - Make significant progress steps by steps by taking private class.

Think like a native and strengthen Afrikaans level
  • - Focus on the skills of Afrikaans application skills. Improve your listening and reading skills along with the speaking and writing practise.

  • - More exercises on weaknesses and strengthen the Afrikaans thinking format.

Learn under professional guidance
Students can ask tutors any questions after lesson and personalize the future learning plan.
AmazingTalker Teachers Team
3% tutors pass our screening process. Select the best tutors from all over the world.
Native Teacher

From English-speaking countries such as the USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, etc.

Teaching Expertise

Improve pronunciation, English ways of thinking and context, fluency, and local ways of English usage.

Target Group

Students who want to improve pronunciation, from intermediate to advanced English level, or want to explore the foreign cultures.

Course Fee

US $14 - $29 / hour

Teacher speaks more than one language

Teachers who can speak your native language from over 130 countries

Teaching Expertise

Understand the common mistakes students might encountered. It puts more emphasis on the correct usage of grammar.

Target Group

Students who want to strengthen English foundation, have basic to intermediate English level, and are afraid of speaking with foreigners.

Course Fee

US $7 - $39 / hour

0%Native Teacher
100%Teacher speaks more than one language
Native Teacher

From English-speaking countries such as the USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, etc.

Target Group

Students who want to improve pronunciation, from intermediate to advanced English level, or want to explore the foreign cultures.

Course Fee

US $14 - $29 / hour

Start to prepare Basic Afrikaans now!
Choose your own teacher
Students can browse the teachers’ information on our teacher list, or fill in a requirement form to let us find the most suitable teacher for you.
Communicate before lesson
Teachers will connect with the students before the lesson start to understand students’ level and prepare for the class.
Choose your own timeslot
Students can book the lesson which fits their schedule. There is a 25-minutes trial lesson available for students before purchasing private lessons.
Purchase courses
If you like the ways of teaching of specific teacher, you can purchase 1/5/10/20 private lessons.
Start to learn
Kick start your preparation for Basic Afrikaans after purchasing the private lessons.

100% Satisfaction guarantee

Not satisfied with your lesson? We offer a FREE replacement with another tutor or AT credits refund.

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Online Afrikaans Tutor FAQ
Who are our Afrikaans tutors?

AmazingTalker handpicks only the best local and international Afrikaans tutors.

Each of our tutors have to go through a rigorous selection process before becoming an AT Afrikaans tutor, and their performance will also be constantly monitored. You can select the best online Afrikaans tutor by evaluating student’s reviews. We also received high ratings from Glassdoor and Trustpilot. You will get the best learning experience from the tutors we recommend!
How do I find a Afrikaans tutor?

If you have a clear idea of your criteria for choosing a tutor - such as cost for Afrikaans tutoring, nationality of the tutor, learning objectives, etc. - you can use our search function to quickly find a Afrikaans tutor that suits your needs and contact him or her via our chat room or select “book trial” for your first learning adventure.

However, if you are unable to find a suitable Afrikaans language tutor yourself, we can help you with a recommendation. In just 3 minutes, you can receive suitable tuition in Afrikaans by using our Auto-Match function!
Should I choose a native speaker as my Afrikaans tutor?

One of the best way to learn Afrikaans is to immerse yourself in an environment where you can only use the Afrikaans language.

However, if you do not currently have a solid base of spelling or vocabulary, we would recommend you a tutor for basic levels, and you will be fluent in 3 months by learning wi